The Meaning and Interpretation of Dreams of Being Bitten on the Hand

Written By Jamie Young

Dreaming of being bitten on the hand is a very common dream, yet it’s also one of the more puzzling. While some people don’t pay too much attention to these dreams and others think they have no meaning, the fact remains that dreams are sent by your unconscious mind to serve as a guide.

What Does It Mean When You Dream of Being Bitten on the Hand

Dreams of being bitten on the hand often have a very real or symbolic meaning that is important to understand. This can be a powerful and compelling dream, and it can be interpreted in many ways. First and foremost, dreaming of being bitten on the hand requires you to look deep into yourself, your fears, and your reactions to others. The dream is an invitation for you to uncover hidden aspects of your personality, as well as areas of your life where you might have been hurt or feel vulnerable.

bitten hand

Dream of Dog Biting Hand

If you dream of a dog biting your hand, it means that you’re worried about the loyalty and trustworthiness of those around you. Luckily, this isn’t anything to be too concerned about, because dogs are faithful creatures and the dog in your dream could just be a reflection of someone in your life who is loyal and trustworthy.

Dream of Snake Bite on Hand

Snakes play a symbolically important role in dreams, because they symbolize both sexuality and great wisdom. They also often represent suppressed emotions and memories that have been pushed down deep within us. As such, when we dream about snakes biting our hands it is often for the purpose of reflecting on our own personal relationships to these emotions and memories.

Dream Meaning Snake Bite Right Hand

Dreaming of snakes biting your right hand means that something bad is going to happen to you. It could be a sign that you have angered someone, or could mean you’re about to get into an accident. This dream is not only telling you what’s about to happen, it’s also telling you that something has already happened, whether it was good or bad.

Dream of Cat Biting Hand

If you’re dreaming about a cat biting your hand, it means you have a small child-like side that’s threatening to come out. Dreams aren’t always random and meaningless — they can actually be messages from yourself! In this case, dreaming about a cat biting your hand is your subconscious way of telling you to be more on yourself and act based on your age, or act appropriately. 

Dream of Being Bitten on the Left Hand

If you dream of being bitten on the left hand, you will have a great disappointment. This could mean that you have a problem with your ego, or you need to get a handle on some of your primal instincts. Alternatively, this dream of getting bitten on the left hand can be a sign that you are feeling unsatisfied with your work or relationships. They can also be a sign of feeling guilty about past actions.

Dream Meaning Snake Bite Left Hand

When you dream of a snake bite your left hand, it means that you will find difficulty in your job and soon you will be in the hospital due to some illness. Perhaps you are feeling overwhelmed at work, or your health could be deteriorating despite no clear cause for concern. Alternatively, this could be prevented if you just take good care of yourself.

Dream of Dog Biting Hand and Not Letting Go

A dog biting your hand and not letting go may indicate that you are not working hard enough. If the dream refers to a real-life situation, then it is likely that you have let yourself be persuaded too easily or have agreed to something you don’t really believe in. This dream tells you to be cautious of the people surrounding you!

Dream of Cat Biting Hand and Not Letting Go

When you dream about a cat biting your hand and not letting go, it symbolizes the power of your subconscious to control the urges you have within yourself. This is important for all people because sometimes we need to fight through those moments where we are overwhelmed by our own desires. It  also may be referring to your dependence on others. 

Dream of Spider Bite on Left Hand

If you’re having a dream about a spider biting your left hand, then that may be an indication that you’re holding on to some resentment. It may signify that you are harboring some deeply-held anger. Whether it’s directed towards yourself or someone else, it’s important that you explore these feelings as they could be affecting your day-to-day life and relationships. It could also mean that someone in your life is keeping track of the things you say and do.

Dream of Spider Bite on Hand

When you dream about a spider biting on the hand, it represents a desire to be aggressive. You are feeling pressured by something that is happening in your waking life. This can also represent frustration or aggression. In some cases, it can symbolize a hostile takeover. Your subconscious is warning you about the urge to get out on your usual self and fight on what you think is worth fighting for.

Dream of Spider Bite on Right Hand

Dreaming of a spider biting on the right hand means that you will fail to complete your business goals for the year. It is important that you keep a close eye on how much money is going in and out of your business, as well as the state of other financial assets that you own. 

