The Meaning and Interpretation of Dreams About Grandma

Written By Jamie Young

One of the most common dreams is that of our grandma. In dreams, we tend to see our grandma as a source of stability, support, and comfort. Of course, it’s rare that we have a conscious relationship with them in waking life in the same way. So what does grandma mean in a dream?

What Does Grandma Mean in a Dream

Dreaming of your grandma can mean that you are in need of an older woman’s advice or insight into a situation. It can also be an indication of your feelings of guilt or regret over not being in touch with them as often as you’d like. It could also suggest your longing for a more stable and structured part of your life, like the solid upbringing that your grandma provided.

Dream About Grandma Dying

Dreaming of grandma dying might symbolize the end of an era in your life. At some point, you had to leave your home and break away from the family. It’s a symbol for the ending of something and the beginning of something new. Maybe you will explore or travel to another city for your career goals.

Dream My Grandma Died

Dreaming about your grandma’s death is rarely a good sign. Death dreams are usually warnings from our subconscious, which we often take the wrong way — and some argue that they have no real meaning at all. It could mean that there is something troubling you in real life, or it may indicate a long-term concern about your health.

Dream of Grandma Crying

When you’re dreaming about your grandma crying, it symbolizes sadness, loneliness, and some sort of loss. It may mean that your relationships are unstable or that you are having a hard time coping with life’s challenges. This dream can also symbolize the desire to feel close to someone or be comforted by someone in your waking life.

Dream About Dead Grandma

When you’re dreaming about dead grandma, it can mean that you’re subconsciously addressing that person’s importance in your life — perhaps you’ve been thinking about him or her recently and are trying to move on. This dream may be distressing and you might be subconsciously blaming yourself for their death. You need to stop blaming yourself, always think that even though she’s gone for good, she will always be in your heart and part of your life.

Dream of Grandma Falling

If you’re dreaming about grandma falling represents a feeling of anxiety or concern. This dream can indicate that you are feeling overwhelmed by current circumstances, perhaps feeling like you are on top of the world with all your achievements, but then suddenly losing it all after slipping and falling from a high tower.

Dream of Grandma Passing Away

Dreaming of grandma passing away is an omen that foretells bad luck and misfortune. It symbolizes the loss of a loved one or an impending feeling of loss. Your subconscious may be trying to draw your attention to the precariousness of the situation — something important to you might be fading away or dying, and you should recognize this and act on it.


Dreaming of your grandma generally means that you are in need of her advice or insight into a situation, or long for a more stable and structured part of your life.