The Meaning and Interpretation of Dreams About Flowers

Written By Jamie Young

When you dream about flowers, it usually means something very powerful is on your mind. Emotions can create the most vivid dreams, and the more intense they are, the more often flowers will appear in them. Dreams are a way of understanding what’s going on inside of us and sometimes we need to figure out what these dreams mean before we can move forward.

What do flowers mean in your dreams?

Often, when you dream about flowers, it means that you are feeling emotions very deeply. Flowers represent pure and innocent feelings in most cases. It is also possible that flowers represent feelings of love or desire.

Other common meanings for dreaming about flowers include a need to nurture yourself and the need to feel safe. In some cases, the dream could be a wish for peace or reconciliation. Finally, dreams about flowers can sometimes indicate that there is something going on internally with your body or your health.

Here are some common meanings for dreaming about flowers.

pink flowers

Dream about planting flowers

Dreaming of planting flowers can represent a desire to change the scenery and scenery in your personal life. You want to make things look prettier, fresher, or even more beautiful. The dreams is telling you that it is time for change and maybe it is time to clean up and get rid of some old mess in your life.

White flowers dream meaning

If you dream of white flowers, that means the presence of the supernatural dominates your life and the things going on around you. You need to adjust your way of thinking and get rid of fearful thoughts. Dreams with white flowers usually mean overcoming critical moments in life. The dream is sent to overcome a particular problem. If you see them in a bunch – this means that in the near future you will have many favorable events and meetings with loved ones.

Dream of yellow flowers

Dreams with yellow flowers in them are generally positive and happy. If there’s a dark or black flower, then the dream is more of a nightmare or an impending tragedy. You can often interpret what each flower represents as well — such as tulips representing a good marriage, or daisies meaning good luck. Dreams with yellow flowers in them are generally positive and happy.

Purple flowers dream meaning

In dreams, purple flowers symbolize your belief that life is full of magic and mystery. Despite the hardships of daily living, you find beauty in each day and enjoy the simple things in life. Dreaming about purple flowers can symbolize a deep and close relationship with the object of your affection. This is a time for romantic daydreams, and if you have recently met someone new, you may be feeling a romance coming on — perhaps even an engagement.

Someone giving you flowers in a dream

When you dream of someone giving you flowers, this is a sign that you are about to encounter a lot of new and exciting people who will bring positive things into your life. It also indicates that you feel as if your life is growing — you’re on the rise and about to get more out of life than ever before. Dreams about giving flowers can symbolize how you feel about yourself or your achievements, as well as a desire to improve your life in the future.

Dreaming of flowers blooming

Dreams about flowers blooming tend to symbolize a period of transition. In general, the blooming of flowers indicates a new beginning in some area of your life, which is a good opportunity to move forward and make positive changes in your life. You are entering an exciting phase that may bring unexpected change, so keep your eyes open for opportunities.

Dream of receiving flowers

A dream of receiving flowers means that you will be the recipient of someone’s interest and affection. You might feel that your efforts have been noticed and appreciated. When you dream of receiving flowers, you’re longing for attention and appreciation. This could be a desire to be taken care of or it may indicate that you need to let someone know that they matter to you.

Dream of pink flowers

Dreams of pink flowers mean that you are feeling sad, but at the same time, hopeful. You are feeling down from a problem that is going on in your life, but you are curbing the sadness and turning it into something positive — like making an effort to fix the problem or look for a solution.

Bouquet of flowers dream meaning

If you see a bouquet of flowers in your dreams, it is a sign that you are looking to add more color and beauty into your life. This may be something as simple as flowers in a vase on your desk or something as complex as re-entering the dating scene. Don’t forget to budget time for yourself. Life should have a balance of work, fun, friends and family.

Hibiscus flower in dream meaning

Seeing a hibiscus flower in a dream symbolizes wealth and prosperity. The color red is used to represent passion and romantic love, which leads dream interpreters to believe that this means your unconscious mind is telling you that you are ready for a passionate, romantic relationship.

Dead person giving flowers in dream

To dream that a dead person is giving you a flower symbolizes the continuation of a relationship. Often times, a relationship may have been cut short or just not lasted long enough for some people. The dream’s imagery of the deceased person meeting you and extending the gift of a flower is thus interpreted to mean that the relationship will be restored in your waking life.

Dream of eating flowers

When you dream about eating flowers, the meaning varies depending on the flowers you eat and how they are put together. The simple flower crown, in particular, symbolizes a secret admirer. You or someone close to you has an admirer at heart and if you see one on your head, there is a possibility that someone has their eyes on you or is trying to get your attention.

Biblical Meaning of Flowers in a Dream

The Bible often mentions flowers. In the Old Testament, God is depicted as a flower. The New Testament also mentions flowers in connection to God and Jesus Christ. In the same way, Christians often dream of flowers because they represent Jesus Christ and His love for them.

Many ancient cultures believed that dreams are sent by spiritual beings and that these spirits can reveal something about them or their future. That’s why it’s important to pay attention to your dreams, even if they seem strange or don’t make sense at first.


Different flowers in your dream can symbolize different aspects of your life. For example, if you dream about roses, this may symbolize your desire to be loved and cherished. If you dream about narcissus, this may symbolize your ambition and your desire to be admired by others.

Flowers also represent something in the spiritual realm and there are particular flowers that are associated with specific types of spiritual meanings. For instance, if you dream about lilies, this may symbolize your purity or innocence.