The Meaning and Interpretation of Dreams of Cleaning

Written By Jamie Young

Do you ever dream about cleaning? It’s likely because you need to get your house clean. In our fast-paced and constantly-moving world, it can be hard to keep our homes clean. But dreaming about cleaning can be a way to relax and de-stress. Dreams can also symbolize our thoughts and feelings about cleaning.


What Does It Mean When You Dream About Cleaning

One interpretation of cleaning dreams could be that we need to take care of our home and make it look presentable. In a similar vein, dreaming about cleaning could symbolize our efforts to clean up after ourselves. Dreams may also show that we’re taking care of things that are important to us, like our house or possessions. Sometimes, the dream may also suggest ways we can improve our current situation or achieve a goal.

cleaning bathroom

Dreams about cleaning and organizing

When you dream of cleaning and organizing, it’s a sign that your mind is trying to tell you something. It can be a warning that someone is trying to deceive you or lead you down the wrong path. Dreams about cleaning and organizing are also thought to signal feelings of inadequacy and dissatisfaction with your current way of life.

Dream of cleaning poop

When you dream of cleaning poop, it means that you’re choosing to make an effort to improve your relationships despite their current frustrations. It also symbolizes a desire to rid yourself of something that holds you back from being happy and content. You may be using your relationships as an excuse to not get closer with someone or you’re holding onto something that helps you hide your fears.

Dream of cleaning menstrual blood

When you dream of cleaning menstrual blood, you are experiencing some confusion in your life. The dream may be a warning that someone is trying to take advantage of you, so make sure to watch out for this person and protect yourself from this person’s tricks. Alternatively, dreaming of cleaning menstrual blood can symbolize feelings of embarrassment, failure or feeling like an outcast.

Dream of cleaning a toilet

A dream where you are cleaning a toilet may be symbolic of something negative in your life. You may have failed to fully cleanse yourself psychologically — perhaps because you feel guilt about something you did, or think that you’re dirty for something you can’t wash away. Your toilet is a way for people to see the dirt and grime on the inside of your home.

Dream of dentist cleaning teeth

A dentist cleaning teeth tells you are feeling trapped or being forced to deal with issues you don’t understand and doesn’t feel comfortable for you. You need to change your approach in life, find a different path to take as you may be heading towards some kind of disaster if you keep going down the current path.

Dream of cleaning a dirty house

Dreaming of cleaning a dirty house means that you are unsettlingly anxious about some matter or other. Perhaps you are concealing something from someone close to you, or perhaps you are the subject of an ill-natured rumor. Alternatively, this dream could denote your desire to make a fresh start (or wishes to be free of an old grievance).

Seeing someone cleaning in a dream

When you dream of seeing someone clean, you may feel the need to reevaluate your personal or professional life. To dream that you are cleaning suggests that you are ready for a fresh start and need to remove the old before bringing in something new. It may also indicate a desire to purge memories or mistakes from your past. Dreaming that someone is cleaning indicates an internal preoccupation with order, morality, cleanliness and other such concepts.

Cleaning a baby in a dream

When you dream of cleaning a baby, you are probably considering caring for a small child and how it will impact your life. This indicates that you need to be more organized and not take on more than you can handle. It could also mean that you want to start fresh in some area of your life, such as starting a business or making a major change at work.

Dream of cleaning up spilled water

If you ever dream of cleaning water, especially if it’s “spilled water,” it may mean that you want to make some changes in your life. It could suggest that you need a fresh start or to make important adjustments in the way you live. Dreaming of cleaning up water spilled on the floor or ground signifies regrets. You are making a big mistake if you fail to listen to your intuition and act accordingly.

Dream about cleaning ears

When people dream about cleaning their ears, it means that they are afraid of losing the things that mean a lot to them. They are anxious about missing out on something beautiful because they’re too busy trying to keep up with the Joneses, but in reality, all they really need is what’s inside.

