The Meaning and Interpretation of Dreams About Suicide

Written By Jamie Young

What does dreaming of committing suicide mean? Is this a warning or an indication that someone has serious issues? Suicide is a complex psychological issue that affects many people and their families. In dreams, dreaming about suicide may mean an underlying issue in your waking life. Understand the meaning behind these dreams about suicide in this article and its connection to our waking life.

What Does Dreaming About Suicide Mean

Dreaming about suicide may be a way for your subconscious to express feelings you’re not aware of or ‘unfinished business’ that needs to be dealt with. It’s a reflection of your subconscious thoughts. It could be a warning to take action to avoid making a mistake or action that can lead to a big problem. It might also be a way for your subconscious mind to alert you to the fact that this person is not good for you. 

Dream About Someone Committing Suicide

Dreaming about someone committing suicide is thought to represent feelings of deep despair that you are harboring. You may feel as though the situation is beyond hope and there is no way out. This may be a reflection of your feelings about your current work or personal situation. Feelings of failure, ignorance, or powerlessness in your waking life can also be reflected in this dream, bringing to the surface suppressed emotions.

Dream About The Suicide of a Loved One

If you’re dreaming of the suicide of a loved one means that there is an overwhelming sense of uncertainty and fear in your life, especially if it happens repeatedly. However, it might mean that you are trying to understand the feelings of someone you care about or the feelings they may be having.

Dreams About Committing Suicide

Dreaming about suicide may be a reflection of a deep sense of loneliness and isolation. It is often a dream that is caused by self-hatred. It’s a way to punish yourself for your perceived imperfections and mistakes. The best way to avoid this type of dream is by strengthening your confidence in yourself, from the inside out. Acceptance and forgiveness of past mistakes can be a big step in healing yourself and getting better.

Dreams About Suicide and Self Harm

If you are dreaming about suicide and self-harm, this implies that you feel worthless and helpless. It might also suggest that your body is aching to be let free from some burden weighing it down. You may feel forced to make drastic changes in your life and decisions. This dream strongly reflects a desire to escape the present, whether it’s to escape pain or simply to take a break.

Dreams About Friend Suicide

Dreaming about a friend’s suicide means that your subconscious is warning you to be careful of your friend’s behavior. The dream could also be a way for your subconscious to express its frustration — particularly if you have tried talking to your friend about their problems but have been denied a response. It signifies that you need to start looking for other options. You’re feeling like you’ll never find what you’re looking for. 

Dream of Mass Suicide

If you’re dreaming of a mass suicide it represents feelings of being overwhelmed or hopeless. The risk of losing control over your life is a very real fear when anxiety, stress, and depression are present. You may be nervous about something, or feel that you’re about to fall apart.  It might simply be a way for your subconscious to express feelings that are buried in your conscious. But no matter how hard you try to ignore them, they will continue to creep back into your waking life.

Seeing Someone Commit Suicide in a Dream Meaning

If you’re dreaming of seeing someone commit suicide symbolizes a sense of removal or separation. They could be feeling emotionally distant from someone else, like a close friend or relative. Or, they may be getting ready to remove themselves from a situation or relationship and are preparing to do so.


Dreaming about suicide could hint at your subconscious desires. It could be a reflection of your unconscious thoughts or a warning that you are facing problems that can lead to a big problem.