The Meaning and Interpretation of Dreams About Spiders

Written By Jamie Young

Spider dreams are often associated with our fears and the subconscious. They can represent fear of something, or someone, that we cannot control, as well as a feeling of being trapped. They often show up in dreams as an omen of some kind, and they can also represent spiritual growth and illumination.

These meanings can vary depending on context and interpretation. However, there is no one way to interpret a spider dream: only you know what it means for you. Read on to learn more about Spider dreams and what they mean for you.

When You Dream of Spiders What Does It Mean?

A spider in a dream can represent many different things, depending on the context and interpretation. It can mean we fear something we cannot control, or that we feel trapped. It often shows up in dreams as an omen of some kind, with variations in meaning depending on the interpretation.

Spider dreams are notoriously difficult to interpret because they are often coupled with our own personal fears and the subconscious. They are usually seen as harbingers of bad news, but they can also be interpreted differently based on different contexts—it all depends on how you see them.

This post explores nine possible meanings for spider dreams depending on their context in your life. Read on to learn more about what spiders in your dreams might mean for you!


Giant spider dream meaning

When you dream of a giant spider it signifies that you are taking on too much. The spider is an animal that works hard for its food, and your dreams may be telling you to slow down. One dream you might have of a giant spider is a reminder of your own physical imperfections. In the dream, the spider may be approaching you, or it may simply be watching you. Your subconscious is telling you that you aren’t as beautiful as you think, and it’s trying to make this fact apparent to your conscious mind.

Dreaming of lots of spiders

When you dream of lots of spiders, it can suggest that you are feeling uneasy about any situation and are slightly anxious about what is going on around you. In a dream, if many spiders chase you then it denotes the wickedness of your enemies and the harm they cause to you. They are hostile towards you, so adopt a wise approach towards them that would reduce the intensity of their malice.

Dream of spider bite

When you dream of a spider bite, it is not a good omen. It can mean that there will be important discussions regarding something that you do not want to talk about. The dreamer may be trying to run away from the problems in his waking life and entering a fantasy world. Alternatively, the dreamer may simply want to experience something new in life and change his routine.

Dreaming of spider webs

Spider webs in dreams mean that someone is trying to create a problem for you, or wants to trap you in the situation. It can point out at the negative people in your life or the difficulties that are surrounding you. Spider webs might also be a reflection of something big and bad that happened to you recently. It can also represent your fear of spiders, which is a defense mechanism where you’re afraid of anything that’s dangerous because it can hurt you.

Dream about killing spiders

When we dream of killing spiders, it means that in our lives we will encounter many troubles and difficulties. It may also be a sign that you are feeling victimised by others. When we kill a spider in a dream, it means that we have the ability to overcome obstacles that face us and achieve success.

Black spider dream meaning

A black spider usually symbolizes the beginning of some major new phase in your life. The black spider is the most common dream symbol with its many legs, indicating progress and movement. It can also be a warning that you are about to make a huge change to your life. It often means that you need to keep an open mind and think outside the box.

White spider dream meaning

Dreaming of a white spider can be considered a warning. A white spider could be a symbol for something negative in your life that you’ve been ignoring. For example, someone in your life might be gossiping about you, or you put on weight but haven’t been exercising. The message is for you to take action before the damage becomes too great.

Dreams about spiders crawling on you

Dreaming of a spider crawling on you means that you are currently experiencing some sort of negativity in your life. It could be an event or a period of time, such as a long class or a day at work, but it is slowly and steadily weakening you. No matter how long the dream takes place, it will end with the spider getting killed by something else, such as a bug zapper or a larger spider.

Dreaming of Spiders in Bed

Dreaming of spiders in bed suggests feelings of discomfort, fear, or disgust in your current situation. The bed often represents your personal and private life, and a spider perceived as an unwanted guest might indicate worries, intrusions, or harmful influences that have surfaced. The spiders could symbolize females or a feminine aspect in your life, relationships, or creativity depending on the dreamer’s personal experience with spiders. Overall this dream is a sign to closely examine your relationships, emotions, and situations in your waking life.

Dreams About Big Spiders

Dreaming about big spiders can hold various meanings depending on the context. Generally, it symbolizes powerful female energies around the dreamer or within the dreamer’s self. It could be pointing towards a dominating person in your life or your own assertiveness. Big spiders in dreams might also suggest fear, deception, manipulation or feeling of being entangled in a complicated situation. On a positive note, since spiders are master weavers, dreaming about big spiders can indicate the incredible potential for creativity and productivity you possess.

Seeing Spiders in Dreams

Seeing spiders in your dreams has several potential meanings. Generally, spiders symbolize patience due to their hunting technique of setting webs and waiting for their prey. In this context, seeing a spider may imply you need to have patience in your life or with certain situations. Spiders are also related to feelings of entrapment or manipulation, suggesting you might be feeling stuck or manipulated in some area of your waking life. Due to the spiders’ creative ability to weave intricate webs, they can be seen as a symbol of creativity and hard work. It may signify that the dreamer is industrious and capable of achieving success through their own hard work.

