The Meaning and Interpretation of Husband Dreams

Written By Jamie Young

Dreaming about your husband is one of the most common dreams for women. Is it a sign about your relationship? Do you dream about your husband because you’re worried about your love life? Or is it a way for you to work out your feelings about other things in your life? In this article we are giving answers to all your questions.


What Does It Mean When You Dream About Your Husband

Dreaming about your husband highlights your emotional investment in the relationship and your personal thoughts about him. In dreams, husbands represent the male or masculine part of your personality. If you dream about your husband, you’ll explore how this archetype manifests in your life. It can also be a sign of things to come or of your feelings and emotions at the present moment.


Dream of Husband Dying

Dreaming of your husband dying may represent your fears that the relationship is not healthy or that you feel it is in jeopardy. This can also reflect a real-life concern over the health of an actual spouse or partner. Your subconscious mind may be trying to give you a warning about the future of the relationship or a sign that you need to deal with some unresolved problems in your marriage.

Dreaming My Dead Husband Is Alive

Dreaming that a dead husband is alive can be a symptom of a loved one’s death. In dreams, it is common to feel as if you’ve gone back in time and have the chance to change the past. So, if you are dreaming about a dead husband being alive again, you may feel that he could still be saved.

Dreams About Cheating on My Husband

If you’re dreaming about cheating on your husband, then it may be a sign that you need to have some sort of conversation about the relationship. It could be a conversation about something big, or just something small like what time you’re supposed to meet for dinner. Talking about the things that matter and bring you together will keep your relationship strong.

Dreams Husband Cheating

If you’re dreaming about your husband cheating on you, it is likely that some sort of problem lies ahead in your relationship. Perhaps it is time for the two of you to have a serious talk about communicating better or to take a step back from your busy lives and focus on each other.

Dream of Making Love With Husband

When you dream about making love with your husband, you may be disappointed in his lack of sexual initiative. Although no one can stop a man from thinking about sex, and it’s probably just a subconscious response to physical attraction, if he has not initiated sex, it could be that you have been putting out signals that say: “Not now. Not tonight.” Also, consider the possibility that he did initiate sex, but you turned him down.

Dream of Husband Leaving Me

Dreaming about your husband leaving you can mean that maybe something is lacking in your relationship. It could be that there is a lack of connection and intimacy. Alternatively, the dream could mean that you are trying to find a way to move on with your life if there is something missing in your relationship. Dreams about a husband leaving can also mean that you are disillusioned with your current situation and wish things could be different.

Dream Interpretation Husband With Another Woman

When you dream about a husband with another woman, it can be an indication that you are feeling insecure in your marriage. Perhaps you are worried that your husband might stray or are projecting these fears onto him. Although this dream doesn’t necessarily mean that your husband is cheating on you, it does indicate that something is causing stress between the two of you.

Dream of Dead Husband Kissing Me

When you dream about a dead husband kissing you, it’s a symbol of a new beginning or possible career changes. In these types of dreams, the dead husband is the past while you are the present and the future. Most often, the dreamer feels good about the situation. The dead husband may be trying to tell you that he is happy and at peace with his death.

Dreaming of Dead Husband Coming Back to Life

If you dream that your dead husband comes back to life, it means your subconscious is particularly distraught about the death of your partner. You may be worried that you have not yet dealt with the death directly, and your mind is dealing with the anxiety by presenting it symbolically. The dream may also be a message from your unconscious mind to remind you of an important lesson or aspect of your relationship that you need to remember.

Dreaming of Dead Husband in Bed

Dreaming about your deceased husband in your bed symbolizes his return, a reconciliation or an opportunity to mend fences. In other words, this is a sign of hope and happiness. It suggests that both of you are ready to fix what’s been giving you stress on your marriage. This dream is actually a good omen.

Dream of Dead Husband Leaving Me

Dreaming about your dead husband leaving you can mean that you may be afraid of losing the relationship or your significant other, or you may feel guilty about choosing to leave the relationship yourself. This dream also could be suggesting that you need to move forward with something in your life and stop hanging on to the past.

Dream Husband Died

If you dream that your husband has died, you are afraid of losing him. You feel like you can’t live without him and you want to be 100% sure that he is faithful to you. Maybe you even suspect that he has something to hide, so you are on alert. Maybe the dream means that your life is empty and lost?

Dreaming of My Deceased Husband With Another Woman

Dreaming about your deceased husband with another woman can mean you need more space in your relationship, or are feeling the need to move on. This dream could also point to communication problems in your relationships. The situation you’re dreaming about might be a reflection of a problem that is occurring in your waking life.

