The Meaning and Interpretation of a Dream of a Lover

Written By Jamie Young

Many people dream of a lover. It may be someone they last saw in childhood or just someone new that they are infatuated with. What does it mean when you dream about a lover? Here are some of the most common theories about dreaming about love.

What Does It Mean When You Dream about a Lover?

Dreaming of a lover is often seen as a symbol of falling in love. Many people might dream about the person they love or imagine the feeling they feel when they are with someone special.

This can also be related to your desire to form a connection with that person. If you are dreaming about someone you know, it can signify something like a phone call or text message. People may also dream about their lover when they want to reaffirm their feelings for them.

That said, not everyone shares the same experience or meaning when they dream about their lover. There are some people who may feel that this is an indication of being scorned by that individual instead of having a positive sign associated with it.

A lot of people fantasize about meeting up with and spending time with someone from their past, but those dreams do not always have happy endings. Some people might dream about their lover, only to wake up and find themselves alone again in bed and still feeling lonely.

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Dream about ex lover

When you dream about someone that is an ex lover, you are trying to figure out what went wrong in the past. In your dreams, the ex represents you. The way they look and act reveals a part of who you are and how you feel about yourself. This can be done in a positive way or a negative way. Dreaming about being with your ex is a sign of longing for a relationship that didn’t end.

Dreams about past lovers

When you dream about a lover from the past, it brings up memories of your love for them and the passion you had for each other. Usually, when past lovers come up in dreams, it’s a sign that you are still missing that relationship in some way and that perhaps there is a chance to reconcile with them in real life.

Dream of unknown lover

When you dream of an unknown lover, it may indicate that you have suppressed sexual desires and are struggling to accept the sexuality of a person in your life. Dreaming of unknown lovers can be explained in several ways. It could mean you are expecting someone special to come into your life, or that there might be a new romance on the horizon.

Dreams about former lovers

When you dream about a former lover, it can mean that you have unresolved feelings for them. However, they may not be what you expect. Dreaming about your ex-boyfriend or girlfriend doesn’t necessarily mean that you still love them; it could be a reminder to love yourself more.

If you’ve just broken up with your ex and find yourself dreaming about them, your subconscious is trying to tell you something. But what? Your dreams reflect your anxieties, hopes, and sometimes even wishes. They’re one part of your inner dialogue that you have with yourself—or rather, between the conscious you and the subconscious you.

Dream of a Dead Lover

Dreams about a deceased lover can be quite distressing, and are often vivid and memorable. Nonetheless, they usually don’t signify anything negative. In many cases, these dreams indicate unresolved emotions or issues associated with that person. If you recently lost a loved one, dreaming about him or her could be part of the grieving process. It offers a safe space to explore your feelings of loss, love, and healing. However, it could also imply a sense of closure or a need to let go if the relationship ended a long time ago.

Lover Crying in Dream Meaning

When you dream about your lover crying, it typically suggests feelings of powerlessness or guilt. Such dreams could imply that you feel unable to console or help your partner in waking life. This is likely driven by the stress or conflict that persists in your relationship. Alternatively, it could signify hidden fears of causing emotional pain to your lover. These dreams often serve as a prompt to confront these emotions, communicate more openly with your partner, or potentially seek professional counseling.

Choosing Between Two Lovers Dream

Dreaming about being torn between two lovers usually reflects emotional confusion and indecision in your real-life relationships. The romantic context might resemble a real-life situation where you are questioning your current relationship or considering a new one. But it’s also possible that it’s not about love per se, but about choices and compromises in general. In the end, such dreams act as a wake-up call to clarify your feelings and make decisions that align with your happiness and fulfillment.

Dream Of Lovers Wife Meaning

Dreaming about your lover’s wife, especially when you are not in a polyamorous relationship, suggests feelings of guilt, jealousy, or conflict. This dream can highlight a fear of confrontation or the consequences of your actions. It may also bring to light hidden insecurities or feelings of inadequacy. At other times, such a dream may imply a need for clarity or resolution in your ongoing relationships. Acknowledging these feelings and addressing them in your waking life can lead to a more peaceful mental state.