Dream About Spiders Attacking You

Dreaming about spiders attacking you can indicate that you are feeling threatened or overwhelmed by some external forces or challenges in your waking life. It might signify that you are struggling with feelings of entrapment, anxiety, or fear. These dreams can also represent conflicts with feminine power such as problems with a female authority, mother figures, or romantic partners. It is a symbolic reminder of a situation or a relationship that’s not healthy for you. It may also denote internal issues that you’re grappling with, suggesting you look within to understand what part of your personal experiences might be triggering such dreams. This dream serves as a signal that it is time to confront and resolve those issues.

Brown Spider Dream Meaning

Dreaming about brown spiders can have multiple interpretations, largely hinging upon how the dreamer feels about spiders on a personal level. Generally speaking, brown spiders can symbolize earthy qualities, nurturing spirits, or feelings of security, just like some of the attributes tied to their brown color. Alternatively, they might represent some negative aspects like deception, entanglement or cunningness, indicating you may feel deceived or entrapped in your waking life. It can also suggest some negative influences or toxic relationships. Sometimes, dreaming about brown spiders can also denote good luck or fortune coming your way if the dreamer perceives spiders as a positive symbol.

Dream of Spider Bite on Right Hand

When you dream of a spider bite on your right hand, it often speaks to feelings of being violated or encroached upon in your waking life. The right hand traditionally symbolizes the action and authority aspects of oneself. So a spider bite could indicate that your ability to influence situations or assert yourself, is being challenged or threatened. This dream can also signify an issue that needs immediate attention or healing. An alternative interpretation might be that you are about to develop a new skill or capability, as spider venom can metaphorically refer to a transformative power.

Dreams About Snakes and Spiders

If you dream about snakes and spiders, it could indicate fear, anxiety, or unsettling situations in your waking life. Given that both creatures often incite fear and both often symbolize potentially harmful or disruptive situations or people, your subconscious might be signaling perceived threats. Snakes in dreams can also symbolize change or transformation whilst spiders could symbolize creativity and patience; hence these dreams could also suggest a time of great personal growth.

Red Spider Dream Meaning

Dreaming about red spiders often symbolizes feelings of threat or danger. Red, being a vivid color, is typically associated with strong emotions, urgency, or problems requiring immediate attention. When paired with spiders, it could represent a problematic issue or a conflict that you perceive as very threatening and emotionally charged. It may signify that you are entangled in this issue which likely incites extreme emotions like anger or passion. Alternatively, red spiders can symbolize a powerful, passionate, or assertive woman in your life, attributing to the spider’s feminine association.

Dream of a Big Hairy Spider

Dreaming of a big hairy spider bears varied interpretations based upon one’s waking life context and individual feelings towards spiders. The dream could be a harbinger of a big creative project coming your way owing to the spider’s ties to web-weaving and creativity. However, more commonly, the dream may symbolize negativity, fear, or unease. A big hairy spider may amplify feelings of fear or discomfort in face of life challenges, symbolizing a daunting, hairy problem Silently scaryting you. It can symbolize a manipulative person or complicated situations leaving you feeling entangled or suffocated.

Dream About Spiders Jumping On You

If you dream about spiders jumping on you, it often symbolizes sudden shocks or surprises that you might be experiencing or fearing in your waking life. Given that spiders typically symbolise manipulation, feeling trapped or even fear within dreams, the act of them jumping on you may indicate a surprise element within these dynamics. The dream could represent unpredicted changes, alarming you to brace for changes you may not anticipate. Alternatively, it could point towards sudden growth or creativity, as powered by the web-weaver (spider) representing creativity.

Dreaming of Baby Spiders

Dreaming of baby spiders typically represents fresh beginnings, new ideas, or growing creative potential owing to their symbolism of productivity and adeptness. Since these are young spiders, it suggests that these projects or ideas are in the nurturing phase. It may entail accomplishing small tasks that cumulatively work towards greater goals. Alternatively, it may signal a feeling of being overwhelmed or intruded with too many small annoyances or issues in your waking life.

Dream of Spider Webs on Ceiling

When you dream of spider webs on a ceiling, this can mean different things. As webs symbolize hard work and design, this dream could mean that you are reaching towards or brilliant ideas in order to command respect and attain goals. However, spider webs also imply feeling constrained, manipulated or different forms of difficulties in a situation. Therefore, this dream could also signify feeling trapped or overwhelmed by complex things out of your reach or difficult to tackle from your current viewpoint. The ceiling might symbolize limits or boundaries you perceive.

