The Meaning and Interpretation of Dreams About Being Robbed

Written By Jamie Young

Dreams are a fascinating part of the human experience, and they can be interpreted in many ways. Dreaming about getting robbed can be a sign that you’re feeling insecure about your financial situation. It could also mean that someone close to you has been talking about money in a negative way.

What Does It Mean When You Dream About Getting Robbed

Dreaming about getting robbed can mean various things, but often it can be an indication that you are feeling a lack of support or security in your life. If you dream of getting robbed, you may be subconsciously feeling that your trust has been violated, or that you have betrayed yourself. You may also be feeling a sense of vulnerability in your life.


Dream of Being Robbed

When you dream of being robbed, it means that you have been betrayed or have suffered from a broken trust. Maybe someone has not kept their word and that has hurt you. Perhaps that’s where all your fears, anxieties, and insecurities have taken up residence. Alternatively, it also means that you are afraid of losing your financial stability. You fear that things aren’t going well and that you maybe don’t have as much money as you thought.

Dream of Being Robbed at Gunpoint

When you dream about being robbed at gunpoint, this dream might represent a fear you have about what could happen to you in the future. It could also mean that you feel threatened by someone or some situation and that you may need to take some sort of action soon. It also means  that you are going through a period of uncertainty and insecurity. While sometimes it can indicate a potential danger or threat, it is most likely a warning that you need to change your ways.

Dreaming of Being Robbed at Home

Dreaming about being robbed at home can be a disturbing dream that might indicate your concerns about your own safety or that of your family. It could also represent something you are actually worried about, such as money or job security. Such dreams are usually an expression of our deepest fears, and often result from anxiety or stress in our lives. Alternatively, this is also a common dream, especially among people who have been the victim of burglary or other property crimes.

Dream About House Being Robbed

When you dream about a house being robbed, it’s an attempt by your subconscious to warn you of an impending threat. The threat may be a person, circumstance, or even a problem that you don’t yet understand, but  it will cause you harm if not addressed. As the house is said to signify the shelter provided by a mother or some other close person, so if the house is being robbed, that would imply that you are being deprived of this comfort. Your house will represent a sense of protection and stability.

Dream of Being Robbed of Money

Dreaming about being robbed of your money is an indication of financial trouble ahead and should be taken seriously. It can also suggest that you are feeling overwhelmed by the responsibilities of life. Perhaps you might consider re-prioritizing what really matters in your life while also making a few changes that could help you feel more secure and stable.

Dream of Being Robbed in a Car 

When you dream of being robbed in a car, it means that you will feel some negative emotions and perhaps life problems, but you will overcome them with courage. However, cars often symbolize your desire to seek freedom and adventure. Your unconscious mind may also be using the car to represent a journey or a trip that you are about to engage with.

Dream of Being Robbed at Knifepoint

When you dream about being robbed at knifepoint, it represents that you do not feel safe and secure, or that you are feeling very vulnerable in your life. If the knife is pointing at you this symbolizes one of two things, either it’s your subconscious telling you that you are being too needy and clingy when you should be independent, or the fact that you feel like someone is taking advantage of a situation and trying to manipulate you.

Dream of Being Robbed of Jewelry

If you dream of your jewelry being robbed, it means you are worried about losing your wealth, possessions and fortune. It means you are worried that you will lose your hard-earned wealth. The robbery is just a symbol of the fact that you are afraid to lose what you have worked for, so it’s possible that you are feeling uneasy about an aspect of your life, whether that be love, money or health.

Dream of Being Robbed of Phone

When you dream about your phone being robbed, it usually means that you are feeling a little insecure. Your dream about your phone being robbed could mean that you want to keep in touch with the people that matter most to you. However, even though you have the best of intentions all the time and care about everybody, maybe your fear of being forgotten and abandoned gets the better of you.

Dreaming of Being Robbed and Stabbed

When you dream about being robbed and stabbed, it represents our subconscious way of warning us about our current situation in life. You may want to see what are the things you lack or the things that you are neglecting. Sometimes, it’s only a product of our anxiety thinking about this scenario will come into reality.

Dream About Being Robbed While Sleeping

When you dream about being robbed while sleeping, this dream is trying to tell your subconscious that you’re holding out information or money, and it’s time to let go of your secrets. In other words, you’re not telling the whole truth or showing the real you. It’s the subconscious’ way of letting you know that it’s time to open up and be sincere with those around you.

Dream About Getting Robbed and Shot

If you dream of being robbed and shot, the dream may be his or her way of dealing with stress. It can also happen when someone has been through, or is going through, emotional distress. It’s a warning sign that your subconscious is telling you to take action before it’s too late. However, being dramatic or badly injured in the dream can also be a representation of his or her current situation. 

Dream of Being Robbed by Someone You Know

When you dream about being robbed by someone you know, this dream means that you are threatened by someone in real life. He could be bothering you physically, or he could be trying to get your attention in other ways. It is also possible that you secretly hate someone and subconsciously put them down in your dreams. You are thinking about them so much that your subconscious is portraying that person as the robber. This might be because the person has wronged you or can otherwise cause you harm in some way.

Dream of Someone Getting Robbed

Dreaming of seeing someone getting robbed is a sign of jealousy and frustration. You have probably been trying to work on some difficult projects in your waking life, and they are not going as smoothly as planned. In your sleep, you are replaying a scenario that you hope will end happily. You want to see someone else succeed, but at this time, you cannot do so yourself.

Robbery Dream

Dreaming of a robbery can signify that you are feeling vulnerable and helpless in some aspect of your waking life. It may be a reflection of a feeling of being taken advantage of or not having control over your finances or wellbeing. Alternatively, the dream may be representative of your inner resources being robbed or taken away from you, leaving you feeling powerless and helpless. It could also suggest that you may be facing a big change in your life.


Dreaming about being robbed can be terrifying. These dreams may be telling you that you are feeling vulnerable in your life or not taking proper precautions to protect yourself. You may also feel like something is missing from your life, and that you are lacking support. You may be looking to external sources for assurance and support coming from others.