Dream About Husband Leaving Me for Another Woman

When you dream of a husband leaving you for another woman, it could mean that you are feeling vulnerable in your current relationship and are afraid of losing the love and security that you have with your husband. This could stem from feelings of inadequacy or anxiety around how much you love your significant other. You might be anxious about the future of your marriage and feel afraid that you’ll lose him.

Husband Dreaming of Another Woman

When you dream of your husband dreaming of another woman, it means that he is seeing someone. In this case, one of you is cheating or feeling like they’re cheating on the other. If you’re the one with these dreams, it could mean that you’re thinking about adultery, or if you’re married and your husband’s having these dreams, then he may be trying to hide something from you.

Dreams About Not Being Able to Find My Husband

If you’re dreaming about not being able to find your husband, the dream symbolizes separation anxiety. You or your husband are feeling this way because you both need to communicate more — not necessarily with each other, but with others. By opening up and communicating with others, you’re also helping yourself to feel better.

Dream My Husband Got Another Woman Pregnant

When you dream about your husband getting another woman pregnant, it can be a reflection of your own fears. It’s likely pointing to some idea of failure you have. In this case, the notion is that you aren’t fulfilling your husband’s needs and he has turned elsewhere for fulfillment. It can also be telling you that it’s possible he’s cheating on you and he’s been hiding it from you.

Had a Dream My Husband Wants to Leave Me

When you dream that your husband wants to leave you, it means you are afraid of losing him. This can mean that subconsciously you are worried that your husband is attracted to another woman or there is some other woman who could take your husband away from you. It can also be that you feel that you lack intimacy and communication with the man in your life.

Dream About Husband Flirting With Another Woman

When you’re in a dream and your husband is flirting with other women, it means that you’re insecure about your relationship. You have some trust issues and you don’t feel like he’s committed enough to you. This dream can also be the result of guilt through cheating or a feeling that your relationship is not as strong as it should be. You need to work on yourself and the relationships around you to feel more secure.

Dreams of Husband Cheating While Pregnant

Dreaming about your husband cheating on you while you’re pregnant is thought to be a pretty good indicator that you’re going to get cheated on in the near future. The dream is often a manifestation of your fears, told in the language of dreams. Maybe you’re worried that your partner won’t treat you like they used to, or you feel like they are getting bored with the relationship.

I Had a Dream My Husband Slept With My Mom

When you dream of your husband sleeping with your mother, it means that your relationship is in a time of turmoil. You are likely unhappy with the way things are right now, and you’re looking for someone else to blame — which leads you to accusing your husband of harming one of the people closest to you. Your mother may be a symbol of the past, which is influencing your current state of mind and relationship.

Dreaming of My Husband Coming Back

Dreaming about your husband coming back to you is a sign that you are enduringly filled with hope. It means that no matter how hard your situation is, you have the inner strength and resilience to pick yourself up again and again. You see, dreams are only as powerful as we allow them to be, but when you believe in the power of your own will, they can become fuel for positive change.

Dream of Woman Flirting With My Husband

When you dream about a woman flirting with your husband, it likely suggests that you are aware of the fact that he is not being honest with you and that he is interested in having an extra-marital affair. It can also be a reflection of your own frustrations and insecurities arising from intimate relationships.

Husband Wife Fighting Dream Meaning

Dreams about a husband and a wife fighting can represent a fear of the unknown. When we lack knowledge — when we don’t know what to expect or what to do next — we can become fearful. A dream like that might be an indication that some important decisions are coming up, so we should try our best to pay attention.

Dream of Deceased Husband Smiling

When you dream about your deceased husband smiling, it means that they are sending you good feelings and reassurance. It is a sign that your deceased husband is still with you in your heart, and their soul is at peace. It can also  mean that he is trying to tell you that it’s time for you to move on with your life. Perhaps he was hoping that you would be happy again.

Dream About Husband Sleeping With a Man

If you’re dreaming about your husband sleeping with a man, it can be a dream of sexual desire, or it can represent a worry that your husband is not attracted to you anymore. This can signal that you are feeling emotionally neglected or worried about your husband’s interest in you. It could also represent a fear of emotional infidelity — in other words, you’re worried that you won’t be enough for your partner. 

Dreaming My Husband Is Gay

When you dream about your husband being gay, it can represent some kind of unease in the relationship, a feeling that something is off-kilter. Perhaps you’re feeling insecure or doubting yourself in some way — so much so that your mind projects a fear of infidelity onto your husband in a subconscious effort to help you make sense of your feelings.