Dead person cleaning house in dream

To dream about a dead person cleaning house could mean that you might be having a difficult time in your life right now and someone is there to clean up your mess. The house in your dream indicates that you are currently going through a transition period and are trying to fix or change something.

Dream about cleaning teeth

Dreams about cleaning your teeth is a sign that you need to work on something in your life. It can be related to you feeling like someone else is controlling you. This dream can also relate to how you are acting in public and trying to keep up appearances. The teeth represent the body, so a dream about cleaning your teeth could indicate that you are doing some deep cleansing and purification of your body.

Cleaning spider web in dream

When people dream of cleaning spider webs from the side of their home, it means they are trying to eliminate that which is causing them to feel trapped in their personal lives. On the other hand, if someone dreams about cleaning a spider web outside, it illustrates that person’s need for organization and order.

Dream of cleaning dirty walls

Cleaning dirty walls in a dream symbolizes the need for you to do some spring cleaning in your life. You can use cleaning as a metaphor for healing – cleaning the walls in your dream means that you need to heal pain, trauma or difficult feelings that have been lying dormant inside of you.

Dream of Hard To Clean Poo

When you dream about struggling to clean poo, it could signify the difficulties you’re encountering in dealing with unpleasant feelings or embarrassing situations in your life. In other cases, it could suggest a lack of acknowledgement for your hard work and feeling unappreciated. Since feces in dreams are often symbolic of wealth, struggling to clean it might reveal your fears or anxieties about managing your finances or assets.

Meaning of Cleaning Feces in a Dream

Cleaning feces in a dream is generally felt as an unpleasant experience, but its symbolic undertones can provide significant insights into your life circumstances. Metaphorically, it could suggest that you are making efforts to eliminate negativity, toxicity, or unwanted burdens from your life. You might be working diligently to rectify mistakes, clear your conscience, or improve your unhealthy habits. Additionally, this could imply the cleaning or purification of thoughts, ideas, or attitudes that have been restricting or hindering your progress.

Dreams About Cleaning Someone Else’s House

Dreaming about cleaning another person’s house often portrays your willingness to help others in dealing with their issues. It could suggest that you have an empathetic nature and tend to extend your aid to people who are engulfed in problems or dilemmas. Moreover, it might imply your meddlesome tendencies in other people’s affairs, signifying the need to respect their space and privacy.

Cleaning Dirty Bathroom Dream Meaning

A dream of cleaning a filthy bathroom can symbolize a need for self-renewal and purification. Bathrooms in dreams often represent cleansing, letting go, and renewing one’s self. Hence, a dirty bathroom might hint at the pent-up emotions, unresolved issues, or toxicity that you’ve accumulated overtime. When you dream of cleaning it, this would suggest your efforts towards self-improvement and emotional cleansing. It signifies growth, transformation, and liberation from the shackles of negativity haunting your life.

Cleaning Dirty Toilet in Dream Meaning

A dream about cleaning a dirty toilet often signifies your efforts to get rid of negative emotions or situations that have been bothering you. It suggests a need for emotional release and the desire to cleanse yourself from anything that is holding you back in your waking life. This dream could also be an indication of your strength and determination to overcome obstacles and challenges. Furthermore, it can highlight aspects of your life that you may be unhappy with and indicate that you are working to improve these areas.

Dreaming of Clean Water in the River

Dreaming of clean water flowing in a river symbolizes purity, spiritual nourishment, and emotional rejuvenation. Such a dream indicates that you enjoy a calm and peaceful life. It also signals a positive transformation in your life which is likely to bring about an end to the hardships and challenges you have been facing. Moreover, this dream serves as a reminder for you to cleanse your inner self, let go of grudges, and embrace forgiveness in order to attain inner peace.

Dream Of Cleaning Fish

Dreaming of cleaning a fish represents your readiness to confront difficult feelings and experiences. It is also indicative of recognizing our emotional troubles and taking the time to heal from them. This dream can be considered as a metaphorical process of ‘cleaning’ out your emotional trauma, stress, or negative energy to cultivate a healthier mental space. This dream may also symbolize the liberation and processing of repressed instincts and emotions.

