The Meaning and Interpretation of Dreams About Bats

Written By Jamie Young

Whether it’s a nightmare or a pleasant dream, many people dream about bats. This includes young children who dream about flying through the air with their wings. It also includes adults who see bats in their dreams. Some even see them as symbols of protection or that they are being chased by a bat. Here is what it means when you dream about bats and how to interpret the meanings of your dreams based on its individual symbolism.

What Does It Mean When You Dream About Bats

It’s often said that dreams are a reflection of your subconscious. That being said, when you dream about bats, it can be seen as a representation of something that is hidden and not yet discovered. It might also indicate that you are afraid of what might happen and are trying to avoid the unknown.

Other interpretations for this dream could be more positive. They could represent freedom, power and success in some cases. The bat may be a messenger bringing news from higher powers or warning you of dangers ahead. In other cases, the bat could protect you from danger by taking flight on your behalf or show where your true path lies. If it’s chasing you, this may mean you are fearful or running away from something important in your life. If it’s protecting you, the bat may represent protection and guidance during difficult times and trials.


Dream about bats attacking

When you’re dreaming about bats attacking, it can represent a sense of being overwhelmed or feeling powerless. It can also help you gain insight into your fears, anxieties, or worries that are manifesting into physical attacks on you by the bats. Bats represent hidden enemies or attacks that we don’t see coming — gossip and backstabbing, for example.

Dream of bat landing on me

When you dream of a bat landing on you, it represents your increased awareness regarding an existing problem in your life. If you are already aware of the problem, this dream might be a way for you to seek guidance about the best way to proceed. It can also highlight a feeling that you have come to terms with what has happened in the past and are now able to move on.

Flying bats in dreams

For people who dream of bats flying around them, they should not be alarmed as it is a positive sign. These people have their own way of doing things and therefore are very unique individuals. If you see bats flying in the nighttime sky, it means that you will come into some good luck or fortune.

Dreams about bats chasing you

A dream about being chased by bats often implies that you are feeling trapped. You may be feeling trapped in a situation where you feel like you have no choices or are unable to move freely. This can be a stressful, upsetting situation in which you feel tied down. Feelings of being trapped in a dead-end job, relationship, or situation in general can manifest as a dream about bats.

Dreams about bats attacking you

To dream of bats attacking you symbolizes the confusion in which you find yourself, and the intensity with which you feel those emotions. Do you feel haunted by the thoughts swirling around in your mind? Or do you wish there were a way to understand them? This dream might be a sign that it’s time to start exploring what all those feelings mean and deal with them before they overwhelm you.

Dreams about bats biting you

Dreaming of being bitten by a bat means that there is something in your waking life which you are failing to confront. The bat and the darkness it embodies symbolize feelings of suppression and repression, which may be giving rise to frustration and anxiety. Explore these feelings further, as they could be your subconscious trying to get you to take action on them.

Killing a bat in a dream

When you kill a bat in your dream, it’s a symbol that you may be feeling overwhelmed. This type of dream is often accompanied by feelings of guilt, sadness or anger. Another interpretation suggests that dreaming of dead bats means someone close to you is about to get sick, die or move away.

Dream bat swooping on my head

The dream symbol of the bat swooping on your head represents negative criticism, scorn, or disapproval. The criticism may be coming from someone in your family or at work. This person is making you feel bad about yourself and the way you do things.

What Do Bats Symbolize in Dreams

Bats are known for being symbols of protection and also for being a representation of death. They have been associated with witchcraft, disease, and the devil. So, when you dream about bats and you want to interpret the symbolism of your dream, it’s important to figure out what the bats meant to you.

For example, if someone sees a bat in their dream as a symbol of protection then they are probably under the illusion that they will be protected from something in the future or that there is nothing wrong with them and that they will not be hurt. Another interpretation might be that it is always better to be cautious than to take risks.

Spiritual Meaning of Seeing a Bat in a Dream

Some people consider bats to be symbols of protection or that they are being chased by a bat. This might be an indication of how you are feeling about your life right now and the way things are going with your health, career, relationships, etc.

A bat can also symbolize success in business and new opportunities opening up to you. It’s also associated with fertility and sexuality because they have wings and fly at night when it is conducive for mating. Another interpretation relates to not getting close enough to something or someone that could hurt you. For example, if you dream that you’re seeing a bat in your bedroom, this could indicate that there is something dangerous lurking nearby but you don’t know what it is. You might want to pay closer attention to your surroundings for safety purposes.

Biblical Meaning of Bats in Dreams

The bat is a bird mentioned four times in the Bible (Leviticus 11:13,19; Deuteronomy 14:18; and Isaiah 1:3). Though mentioned only subtly, bats are in the bible.

Leviticus 11:13,19: “These are the birds you are to regard as unclean and not eat because they are unclean: the eagle, the vulture, the black vulture, the red kite, any kind of black kite, any kind of raven, the horned owl, the screech owl, the gull, any kind of hawk, the little owl, the cormorant, the great owl, the white owl, the desert owl, the osprey, the stork, any kind of heron, the hoopoe and the bat.”


When you see a bat in your dream, it is usually a sign that you are fighting with something that is dark in your life. It can also signify your strengths. Bats are a symbol of protection, so if you are seeing bats in your dream and they are swooping around your head, it means that the darkness in your life is coming out of your dreams and attacking you. It might mean that you need to protect what is most important to you.