Dreaming of an Old Lover

Dreaming of an old lover often signals an unresolved issue or a longing for the past. It does not necessarily mean that you want to rekindle that old relationship. Instead, this dream might express a desire to recapture the feelings associated with that stage of your life, or it could point to an unsolved problem from that era. In some cases, an old lover can symbolize personal aspects that you have neglected or forgotten over time. Ultimately, such dreams invite introspection and self-examination.

Dream Of Ex Lover Returning

Having dreams about an ex-lover returning may indicate a fear of moving forward or a clinging to past relationships. It might suggest that you are unconsciously comparing your current partner with your ex, which could be preventing you from fully investing in your current relationship. Alternatively, such a dream could also signify the return of a habit, situation, or dilemma that you associate with your ex. Reflecting on these dreams can help you identify any unresolved feelings and promote personal growth.

Dream Of Rejection by Lover

Dreaming about rejection by a lover usually stems from deep-seated fears and insecurities about one’s worthiness of love and affection. These dreams can be triggered by past experiences of rejection, be it a break-up, a clash with a loved one, or an unrequited love. It’s an expression of fear of not being accepted, loved, or appreciated. It serves as a reminder to work on self-love and assurance. It’s crucial to take these dreams as an opportunity to heal and overcome personal insecurities.

Dreaming About a Lover You Never Met

Dreaming about a lover you never met can be quite intriguing and confusing. Such dreams could reflect an idealized version of love that one yearns for subconsciously. It’s your mind’s way of exploring the concept of love and relationships outside your routine life. It could also mean that you are ready for a new relationship. However, it’s important to remember that dreams are highly subjective and one should not base their life decisions strictly on them.

Dreams of Ex Lovers Meanings

Dreaming about an ex-lover can be emotionally distressing, especially if they were a significant part in one’s life. These dreams often signify unresolved issues, lingering feelings, or a need for closure related to that relationship. Sometimes, it could also be a manifestation of the qualities that you cherished in your ex which may be absent in your current relationship. Thus, they offer valuable insights to improve or better understand your current or future relationships.

Dream of Lover Dying

Dreaming about your lover dying can be understandably distressing, but it’s crucial to note that dreams rarely depict literal situations. This dream generally symbolizes that something is changing or dying in your relationship. It can indicate feelings of insecurity, fear of losing your partner, or significant changes in their behavior or relation dynamics. It’s a sign that you need to communicate and reassess with your partner to maintain a healthy relationship.

Dreaming of a Lover You Don’t Know

Dreaming about an unknown lover is more about the self than about a stranger. This dream might be pointing out some aspects of yourself that need attention. Alternatively, this mysterious lover can be the embodiment of all the qualities you seek in a partner. Just as with other types of dreams about lovers, these dreams are a window into your subconscious mind, shedding light on your desires, expectations, and fears in love and relationships.

Spiritual Meaning of Dreaming About Your Lover

Spiritually, dreaming about your lover can be potent and carry unique interpretations. Some spiritualists believe that such dreams serve as a precursor to significant events or transitions in your relationship. They are seen as divine signs indicating growth, pulling of spiritual cords, or as warnings. Hence, it’s important to pay attention to the details of these dreams as they can help guide your behaviors and choices in the relationship.

Telepathic Dreams Between Lovers

Telepathic dreams occur when two people, who have some form of prior connection, share the same dream. The nature of that prior connection can vary: it might be a close friendship, a romantic relationship, or even shared trauma.

A collective unconscious, an archetypal force of nature that binds one soul to another. That’s exactly what happens when two people are inseparably connected by love. Sentimental stories about unbreakable bonds and inter-personality fusion aren’t some flights of fancy — they’re real, and continuously happening in the world around us.


When you dream of a lover, it may mean that your subconscious is telling you that you need to reaffirm your love for someone. It could also be a sign that you are feeling neglected or underappreciated.

Maybe it’s time to reveal your true feelings to the person in your life who will appreciate them more than anyone else. When you wake up, take some time to consider what your dreams could have been telling you and how they relate to yourself and others.