Cleaning Bathtub Dream Meaning

A dream about cleaning a bathtub generally signifies your need to strip away unpleasant layers of emotion, frustration or stress gathered in your waking life. It suggests that you are seeking a refreshing retreat or means to rejuvenate your mind and body. The unclean bathtub can symbolize negativity or toxic emotions that you need to clean off. Thus, the dream indicates your subconscious signaling your conscious mind to take action towards emotional purging and emotional cleansing.

Pile of Clean Clothes Dream Meaning

Dreaming of a pile of clean clothes suggests your readiness to change and accept new attitudes, beliefs, or viewpoints. It demonstrates your intention to improve yourself and enhance your self-image. The clean clothes represent a fresh start and a departure from your old self or habits. Your subconscious may be telling you to reinvent yourself to leave a positive impression on others.

Dream of Clean Water Flowing

Dreaming about clean water flowing implies clarity, purity and tranquillity in your life. Clean flowing water signifies serenity, a feeling of renewal, and spiritual growth. The flow of water symbolizes the smooth flow of your life’s journey, suggesting that your path is clear and free from difficulties. In addition, it may also represent you beginning to acknowledge your own emotions, allowing them to flow freely and transparently rather than repressing them.

Cleaning Nose in Dream

Dreaming about cleaning one’s own nose can hold various symbolic meanings which are often related to the release of pent-up emotions or cleansing of negative thoughts. The nose, representing the means by which we breathe and take in life, can symbolize our perception of life when it appears in a dream. Hence, a dream where you are cleaning your nose may be perceived as your subconscious encouraging you to clear out any negative feelings and perceptions you might be harbouring internally. This dream can serve to remind you to focus on the positive aspects of life, thereby breathing in positivity and exuding negativity.

Cleaning a Swimming Pool Dream Meaning

Swimming pools often symbolize relaxation, comfort, and enjoyment, but they can also represent emotions and feelings. Therefore, a dream about cleaning a swimming pool can be indicative of cleansing of emotions and feelings. This is especially likely if the pool in your dream is murky or visibly dirty. As you clean the swimming pool, you effectively clear up your emotional world, making room for more clarity and less emotional confusion. Hence, such a dream might mean that you are working towards an emotional renewal and are making concerted efforts to rid yourself of detrimental feelings.

Dream About Cleaning Urine on the Floor

In the realm of dream interpretation, cleaning urine on the floor can imply a release of negative experiences, toxic relationships, or ill feelings that might be hampering your potential. Urine, in this context, can symbolize ailments or problems that have been plaguing your life. Cleaning it up signifies the act of acknowledging these issues and resolving to clean up your life. Although an unpleasant task in the dream world, the act of cleaning symbolizes the necessary actions you need to take in real life to achieve peace and growth.

Dream Of Cleaning Under Bed

Cleaning under the bed in a dream can speak volumes about the subconscious and the unseen aspects of oneself. Since under the bed is often related to the things we hide from others, or even from ourselves, cleaning this area in a dream shows a willingness to reconcile with and cleanse these hidden facets of your personality. It could mean that you are prepared to confront your fears or grapple with your insecurities, all of which can hinder your personal growth and the realization of your full potential if left unaddressed.

Cleaning Belly Button Dream Meaning

Belly buttons in dreams are generally thought to represent the notion of maternal ties or life-giving links. Cleaning a belly button in a dream can often allude to feelings of wanting to reestablish or clean up connections with your birth family or those who give you life energy. This dream might be a manifestation of lingering feelings of love, respect, and dependence which need to be acknowledged and cared for. Moreover, since the belly button can also signify the centre of your being or grounding point, cleaning it in a dream suggests personal efforts to cleanse and balance your personal energy.

