The Meaning and Interpretation of Girlfriend Dreams

Written By Jamie Young

Dreams about a girlfriend are one of the most common dream themes for both men and women. It is commonly believed that there are two types of dreams about your girlfriend: one positive and one negative. Dreaming about your girlfriend can be a very exciting experience and you may even find yourself dreaming about her more than once.

What Does It Mean to Dream About Your Girlfriend

Dreaming about your girlfriend is a sign that you have unresolved conflicts with them. It can also be a sign of the couple’s strong bond or an indication that they are at the beginning of a serious relationship. This dream can also be a sign that you need to take care of yourself better or maintain a healthier balance between work and play.

Girlfriend Cheating Dream

Dreaming about your girlfriend cheating on you is an indication of your doubts and suspicions. You are feeling that there are some problems in your relationship, and you fear your partner might be lying to you. Your fears and worries are mostly unfounded, however, as your girlfriend is most likely faithful at least. Don’t let your insecurities ruin your relationship.

Dream of Girlfriend Leaving You for Someone Else

Dreaming of a girlfriend leaving you for someone else refers to your fear of losing her. You might be feeling anxious that she’s going to find someone who’s more attractive or better in bed. It could also reflect your worries that she’s not satisfied with her life and is looking for something better elsewhere.

Dream About Girlfriend Doing Drugs

Dreaming about a girlfriend doing drugs could imply that you’re feeling guilty of some sort and that your relationship with your girlfriend isn’t quite as healthy as it was before. Perhaps you’re not communicating with her properly, or maybe you feel like she’s keeping secrets from you. Whatever the case may be, these dreams are bringing up something within you that needs to be addressed and worked through.

Dream About Girlfriend Leaving Me

Dreaming about your girlfriend leaving you means that you feel afraid of the changes your relationship is experiencing. You are afraid things will not be the same between you and your partner anymore, or that you will lose them. You may be feeling deprived of the comfort and safety your relationship used to provide and might be worrying that something even worse is around the corner.

Dream of Girlfriend Pregnant

When you’re dreaming that your girlfriend is pregnant, it means that you are feeling anxious about her well-being. You love her and want the best for her and any baby she may have — and you worry that something could happen to her or the relationship. It can also mean that your subconscious is telling you to step up and be a man.

Dreaming Your Girlfriend Is Pregnant by Someone Else

If you’re dreaming of your girlfriend being pregnant by someone else, it could be your subconscious feeling that your girlfriend is moving away from you or betraying you in some way, or it could hint at a deep-rooted feeling of inadequacy within you that leads you to believe your girlfriend would leave you for someone better.

Dreams About Your Girlfriend Cheating on You

If you’re dreaming about your girlfriend cheating on you, it can imply that you’re feeling insecure about your relationship with her. You may have an insecurity or fear of abandonment, which is affecting the strength of your relationship. Alternatively, a cheating girlfriend can sometimes symbolize disrespect or a lack of empathy in your relationship.

Chasing My Girlfriend in a Dream

When you’re dreaming of chasing your girlfriend, it can mean that you feel that you are not receiving enough attention from her. You want to be a priority in her life and she doesn’t see you that way, so this is how your subconscious mind is working through all of the confusion in your relationship.

My Girlfriend Died in My Dream

If you’re dreaming of your girlfriend who died, it represents unresolved issues in your waking life. In this case, the dead girlfriend represents a relationship that is no longer viable, but you are holding on to it. Learn to let go of the things that ain’t working anymore and focus on what you have in your present.

Dream About Getting Married to My Girlfriend

Dreaming about getting married to your girlfriend symbolizes an important transition in your life. It means that you’re feeling like you have already chosen your partner and are making concrete, long-term life plans with them. It can also be indicative of how much you’ve invested in a relationship and how much you take for granted.

My Girlfriend Disappeared in My Dream

When you’re dreaming that your girlfriend disappeared, you’re likely feeling a bit insecure about the relationship. You might be worried that something is missing from your relationship or that you’re not making her happy — and since this is on your mind, you may be dreaming about her as a way to work through these thoughts and fears.