Dream My Husband Divorcing Me

If you’re dreaming about your husband divorcing you, you may sense that a separation is inevitable. You might be feeling overwhelmed by the magnitude of the changes ahead of you. In dreams, divorce is often symbolic of a loss of the familiar, and an end to the status quo.It could also signify sadness and possible distress.

Dream of Separation From Husband

When you dream about  a separation from your husband, it symbolizes that there is some sort of distance between the two of you. You may be feeling neglected or shunned in real life. You should discuss with your husband to see if there have been any issues between the two of you.

Dream of Dead Husband With Another Woman

When you dream about a dead husband and another woman, it means that you are worried about the stability of your current relationship. You feel insecure about your partner’s occupation, or lack thereof. It is possible that you are feeling neglected as well. You may feel as if you’re being threatened or even betrayed. This is your subconscious mind’s way of helping you confront your feelings in order to make sense of them.

Dream About Husband Doing Drugs

If you’re dreaming about your husband doing drugs, there’s a good chance your subconscious mind is working against your conscious desires. Maybe you’re scared that he’ll get addicted to it or get caught by the police. You may also be concerned about the health effects associated with drug use, particularly if the substance was illegal.

Dream About My Husband Going to Jail

Dreaming about a husband going to jail can be a sign that you are anxious about current life circumstances; perhaps there’s something in your waking life that is causing you stress. However, a husband going to jail symbolizes dissatisfaction and anger with someone in your life. The dream may be telling you that the relationship is unhealthy and you need to work on it. 

Had a Dream My Husband Was Pregnant

When you have a dream about your husband being pregnant, it is often said to be an indication of some concern you might have about the relationship. It can mean that there is something weighing on your mind, making you feel worried and anxious. A pregnant husband in your dreams can also bring with it feelings of uncertainty and instability in your real relationship.

Dream of Husband Crying

Dreaming about your husband crying means that you are experiencing some form of emotional pain and that your sadness is affecting your relationship with him. Are you holding back tears because of a disagreement with him or are you worried about his safety and well-being? Either way, if the issue is not resolved, you might start feeling separation anxiety.

Seeing Your Husband Second Marriage in Dream

Dreaming of seeing your husband at his second wedding is a sign of serious trouble in your marriage. It can be taken to mean that there are external influences seeking to destroy your relationship. This dream is also a sign of sorrow. You will be very unhappy in your married life, and your husband also seems to feel that he has made a mistake in marrying you.

Husband Beating Wife Dream Interpretation

Dreaming about a husband beating his wife is a symbol of your unconscious mind being in a state where you are being pushed and challenged. This dream may manifest if you are in an environment where there is harassment or abuse and you are unable to see another way out.

Dream of My Husband Vomiting

Dreaming about your husband vomiting means that you are looking for attention and require someone who will show his affection more openly. It’s also possible that you’ve experienced some sort of emotional trauma recently. It can also mean that you are feeling sick and tired of your spouse. The dream can also mean that you feel like your spouse does not appreciate you or treats you unfairly.

Dream of Arguing With Dead Husband

If you’re having dreams about arguing with your dead husband, you’re mourning his passing. You might feel angry for not noticing that he wasn’t doing well or for not being able to take care of him. You can mourn the loss of your loved one in your dreams and know that it’s OK to let yourself be sad about it.

Dream of Husband Ignoring Me

When you dream of your husband ignoring you, it can be a sign that you are upset with him over something. Perhaps the two of you have been fighting or he has been preoccupied with other things. Either way, this dream may signal a silent issue in your relationship that needs to be addressed.

Dream of My Husband Having a Baby With Another Woman

When you dream about your husband having a baby with another woman, it means that you’re struggling with an aspect of your marriage. You might be feeling emotionally disconnected from your spouse, but you don’t want to confront the problem. Maybe you’re upset that he isn’t providing for you the way you’d like or maybe he thinks he needs more freedom and doesn’t feel like being tied down.

Dream That My Husband Died in a Car Accident

If you’re dreaming that your husband has died in a car accident, this may symbolize that you feel like his actions or behavior is becoming reckless and dangerous. It might also be that you’re worried about his safety. Is there a situation in your relationship that’s causing this feeling? It can also be possibly worried that he is moving on and leaving you behind.

Mad at Husband in Dream

When you dream about being mad at your husband, it means that there are underlying problems in your relationship and you are worried about their future or how they affect you, especially in regard to children. It might be worthwhile to discuss your continued concerns with your husband, as a way of re-establishing communication and developing a deeper emotional connection.