Dream of Someone Biting Your Hand

If you had a dream about someone biting your hand, it stands to reason that you consider yourself an assertive person. The hand is considered to be a symbol of power and force. If someone is biting your hand on a dream, then chances are you feel very powerless in some area of your life. Someone was trying to manipulate or lure you, or trying to take your shine.

Dreams About Rats Biting Your Hands

When you dream about rats biting your hand, you are likely to have a deep concern about your future. The rats in your dreams may symbolize your own personal doubts, or that someone is spreading rumors about you at work. Alternatively, this dream usually means that you are under a lot of stress. It could also mean that you are worried about a certain situation in your life.

Dream of White Cat Biting My Hand

Dreaming that a white cat is biting your hand means that you have some enemies in your surroundings who seek revenge from you, so beware of the people who are around you because some of them are with bad intentions. Alternatively, when a white cat bites your hand, it is often a sign of antagonism. Perhaps you are being threatened. It is also possible that someone has been trying to warn you about something, though how this would happen is unknown.

Dream of Black Cat Biting My Hand

Dreaming of a black cat biting your hand could mean that you are feeling your money is coming to an end too soon. You may sense that you lack the resources to meet all of your obligations, or that you are feeling a bit stressed out by life’s demands. Alternatively,  it might also suggest that there are some secrets which you must keep in your life.

Monkey Biting Hand in Dream Meaning

When you dream about a monkey biting your hand, foretells that your fortune will be suddenly changed for the worst by unexpected and uncalled for circumstances. It also signifies that enemies are plotting to injure you. Alternatively, things are getting out of control in your life. It’s no longer just fun and games, and you must be careful not to lose what you have. Also, it most likely means that you are being deceived by a friend or family member.

Dream of Lion Biting Hand

When you dream about a lion biting your hand, the lion represents your ability to overcome obstacles. You are strong and you will prevail, but only if you have the courage to face your issues. Change is always difficult, but sometimes it’s necessary. Look at your situation objectively and accept that change must take place.

Dream of Bat Biting My Hand

When you dream of a bat biting your hand, there is someone who’s got their eye on you, or who is involved in some way with something you would rather be out of. You are not happy about this and see it as a threat to your way of life, but the bat is trying to tell you that it will all work out if you can trust them. Just trust your own capabilities and believe that everything will turn out the way you wanted it to be.

Dream of Animal Biting My Hand

When you dream about being bitten by an animal in the hand, it could mean that you feel mentally bullied in your current work environment. Or maybe you’ve been experiencing more than your fair share of online criticism recently. This dream is basically telling you that you need to toughen up, and to ignore the nay-sayers — their criticism will only hold you back from achieving your goals. Keep reaching your goals and soar high!

Crow Biting Hand Dream

A dream about a crow biting your hand can be interpreted as metaphorically speaking about or foreseeing a betrayal by someone close to you. Or it might be about feeling guilty for betraying someone. The crow might represent evil thoughts, negative exaggeration and manipulative behavior. Learn to be cautious and observant to the people that surround you.

Tiger Biting Hand in Dream 

Dreaming about a tiger biting your hand is a symbolic representation of the anxiety you are feeling about the future. Things feel out of control, and there’s a lingering unease you can’t shake. In the animal kingdom, a tiger’s bite means that you need to be careful around people you don’t know. This could mean reprimanding yourself for saying something you regretted in an argument with a family member or taking a more passive approach when dealing with a coworker.

Dream of Fox Biting My Hand

Dreaming about a fox biting your hand is a symbol for indecision and uncertainty. Your subconscious is giving you warning and while you may be lacking in direction or purpose, there are always those who are here to help. Reach out to them if you need advice — but never make a decision based on what someone else says if it doesn’t feel right to you.

Bird Biting Hand in Dream Meaning

When dreaming of being bitten by a bird in the hand, this means that you will be faced with an important decision in the near future that has the potential to affect your ability to move forward and achieve success. Are you being held up by someone else’s grasping claws, or holding back someone else who deserves more?


Dreams of being bitten in the hand can teach us a great deal about ourselves. Bite on the hand dreams are often warnings that you need to be more aware of your surroundings and your reactions to others. It often has a very real or symbolic meaning that is important to understand. This can be a powerful and compelling dream, and it can be interpreted in many ways.