The Meaning and Interpretation of Dreams about Elevators

Written By Jamie Young

Elevator dreams are a common occurrence in the dream world. Elevators are often symbolic for some kind of transition. However, this could be a literal change or just an inner change that feels like a shift in your life. They can also symbolize how you feel about where you’re at in your life right now, how you feel about the situation or what you’re going through.

What Do Elevator Dreams Mean

In dreams, elevators can often represent transitions. They’re often used to symbolize the idea of movement or change.

Elevator dreams might also have different meanings depending on the context in which they occur. For example, if you dream that you’re stuck in an elevator, this could mean that your life is stuck in one place and that nothing is going anywhere. If you’re struggling to get over a breakup, your dream about an elevator may be symbolic for how you want to move on with your life and let go of the pain of a lost relationship.

These are just some examples of how an elevator might be used as a symbol in dreams.

entry to elevator

Falling elevator dream

Dreaming of an elevator in free fall can have any number of meanings, but bringing the elevator down with me does not get me to my destination on time. If you dream about elevators falling, it could reflect your feelings about the current status quo and those who try to keep you from moving forward.

Stuck in elevator dream meaning

Your dream about being stuck in an elevator represents feelings of being stuck in the same place, a dead-end for your ambitions and goals. You might be feeling that you are at a professional standstill or that you are having trouble moving forward in your business. You may feel overwhelmed by work and responsibilities, but it’s important to remember that many people you know would love to have your problems.

Broken elevator dream meaning

When you dream of a broken elevator, you may feel as if you are lacking something in your life. Your dream may be telling you to take a step back and examine the things that make up your lifestyle. Do you have a good balance of work, family and play? If not, perhaps it is time to start making changes in your life to make things better.

Dreams about elevators and heights

Elevators are thought to represent uncertainty in the future, and dreaming about them can be a sign of an unstable period ahead. Also, high places in dreams can symbolize great rewards and success if you overcome your fear of heights. Elevators and heights are common dreams, as they deal with a sense of control over our environment and how we may view the world around us.

Dream of elevator turning upside down

If you dream of an elevator turning upside down, it suggests that there is a significant power imbalance in your life. In the dream, you are going up in an elevator, but then something unexpected happens. You are not in control of your life anymore and everything is falling apart. Such dreams can be scary, but also strangely exhilarating, so you’ll probably find yourself wanting to have this dream again.

Dream interpretation elevator wrong floor

If you dream of an elevator taking you to the wrong floor, your subconscious may be telling you that there is some place in your life where you feel out of step. You may feel isolated or cut off from loved ones, especially if you dream about riding the elevator with a small child. This isn’t necessarily a bad dream — it could speak to your ability to connect as an individual with another person, which can help you grow emotionally.

Dream about elevator not working

When you dream of an elevator that is not working, you’re anxious about your current situation and it is really getting to you. You feel stuck in a rut and it’s frustrating because you feel like there are no solutions available. This dream can also represent your current skills or life situation — you may be feeling less than adequate when it comes to the things you can offer others, but try not to let those doubts consume you.

Falling down elevator shaft dream

When you dream that you fall down an elevator shaft, it means that you are experiencing a loss of control in your life. It symbolizes how you feel that your life is spinning out of control and falling into the abyss. Your subconscious is telling you to grab control of your life before it’s too late.

Spinning elevator dream

When you dream of a spinning elevator, it means you’re feeling out of control and overwhelmed. It could be that you don’t like where your life is headed, or it could show that you’re feeling too busy to handle everything going on around you. The dream serves as a wake-up call — think about what’s going on in your life and how you can keep calm during the chaos.

Dream elevator going up fast

When you dream of riding an elevator and it seems to be going up very fast, this is believed to be the beginning of an important change in your life. It is thought that the higher the elevator goes, the more important and significant the change will be. In most cases, it symbolizes a positive change either for yourself or for someone close to you.

Dream about elevator crash

When you dream about an elevator crash, the dream conveys a sense of danger or risk. Sometimes, the threat can be entirely unexpected, or it may be a culmination of the events of your waking life. The elevator represents the unconscious mind (metaphorically speaking), and when it crashes in your dreams, there’s something in your waking-life that is seeking your attention.

Glass elevator dream meaning

If you’ve ever dreamed of riding in an elevator made of glass, it may be indicating your desire for more transparency and openness in your relationship. The doors to the glass elevator are open and transparent, so you always know where you’re going in your relationship. If you dream of riding in a glass elevator, this is also an indication that your partner is unlikely to keep any secrets from you.

Recurring elevator dreams

Sometimes people who have recurring elevator dreams are actually experiencing a frustration from their job. Some believe that recurring elevator dreams are not just a dream where one gets trapped inside an elevator, but also symbolize life. Recurring dreams of elevators represent an anxiety about moving forward in a positive way.


The dreaming of an elevator is a common dream, but people have a wide range of interpretations and meanings. Most people believe that when they dream of an elevator they are actually dreaming about change. This can be positive or negative, it just depends on the person’s perspective.