Dream of Dead Husband Making Love to Me

If you dream about making love with your dead husband, it’s a sign that you miss him and long for your marriage to be as passionate as it used to be. It’s also a message from your heart that you’ve been holding onto your grief too tightly, and it’s time to let go of mourning and start looking forward.

Dream My Husband Had a Baby With Someone Else

Dreaming about your husband having a baby with someone else, the dream could be telling you that you are worried that the two of you aren’t on the same page when it comes to having children. It could also signify that you are jealous of other women and wondering if your husband finds others more attractive than you.

Dream My Husband Had a Second Wife

When you dream about your husband having a second wife, it may mean that you have deep fears and anxieties about not being as good as, or not measuring up to someone else in his life. It could also suggest that you’re worried about getting lost in the shadow of another woman in your husband’s life. You might feel jealous about the attention of others, or fear that your husband is straying or cheating on you.

Dream Meaning Husband Cheating With a Man

When you dream about your husband cheating on you with a man, it is a sign that you are feeling displaced and left out of your relationship. This may be something superficial—a way to get attention and feel like your needs are being met—or because of something more serious, such as feeling inferior to your partner.

Breastfeeding Husband in Dream Meaning

When you dream about breastfeeding your husband it implies that your husband wants to be dependent on you, and you don’t need to feel satisfied that someone can be taken care of. In dreaming about this, you may find yourself resenting your husband for treating you like his mother rather than his wife. This is a clue that subconsciously you are not feeling validated enough in the relationship.

Dream of Dead Husband Talking to Me

When you dream about your dead husband talking to you, it means that your husband wants you to let him go. You should stop expecting his return and take steps towards moving on. It can also be a sign that you are still in love with him, and maybe secretly hoping that he will come back.

Seeing Husband Injured in Dream

Dreaming about seeing your husband injured could mean you’re feeling vulnerable and exposed in your relationship. You might be dealing with feelings of insecurity, or you might be worried that your partner is cheating on you. The dream indicates that there is a growing rift in your relationship — something is giving you cause for concern.

Dream of Husband Yelling at Me

When you dream about your husband yelling at you, it symbolizes your anxiety about being disrespected or receiving a lack of appreciation from your husband. Alternatively, the dream could represent your desire to be more assertive with your husband. To ensure the overall health of the relationship, you may want to consider working on finding common ground and communicating more effectively.

Dream of Being Killed by Husband

Dreaming about being killed by your husband symbolizes a deep conflict in your life, or a part of your psyche that you are either denying or repressing. Perhaps you have feelings for someone other than your husband, or your feelings about marriage itself are unclear to you. Your husband here could represent a friend or close member of your family, as well as a father figure. Alternatively, this dream can highlight an imbalance in the responsibilities of your relationship.

Dreams of Husband Being Unfaithful

When you dream about your husband being unfaithful, you may be experiencing a situation in your marriage where you doubt his loyalty. This may not be immediately apparent in your relationship, but somewhere deep down inside, you have a gut feeling that something isn’t right. This dream can also suggest that you aren’t being treated well by your husband and that you want to put an end to this treatment.

Dream and Corpse Husband

When you see the corpse of your husband in your dream, it is a warning from your psyche that one of your loved ones is at risk of losing his or her life. It’s best to be conscious of the loved ones around you and pay attention to the warning signs of a health crisis in them.

Dream of Husband Being Killed

When you dream about your husband being killed, it means that you are having anxiety about your relationship. You may have doubts over whether he is the right man for you to build a future with, or whether he truly loves you. Alternatively, this nightmare can be caused by other emotional problems. Your subconscious mind may be lashing out because of unresolved childhood trauma or issues with family members.

Dream of Being Left Behind by Husband

If you’re dreaming about being left by your husband, it may represent your fears about abandonment, or it may just be a way for your subconscious mind to provide you with insight into current conflicts in your relationship. It also could indicate anxiety about a situation at home affecting your marriage.

Dream Ex Husband Died

Dreaming that your ex husband died could be a sign of relief because you feel like they’re “out of the picture” and no longer a threat in any way to your current relationship. It can also be symbolic of the fact that you’ve moved on from them completely, and aren’t even referring to them at all anymore.

Dream About Husband Being Sick

When you dream about your husband being sick, it is a sign that you’re worried about his health. You should take the necessary precautions and make sure that his health is not compromised in any way. It can also be a way of your subconscious telling you that it does not like something about your husband or that there is a problem between you. You should try and solve these problems to avoid them from hampering your relationship.