Dreams About Protecting Girlfriend

If you’re dreaming about protecting your girlfriend, it symbolizes a protective quality in your nature. It means that you are trying to protect her from something unwanted or harmful to her, but you may not be completely aware of the situation. This could also mean that you are keeping certain feelings hidden and they may be affecting the way you treat your girlfriend.

Dream of Girlfriend Kissing Someone Else

Dreaming about your girlfriend kissing somebody else means that you’re feeling jealous about her lack of attention. You are worried that she is not giving you the time and affection that you deserve, which is most likely due to your actions. Either way, it’s time for a heart-to-heart with your significant other.

Dream Interpretation Girlfriend Running Away

When you’re dreaming about your partner running away from you, it may be that you feel the need to accept and resolve problems within your relationship. This may be due to certain actions you’ve taken or bills you haven’t paid. This dream could also mean that your fears of a relationship ending are preventing growth as a couple.

Dream About Your Girlfriend Dying

If you’re dreaming about your girlfriend dying, it’s probably a sign that something is wrong in your relationship. The death of a loved one is almost always emotionally traumatic, and dreaming about losing a girlfriend is no different. You’re subconsciously worried about drifting apart or breaking up with her. Talk to her and see if there an underlying issues between the two.

Dream About Cuddling With Girlfriend

If you’re dreaming about cuddling with your girlfriend, you may be worried that your relationship is lacking intimacy, closeness, and warmth. You might have a sentimental attachment to her that can’t vanish no matter how hard you try. It’s best for the two of you to work on your lack of intimacy problems, and see if it works this time.

Dream About Arguing With Girlfriend

When you’re dreaming about arguing with your girlfriend, you are likely to experience interpersonal conflicts that will make you feel emotionally devastated and emotionally drained for some time. The much-wanted reconciliation may be delayed. You will have to take on the challenge of lashing out at each other and start sorting out your relationship problems by coming up with a compromise as soon as possible.

Dream About Girlfriend Having a Baby With Someone Else

Dreaming about your girlfriend having a baby with someone else signifies that your relationship with her is not as strong as you thought. It could also indicate that the woman you are involving yourself with is emotionally unavailable or emotionally troubled in some way. Perhaps it is time to reassess your relationship and ask yourself if this person truly makes you happy.

Dream I Hit My Girlfriend

When you’re dreaming about hitting your girlfriend, means that you are going through a rough patch in your relationship. You need to communicate with your girl and let her know how you feel. She is an important part of your life and if something is wrong, you should speak up about it.

Dream of Girlfriend Having a Baby

If you’re dreaming of your girlfriend having a baby, it can not only be a sign of pregnancy, but it can also be a sign of fear. The conception of a new life may be seen as an intimidating event that is likely to change one’s life. In your dream, it could represent the start of something big and important such as a new job, moving house, or a relationship.

Dream of Girlfriend Cheating With My Friend

When you’re dreaming of your girlfriend cheating on you with your friend, you’re probably feeling a bit insecure about the two of them hanging out without you. Naturally, a friend will meet their significant other’s friends, but it doesn’t help when there is some tension between the two parties.

Dream of Girlfriend Crying

When you’re dreaming of your girlfriend crying, it is a symbol of distress. You may be in a stressful situation, or you might be harboring feelings of guilt for some reason. It’s understandable to feel guilty about something you’ve done or said to your girlfriend, but if you are feeling guilty, stop! There is no need to feel poorly about yourself. Guilt doesn’t bring anything good into your life.

Dream of Unknown Girlfriend

If you dream about an unknown girlfriend, it can be a symbol of inner turmoil and other times it can just be a reflection of your desires. It is a sure indication that you are unhappy with your love life and need to take a decisive and positive step. You will soon meet a girl who will make your life brighter, happier, and more interesting.

Dreaming My Girlfriend Kissed Another Guy

Dreaming of your girlfriend kissing another guy may be a sign that you have concerns, anxieties, or fear of losing your romantic partner or having to let go of an important relationship in your life. You need a clear understanding of what is bothering you and why this situation keeps occurring in your dreams.