Dream Of Cleaning Toilet Bowl

A dream of cleaning a toilet bowl can be seen as an indication of your desire to eliminate negative thoughts, conditions, and situations prevailing in your life. According to many dream analysts, this particular dream suggests that you are in a phase where you’re clearing out the unwanted elements and making space for positivity and good vibes. It might also refer to a situation where you are trying to wash away guilt or shame associated with certain events or actions.

Dream Of Cleaning House With Broom

A dream of cleaning a house with a broom often relates to your efforts to make a fresh start. A house in dreams usually represents the self or the dreamer, thus, cleaning it suggests efforts to cleanse or purge oneself of past experiences, negative emotions or traumas. This dream serves to illuminate your motivation to revisit, organize, sweep away and discard the outdated facets of your life. Your emotions, thoughts, and memories are being reset, bringing a sense of rejuvenation and motivation towards a cleaner, more organized life.

Dream Of Cleaning Cobwebs

Cobwebs in dreams often signify a tangled or confusing situation in your waking life. Dreaming about cleaning cobwebs could represent your resolve to tackle such situations. You may be trying to clear up misconceptions, resolve misunderstandings, or simply sweeping aside the confusion to gain clearer and more precise insights into certain situations. Furthermore, it could also represent your feeling of being stagnant and your decision to clear away any life clogs to move forward.

Cleaning Dust in Dream Meaning

Dust in dreams is often seen as a symbol of disregard or neglected aspects of life. When you dream about cleaning dust, it might be a subconscious reflection of your desire to tidy up loose ends, revive forgotten aspects, or even rediscover hidden parts of your own identity. This sort of dream indicates that you acknowledge the need to pay attention to matters that have been pushed aside and are willing to resolve them to restore order and balance in your personal or professional life.

Dream Of Cleaning Dog Poop

Finally, if you dream of cleaning up dog poop, it may seem unpleasant, but in dream interpretation, it can actually hold quite positive meanings. Dogs are often a symbol of loyalty and friendship, and their poop can attest to unwanted or unnecessary baggage or issues. Cleaning it up could therefore signify your willingness to deal with unpleasant tasks, situation or emotions that may be burdening you unnecessarily. You are ready to let go off of what no longer serves you, in order to make room for progress and positivity in your life.

Cleaning Garbage Dream Meaning

When you dream about cleaning garbage, it could signify that you might be facing a situation that requires you to rid yourself of negative thoughts, past experiences, or perhaps even toxic relationships in your life. This type of dream may be nudging you to start afresh, shedding off all the unnecessary baggage in your life and focusing on the present and the future. It could also indicate a transitional phase in your life where you’re ready to let go of all the waste and unnecessary elements and make room for beneficial additions and development.

Dream Of Washing Hands With Clean Water

Dreaming of washing hands with clean water often implies a psychological or emotional cleansing. You may be getting rid of guilt, regret, or negative emotions that may have been associated with past actions. This type of dream can be moral in nature suggesting a want or a need to clear one’s conscience. It could also mean you’re making an effort to start fresh, washing away old patterns or habits that no longer serve you anymore. This kind of dream could be interpreted as a signal from your subconscious that it is time to purify your mind and heart from harmful motives or thoughts.

Cleaning Kitchen Dream Meaning

A dream about cleaning a kitchen signifies your desire for a healthier lifestyle; this could be both mentally and physically. The kitchen, symbolizing a place where nourishment comes from, could be related to the thoughts and emotions that nourish you internally. Just as one would clean the kitchen to prepare healthy food, the dream could be a sign that you need to cleanse your thoughts and emotions to prepare for a more robust mental or emotional state. Alternatively, it might represent your desire to solve current problems and get your life in order.

Clean Laundry Dream Meaning

In a dream, seeing or cleaning laundry generally signifies renewing and transforming oneself. Freshly cleaned laundry can symbolize feelings of productivity and accomplishment. Further, it could suggest a desire to have a clean slate, as laundry is a process of removing dirt and starting anew. It might also indicate the need to address matters that have been ignored or overlooked for too long. Overall, a dream about clean laundry often speaks to the constraints of reality and personal perception, suggesting you need some form of cleansing or purification in your life.