Dream of Riding in Car With Deceased Husband

If you dream of riding in a car with your deceased husband, it means that he is a part of your life, even if he isn’t physically present. You miss him and will see him again someday. You are still attached to your husband through love and that his spirit lingers in your life.

Angry Husband in Dream Meaning

An angry husband in a dream represents your fear of the future. Dreaming about an angry husband means that you have unresolved issues between you and your husband. It can also be that you are struggling with negative emotions that are affecting your relationship. Battling these emotions head-on will help remove the stress and negativity from your marriage.

Wife Killing Husband Dream Meaning

When you dream about a wife  killing her husband, she feels that there may be something missing in her life. She may be feeling frustrated with her love life, with the relationship or with herself. This  dream could mean there is some anger or resentment towards the man. The dream could also mean that the woman is having trouble letting go of something in her past.

Dream My Husband Beat Me Up

When you dream about your husband beating you, it can be a sign that they are feeling intimidated, powerless or threatened. It might also indicate feelings of anxiety and tension in your daily life. Perhaps you have been arguing or fighting with this person in your waking life, and you feel angry because of them. It may also be that something in your waking life has frustrated or upset you, but you are suppressing this anger and don’t feel comfortable showing it to others.

Dream About Husband Falling in Love With Someone Else

Dreaming about your husband falling in love with someone else can represent your unconscious fears or real and present objections to the course of your relationship. A dream about this kind of situation always has a heavy emotional charge attached to it and is usually quite vivid, which means that most people remember their dreams upon waking up.

Dreaming of Being Abandoned by Husband

If you’re dreaming about being abandoned by your husband, it’s not good. You may be worried that your husband is cheating on you or you may be feeling like he’s neglecting you. You should make sure you talk to him and resolve the issue before it becomes a bigger problem.

Dreams of Husband Leaving Me While Pregnant

Dreaming that your husband is leaving you while you’re pregnant is a symbol of conflict in the relationship. The fact that you are pregnant suggests that the nature of the conflict is rooted in an emotional, rather than material or professional, sphere. Your subconscious mind may be reflecting on how your life will change when you have a baby. An important relationship dynamic that needs work is something critical to both parties.

Dream of Husband Having a Heart Attack

Dreaming about your husband having a heart attack symbolizes that you are concerned with him. Perhaps your relationship is not on the right track and you have been fighting more than usual. There is trouble in paradise, or perhaps you have been worrying about his health. It could also be your subconscious telling you that there is a problem between the two of you.

Dreaming of My Husband Coming Home

Dreaming of your husband coming home indicates a sense of inner peace. You feel assured that everything is going to be alright, and there is no need for you to worry. This dream can be an indication that you want the marriage to improve the situation and in need of some reassurance.

Dream Husband Trying to Kill Me

When you dream about your husband trying to kill you, it’s usually a sign of your subconscious giving you an opportunity to work through issues in your relationship with him. It’s likely that you’re feeling some sense of danger in the relationship — and that he often feels misunderstood. All of these changes take the same amount of time and effort to make.

Dream Interpretation Kissing Your Husband

When you dream about kissing your husband, it is an indication that something of great importance is within your grasp. This dream indicates a positive feeling of love and affection for your husband, a hope for a bright future together filled with trust and harmony. It also denotes the power of positive thinking as well as the ability to make dreams come true.

Dream of Deceased Husband Wanting Divorce

If you’re dreaming about your deceased husband wanting a divorce, it likely means that you have been holding onto the past. It’s time to disassociate yourself from those old memories and focus on making new ones. Your deceased husband used your dream to relay his message for you to continue your life even without him.

Seeing Husband Accident in Dream

When you dream of seeing your husband’s accident, it is an indication that you are harboring ill feelings towards him. You may have trouble finding the best way to express your anger and disapproval. It might be a sign also that something is amiss in your relationship. You are feeling left out of your husband’s life, or that you’re worried about him and his health.

Dream My Husband Killed Someone

When you dream about your husband killing someone, it suggests that you may not feel entirely safe in your marriage. You may have concerns about the stability of your relationship and wonder if there are latent problems that could come to light. Or you may be concerned that he is cheating on you or having an affair with someone else.

Dream That My Husband Was Murdered

When you dream about your husband being murdered, it means that your emotions are overwhelming you. You are feeling vulnerable and powerless. You feel betrayed or angry at your husband possibly because he has done something to hurt you. Of course, this dream is also loaded with symbolism and personal feelings that stem from your own life.


The word ‘husband’ comes from the Old English ‘hūsbonda’, which means household leader. In dreams, husbands represent the male or masculine part of your personality.