The Meaning and Interpretation of Dancing Dreams

Written By Jamie Young

Dreams about dancing usually represent the flow of energy, emotions and desires in our life. However, sometimes you can see yourself or other people dance in your dreams and it can be a sign of something else, depending on the context. Dreaming about dancing you may be thinking about how you need new relationships in your life or how you need to lighten up and have more fun.

What Does It Mean When You Dream About Dancing

Dancing is a symbol of freedom and self-expression. It is a sign that you are free from any worries or personal problems. This dream may foreshadow a new adventure or changes in your life. If you dream of dancing it can mean that you are feeling good about your life and happy with the way things are going in your personal and professional life. It also can be a representation of how you feel about yourself. 


Dream of Dancing With Someone

If you dreamed about dancing with someone, chances are you will soon enjoy a surge in energy, creativity and maybe even love. These dreams can symbolize an energy boost or the beginnings of a new relationship. The person you might be romantically interested in is likely a colleague or another professional acquaintance, not just some barfly from the weekend. 

Watching Someone Dance in a Dream

If you dreamed about watching someone else dance, then your subconscious is telling you to be a bit more expressive with your feelings. Friends and family members may not get your jokes or understand what you feel at times, but if you have faith in them, then things will probably turn out for the best.

Dream Meaning Dancing With a Stranger

If you’re dreaming about dancing with a stranger, it probably means that you have unresolved issues from your past. Most likely, you’ve been keeping them hidden from everyone around you. But the subconscious is an entirely different matter. It tends to bring up issues from our past, even if we aren’t ready to face them yet.

Dreaming of Dancing With Someone You Know

When you dream about dancing with someone you know, it means that your unconscious mind is trying to tell you something. In this case, the message it’s sending through the symbolism of dancing with someone you know is that, in waking life, you are repressing some deep-seated desire. Alternatively, It may represent the desire to get closer to that person. He or she could be a part of your everyday life, such as a colleague or close friend.

Dream of Dancing With a Dead Person

When dreaming about dancing with a dead person, you are expressing a desire to connect on a deeper level and experience life in a new way. In the case of a dream you are dancing with a dead person, it might be an attempt to reconnect with someone you want back in your life. 

Slow Dancing Dream Meaning

If you dream about slow dancing, it means that you’re aching for the spotlight. You want to be the center of attention and you don’t think that’s happening enough in your life. You might be ignoring all of your friends lately and devoting more time to hanging out with celebrities, or luxuriating in lavishness. 

Seeing Someone Dancing in Dream Meaning

If you dream of seeing someone dancing, you will have help to keep up in the coming days. You may also see a sudden change in your social circle, but if you dream of watching someone dance with great skill, you may have good news from afar to look forward to hearing about. So enjoy seeing and being around people in motion–you are moving forward in life!

Dream of People Dancing

If you dream about people dancing, then you might be feeling a little left out. Feeling like you haven’t been invited to the party can make you feel isolated, frustrated, or even alone. Dreams about dancing are often about connecting with others and feeling accepted. Are you trying to get more social? Perhaps start by joining a club or community group where you’ll have more opportunities to connect with others.

Dream of Dancing With a Man

Dreaming of a man can symbolize sexual desires, lust and attraction. Alternatively, in dreams, it can represent something about your connection to the masculine. Your masculine nature, or your ‘masculine energy’. If you’re a woman and you dream of dancing with a man, it can show your feminine side. You may be more assertive and courageous than you realize.

Dream Meaning of Dancing in a Group

The process of dreaming about dancing in a group signifies that you need to take extra precaution when making a decision and you should do some further research before making a decision. It is also possible that you have made a commitment to something but you are not sure if this is the best move for you.

Dreaming of Dancing With Someone You Don’t Know

If you see yourself dancing with someone you don’t know in your sleep, there is a good chance that this person is an aspect of yourself. You might be rediscovering a part of yourself that you have hidden from the rest of the world. This could have to do with your creative side and your passion for life. If this happens regularly, it is important for you to reconnect with this part of yourself. Accept who you are and don’t be afraid to express your true self.

Dreaming of Dancing With Your Crush

When you dream about dancing with your crush, it could mean that you’re totally into them. The symbol of the crush refers to the desire and the suppression of that desire at the same time. Alternatively. either you’re falling in love with them, or you’re interested in moving your relationship forward.

Dream of Dancing in Church

Dreaming of dancing in the church could represent your intention to become more engaged with the community. Alternatively, your dream might be telling you that your social life needs a little boost. Churches are often considered to be a place for worship, and this dream could suggest that you feel like something is missing in your current social situation. Perhaps you need to get out more?

Dream of Dancing With Deceased Father

If you’ve dreamed of your deceased father, it could be that you’re feeling anger and resentment towards him. If you’re not yet over your anger, it can lead to stress and anxiety. Don’t let it carry on. Accepting the death of a loved one is never easy, but it helps to seek support from friends and family, or to talk with a grief counselor.

Dreaming of Singing and Dancing

If you dream of dancing and singing, it means that you’re feeling free and carefree. It’s a sign that you are letting yourself be happy and open up to the world around you. Alternatively, dreaming of singing and dancing means that you are expressing yourself and feeling confident. Dancing is also a physical way of expressing joy and happiness.

Pole Dancing Dream Meaning

When you dream of dancing on a pole, it tends to represent your instinctive need for attention and a healthy sense of personal pride. It can also symbolize an unconscious yearning to be desired and accepted by others. Dreams about pole-dancing symbolize a deeper disconnection from the true essence of your sexuality and use of a phallic object as a means for understanding closeness with another person.

Dreaming of Dancing With a Deceased Loved One

When you dream of dancing with a deceased loved one, this means that you are finally in a position to heal from whatever trauma, loss or strife has been holding you back. You are ready to move on and find happiness again, and your subconscious knows that. Alternatively, dancing in dreams often mirrors our waking life. This can be a positive thing, or a warning from your psyche that you need to change something in your waking life. It often depends on the person and the relationship.

Dream About Slow Dancing With Someone  

When you dream about slow dancing with someone, it can be a positive sign of contentment in your life. The dream may be telling you that you are looking for an experience of closeness or intimacy in real life where this person is concerned. You might also be ready to let go of an unhealthy aspect of your relationship with this person and move on to something more fulfilling and satisfying.

Seeing a Dead Person Dancing in a Dream

If you dream about seeing a dead person dancing, it is not necessarily good news. At its worst, it could be a sign that bad things are coming your way. Dead people symbolize the past, and in dreams they represent the old or something from the past which is trying to reach you. It seems to mean that those old issues will soon start bothering you again – either emotionally or physically.

Dream About Dancing With a Woman

If you dream about dancing with a woman, this dream is an expression of your innermost feelings and desires. In dreams, a dance is usually a symbol of joining and oneness, and the female dancer may represent your unconscious desire for connection.  There is a beautiful woman in your life that you find attractive, and this dream is allowing you to express those feelings.

Dream of Deceased Mother Dancing

Dreaming of a deceased mother dancing usually signifies that you are feeling guilt or grieving over something. This could be a lingering grief left from her death, yourself being a bit of a bad son or daughter in the past, unfulfilled expectations, or resentments that have gone unresolved. It also denotes that you are in need of support from your family and friends.


Dancing in a dream is often seen as being carefree and without worries. You may be feeling good about your life and happy with the way things are going in your personal and professional life.