Dream of Dead Mother Cleaning House

The dream where you see your deceased mother cleaning the house can be a very profound one. According to some interpretations, this speaks to an intricate blend of emotional and psychological aspects. Seeing a deceased loved one in a dream may imply you are still processing your grief or guilt associated with their passing. The act of cleaning, on the other hand, may symbolize your desire for order and normalcy, or it could be a reminder to clear your mind and heart of negative thoughts or memories. This could be seen as a message from your unconscious mind to declutter your life and feelings to attain emotional peace.

Dream Of Cleaning an Office

In the realm of dream interpretations, dreaming of cleaning an office often represents your desire for order and efficiency in your personal or professional life. The act of cleaning, specifically in an office setting, may symbolize your need to clear mental clutter, organize your thoughts, or prioritize your responsibilities. Commonly, this dream indicates the readiness to take on new tasks after tidying up loose ends from past projects. It could also suggest that you are subconsciously seeking to improve your working conditions or career prospects.

Dream Of Cleaning a Table

Dreaming about cleaning a table typically signifies the anticipation of starting something new or preparing for an upcoming event, task or project. The table is widely regarded in dream psychology as a symbol of communal relationships, shared experiences, and collective undertakings. Therefore, cleaning it in your dream implies introducing order, creating a neat strategy and clearing away past mistakes or confusion. It suggests readiness, willingness, and mental preparedness to take on new challenges or accept changes in your life.

Cleaning Fish Tank Dream Meaning

The act of cleaning a fish tank in a dream is generally symbolic of renewal, clarity, and emotional cleansing. Since a fish tank is a small controlled environment that houses life, it can represent your own living conditions or personal mindspace. If it is dirty or unclean in your dream, it might suggest emotional disturbances, confusions, or burdensome worries that you need to clear away. Therefore, cleaning it may symbolize the purgation of negative emotions or experiences, leading to improved mental clarity and emotional well-being.

Dream Of Cleaning Toenails Meaning

Toenails in dreams can often allude to small details or minor matters in your everyday life, perhaps due to their somewhat insignificant size. To dream of cleaning your toenails may signify the longing to pay more attention to these minor aspects or seemingly negligible issues, that may in fact be important in the grander scheme of things. It could be a subconscious nudge indicating that it’s time for self-care, personal neatness, or resolving some unresolved minor issues that have been pushed aside.

Dream Interpretation Vacuum Cleaner

In dream symbolism, a vacuum cleaner can connote feelings of cleanliness, simplicity, and removal of negativity or unwanted elements from your life. The presence of a vacuum cleaner in your dreams signifies a need to eliminate clutter, distractions, or complicated aspects of your life for the sake of simplicity. Dreaming about vacuum cleaning may also suggest that you are subconsciously seeking to rid your life of unnecessary burdens or toxic influences that might be diminishing your happiness or peace of mind.

Dream Of Cleaning Ear Wax

Cleaning ear wax in your dreams has a layered symbolism. Most commonly, it hints at a need for a clearer perspective and enhanced listening skills – depicting the idea of getting rid of ‘selective hearing.’ This dream can also signify that there are certain messages or suggestions you are inclined to ignore in your waking life. You need to be more in tune with what is happening around you, more attentive to people’s advice and sentiments, and should consider observing things with a more open mind.

Dreaming Of Cleaning White Shoes

If you find yourself cleaning white shoes in your dream, it often relates to your readiness to embark on a new journey or life phase. White shoes signify purity and new beginnings. This dream is an indicator of aspiration for a fresh, clean start. It also reflects your inclination towards perfection and high standards in various aspects of your life. It subtlety illustrates that you are trying to clear your path from pitfalls and obstacles or any perceived ‘dirt’ as you set out on your new journey.

