The Meaning and Interpretation of Dreams of Being Held Hostage

Written By Jamie Young

Being held hostage in a dream is one of the most common nightmares people have. Most likely, this dream stems from some sort of anxiety you are feeling — whether it be about something happening in your real life or something that you’ve seen in the news. What does it mean to dream about being held hostage? In this article, we explore the meaning behind such a nightmare.

What Does It Mean to Dream About Being Held Hostage

Dreaming about being held hostage is a sign of a feeling of being trapped in life. There is a feeling of being unable to move forward and take charge of life. The dream may feel like a nightmare but it is more often a sensation of being caught up in the circumstances of life. It can also indicate an individual’s feeling of helplessness in a situation or relationship. And can be a sign of regret about a decision that was made in the past.


Dream About Someone Else Being Held Hostage

When you dream about someone else being held hostage, this means that you’re secretly harboring feelings of anger or resentment towards a friend or a family member. This dream is telling you that you need to confront the person who’s been upsetting you and let them know what their behavior is doing to your state of mind.

Family Hostage Dream Meaning

When you see a family hostage in your dreams, this is a symbol of the fact that your loved ones are being held captive by their fears and concerns regarding your choices in life. They may have difficulty respecting your decisions, or they may question them. This dream is a gentle reminder to listen to your intuition and be patient with those closest to you. Trust that they have your best interests at heart.

Dream of Being Held Hostage at Gunpoint

When you dream about being held hostage at gunpoint, it’s a way of your unconscious telling you to be more assertive in your personal and professional relationships. You’re  used to being the kind person that everyone comes first, but in reality, that’s not always the right way to go. Take time and listen to others, but don’t let yourself be pushed around or bullied because that could lead to someone taking advantage of you, or worse.

Dream About Being Held Hostage by Terrorists

When you dream about being held hostage by terrorists, it is a dream that is telling you that there are people in your life who are currently holding you captive. In your waking life you feel trapped by the actions of certain people or situations. You may feel like they are breathing down your neck, constantly criticizing or judging you without seeing anything good in you.

Dream of Being Held Hostage and Escaping

Dreaming about being held hostage and escaping means that you are feeling trapped by an issue or a problem. You may be experiencing a fear of the unknown, where the issue is causing problems in your relationships or causing discomfort in your personal life. You may feel that it’s coming between you and your loved ones or creating tension in your personal life.

Dreams About Being Kidnapped and Held Hostage

Dreaming about being kidnapped and held hostage means that you feel like something or someone is restricting your own freedom and that you feel like a “hostage.” You may be experiencing feelings of pressure or being suffocated in some way. Perhaps someone is trying to control you and your actions. 

Dream About Escaping a Hostage Situation

Dreaming about escaping a hostage situation portrays your desire to free yourself from a difficult situation in your real life. In this dream, there is always a villain who has taken you and the people you care about. He could be a thief, or an enemy who is trying to destroy your reputation, happiness or family. It’s time to confront this villain and win over him.

Dreaming of Being Held Hostage and Tortured

When you dream about being held hostage and tortured, it represents that the individual feels helpless under their current circumstances. The captors in this dream might be the problems of yesterday that continue to affect someone today. The suffering in this dream might be the negativity that has been holding someone back from being truly happy. By facing these issues head on, a person can find resolution with past trauma and enjoy a better tomorrow.

Dreams About Being Held Hostage by Someone You Know

Dreams about being held hostage by someone you know could be rooted in a fear of being dependent. In this dream, you are being kept in a tight place against your will — one that you cannot escape. There is a very real chance that this dream has to do with your own fears about being dependent on someone for intimacy, money, or support.

Dream About Being Taken Hostage

When you dream about being taken hostage, it means that you feel restricted or overwhelmed by the expectations of other people. You might be feeling the pressure to conform to their ideas and behaviors. You may have been feeling trapped in beliefs or plans that you used to believe in but no longer do. Perhaps you are feeling trapped by a job or relationship that is not as fulfilling as it used to be.

Dream About Holding Someone Hostage

Dreaming of holding someone as hostage suggests that you’re feeling helpless in some aspect of your life. You can’t control certain people or their actions, and it frustrates you. What’s more, is that the people who often hold you prisoner are bound to those close to you — they could be your kids, a spouse, a parent, or a friend.


Being held hostage in a dream can be symbolic of feeling trapped in some aspect of your life. It may also reflect feelings of helplessness, frustration or anger about a situation or relationship.