Dreams Old Girlfriend

If you’re dreaming of an old girlfriend represents themes from the past. Even though you have moved on and changed, certain aspects of your personality or lifestyle may have stayed the same over the years. It can also be that there’s an unresolved issue between the two, a closure maybe.

Dreaming About Girlfriend With Another Guy

Dreaming about a girlfriend with another guy might be a sign that the two of you need to discuss your relationship. It may indicate that your relationship is going through a difficult stage and you don’t know how to fix it. You should try to understand what triggered it and where these feelings are coming from.

Dream About Girlfriend Killing Me

When you’re dreaming about your girlfriend killing you, it is saying that she is going to get angry at you, but deep down inside she loves you. She could be highly insecure and thinks that you are cheating on her. She wants the best for you but isn’t sure how to approach your issues or anything else.

Dream of Car Accident With Girlfriend

When you’re dreaming of a car accident with your girlfriend, it means that there is a secret or something that you’re hiding from her. The accident symbolizes an important situation in which you need to be honest about what’s going on in your life. You can try to explain to her your feelings and show her that she is the one you want, but she needs to understand what’s going on with you, your family, and the people around you.

Dream My Girlfriend Cheated on Me With My Best Friend

When you’re dreaming that your girlfriend cheated on you with your best friend, it is a symbol of insecurity within your relationship. It shows that you are worried about the strength of your bond and trust with her. You feel that she is drifting away from you emotionally and physically.

Girlfriend Kidnapped Dream Meaning

When you’re dreaming about your girlfriend being kidnapped, it can signify that she is going through some psychological or emotional issues. Perhaps she feels as if her self-confidence is diminishing. Maybe her passion for life has been replaced with a feeling of burden or emptiness. It could be that she may feel as if you are neglecting her without realizing that the opposite is true — that you care for her too much and want to be there for her every step of the way.

Dream Girlfriend Flirty Personality

Dreaming about your girlfriend’s flirty personality may be a sign that you need to learn to take a hint. She may be directly telling you she isn’t interested in you, and she is flirting with another man to get your attention. Pay close attention to how she acts around other people, as this is the most common way someone will flirt.

Dreams About Girlfriend Leaving You for Someone Else

When you’re dreaming about your girlfriend leaving you for someone else, something is off in your relationship. You may be lacking the intimacy that you once had with her — or maybe she is lacking the same thing. To regain this intimacy, try being open and honest with each other. Let your girlfriend know how you truly feel and don’t hold back.

Dream About Fighting With Girlfriend

When you’re dreaming about fighting with your girlfriend, it may be that you are having trust issues and feel as though you cannot openly communicate with her. It can also symbolize some underlying issues that need to be resolved; maybe there is a pang of guilt or resentment that needs to be dealt with.

Dream About Buying a House With Girlfriend

Dreaming about buying a house with your girlfriend is often a reflection of your dream for the future — that you want to build a home, raise a family, and live happily ever after. It’s also sometimes indicative of deep-rooted fears that you’re not sure how to handle — from fears about financial stability to worries about commitment.

Dream About My Girlfriend Talking to Another Guy

Dreaming about your girlfriend talking to another guy might be a sign that you’re worried about losing her. It also might indicate that you simply have some issues with insecurity and need to work on letting go and letting her be happy, even if it means she’s going to do things without you from time to time.

Dream About Girlfriend Being Kidnapped

Dreaming about your girlfriend being kidnapped could be that you’re worried about her safety or scared for her emotional state, perhaps because she’s dealing with a tough situation right now. It can also symbolize a loss of freedom in your relationship. You may feel trapped and unable to get out of the relationship, or you may simply feel like she is taking advantage of your kindness.

Dream of Girlfriend Ignoring Me

When you’re dreaming of your girlfriend ignoring you, this might mean that your relationship is in trouble or that there are some unspoken problems between you. It can mean that you are worried that you are being taken for granted. It might also mean that you subconsciously want to break up with them and you don’t know how to do it.


Dreaming about your girlfriend means that you have to be careful as there can lie unresolved conflicts in the relationship.