Dreaming Of Cleaning Windows

Cleaning a window in your dream can be a call for transparency and clarity. As windows symbolize your outlook on life or situation, cleaning them can be an indicator of your desire to gain a clear and positive perspective. It suggests the need to clear off any metaphorical smudges that blur your outlook and obstruct your vision. This dream signifies a striving for understanding and highlights an effort to remove any blockages, doubts, or preconceived notions that limit your perspective.

Dreaming Of Cleaning the Yard

Yard cleaning dreams often interpret a desire to get rid of the unnecessary baggage and declutter your life. The yard is a representation of your personal space or the circumstances surrounding your life. Consequently, this dream may symbolize the need for cleansing your surroundings, whether literally or metaphorically. It signifies an attempt to organize and set things right in your life, echoing an urge to control chaos and maintain hygiene in your physical and emotional environment.

Dreaming Of Cleaning False Teeth

Cleaning false teeth represents dealing with issues of sincerity and truthfulness. False teeth or dentures in dreams could symbolize deception or misleading appearances. Hence, the act of cleaning these denotes your intent to rectify dishonesty and ensure integrity in your interactions. It could also suggest your endeavor to work on your own insecurities or ‘false fronts.’ It is a therapeutic process indicating shedding off falseness and embracing authenticity.

Spiritual Meaning of Cleaning in a Dream

Dreams about cleaning often speak to the process of removing negativity or unneeded aspects from your life. From a spiritual perspective, cleaning in your dream signifies purifying your spirit or cleansing your consciousness. It represents the desire for clarity, order, and transformation. Some spiritual traditions interpret these dreams as you being in a process of detoxification and getting rid of your emotional baggage. It might indicate that you are finally ready to free yourself from past mistakes, guilt, or troubling memories. This dream could also mean a personal growth opportunity presenting itself—ideal for you to clear away obstacles and pave your way to connect to your higher self or spirituality.

Biblical Meaning of Cleaning in a Dream

In biblical terms, cleaning in dreams can be symbolic of sanctification and purification. There is an emphasis on the spiritual cleanliness of the heart, and as such, cleaning dreams might be God’s way of highlighting a need for confession and repentance, a way to cleanse away sin. The Bible, especially in the Old Testament sections, provides numerous examples of ritualistic cleaning as a means of becoming closer to God. For some, these dreams may signal a specific area in life (such as relationships, thoughts, or behavior patterns) that needs to be evaluated and transformed according to Christian values.

Cleaning in Dream Islam

In Islamic dream interpretation, cleaning can have various meanings, but most of them denote purification and modification. Cleaning in your dream can mean removing the burden of sin, repentance, or seeking forgiveness from Allah. Islam considers dreams as one part of revelation (Wahy), and there are strong traditions of dream interpretation traced back to Prophet Mohammed. If you are cleaning your environment in the dream, it can signify removing bad influences or negative situations, indicating a spiritual cleanse. Seeing oneself cleaning or disinfecting also has good connotations, suggesting an era of prosperity, health, and wellness, particularly if the cleaning leads to a sparkling outcome.

Cleaning in Dream Hindu

In the context of Hindu dream interpretation, dreams about cleaning usually suggest purification or maintenance of personal dharma (Righteousness). Dharma is considered a moral and spiritual obligation in Hinduism. Hence, these dreams might be a subconscious reflection of your desire to live a life aligned with your definitions of morality and virtue, or it could be a sign of personal transformation. Cleaning in a dream might also reflect the desire for Moksha, the liberation or release from life’s cycle of death and rebirth. For some, a dream about cleaning can mean revamping oneself and embracing a new avatar. It could also be interpreted as a sign of upcoming positive changes – spiritually, personally, or professionally.


Cleaning dreams can be a way to process and deal with stress, and they can also be a way to focus on positive aspects of our lives. Whether we’re dreaming about getting our house clean or simply imagining being tidy, these dreams can help us to de-stress and get ready for the task ahead.