Dream of Spider Chasing Me

When you dream of a spider chasing you, it can represent feeling threatened, trapped, or overwhelmed by daunting situations or difficult relations in your waking life. In dream analysis, spiders are often seen as symbols of manipulative or controlling individuals. Hence, being chased by a spider in a dream might suggest that there’s a dominant or manipulative figure in your waking life causing distress, which you’re actively trying to evade. Alternatively, it can symbolize a part of your own character you’re unconsciously neglecting or running from.

Dream Of Huge Spider

Dreaming of a huge spider holds several potential meanings largely depending on your personal feelings towards spiders. In some interpretations, a large spider could signify your apprehensions or feelings of being overwhelmed by a particular matter or relationship, perhaps an overbearing figure or issue. Simultaneously, given that spiders weave webs, they are often representative of strong creativity, meticulous work, and patience. In this context, a large spider might indicate significant creative energy or a large task you are undertaking. In some cultures, dreaming of a big spider also signifies good luck and prosperity.

Yellow Spider Dream Meaning

Dreaming of yellow spiders can have several meanings, as spiders symbolize patience, creativity, or feelings of entrapment and manipulation, while the color yellow might represent happiness, energy, or caution. On the positive side, a yellow spider could mean a pleasant, creative, and patient aspect of your life. However, it can also symbolize a situation where caution is needed due to deception or entrapment. Moreover, Yellow is traditionally associated with intellect and cerebral activities, hence it could suggest that you’re looking at complex problems and looking to untangle them systematically – like a spider weaving a web.

Dream About Spiders Hanging From the Ceiling

Dreaming about spiders hanging from the ceiling often represents a complex situation or an emotional issue looming over you. As spiders symbolize feelings of manipulation, entrapment, or emotional stress, their presence hanging overhead could obligate you to deal with matters that are evidently infringing upon your mental peace. The ceiling metaphorically conveys something that’s at the upper limit, maybe a tricky pressure point or issue that’s hanging over your head in your waking reality. This could also denote a destructive influence within your personal or professional sphere. Furthermore, metaphorically, the hanging spider might indicate an incomplete task or pending dilemma that demands resolution.

Dreaming of Spider Eggs

Dreaming of spider eggs can bear different interpretations, but they typically symbolize ideas, projects, or certain aspects of self that are waiting to hatch or mature in your waking life. Spider eggs could symbolize potentiality, promise, or forthcoming challenges, analogous to the anticipation that precedes the hatching of the eggs. On another note, spider eggs may also imply smaller problems or negative habits that are on the brink of multiplying if not addressed quickly, mirroring how spider eggs often symbolize fruits of a spider’s reproductive activity

Dream About Spider Infestation

Dreaming about a spider infestation typically symbolizes overwhelming feelings of being trapped, entangled, or overtaken by problematic situations or manipulations in your waking life. The image of an infestation magnifies the negative sensory experience of such dreams, which generally revolve around pervasive fears and anxieties ‘infecting’ or impacting multiple areas of lives. Drawing on the spider’s symbolism, your dream may correlate to unsettling social ties or evokes feelings associated with multiple challenges requiring your attention.

Orange Spider Dream Meaning

Dreaming about orange spiders can signify different things based on cultural interpretations and personal feelings about spiders. Generally, spiders symbolize patience, creativity, and the feeling of being trapped or manipulated. Contrarily, the color orange often symbolizes enthusiasm, fascination, happiness, creativity, and stimulation. So, dreaming about an orange spider could represent these positive feelings conflicted with the manipulation and feeling of entrapment the spiders symbolize. It can suggest you feeling encouraged or creatively stimulated, perhaps entangled, in a situation in your waking life. Alternatively, if you see spiders as positive symbols, it might represent a harmonious blend of patience, creativity, joy, and fascination.

Dream About Large Spider

Dreaming about a large spider can give off different signals depending on onlooker perspectives towards spiders and the dream’s broader context. Broadly, a large spider might metaphorically signify an overbearing or dominant figure or a big, challenging issue causing stress in your waking life. Alternatively, it might correspond to immense creative potential or daunting tasks in your waking life, thanks to associated allusions to web-weaving, creation, and patience. In different cultures, large spiders sometimes symbolize good luck, fortune or wisdom. Therefore, unpicking the meaning of such a dream would mostly warrant a look at one’s background circumstances and feelings during the dream, given the broad spider symbolism ranging from beauty, creation over fear, anxiety to other attributes and different cultural layerings.

Dream About Spiders Crawling on the Wall

Dreaming about spiders crawling on a wall can carry a few different meanings based on how you perceive spiders and your current life context. Generally, spiders symbolize notions such as entrapment and manipulation but are also said to reflect creativity and perseverance. Seeing spiders on a wall might show that you sense some form of these traits existing ‘around’ you in ubiquitous, daily spaces. If the spiders aren’t harmful in the dream, it could suggest that you are quietly observing these attributes unfold before making a move. Conversely, if they cause unease, it could symbolize perceived threats, distresses, or a feeling of being trapped in predictable confines. This dream might highlight subconsciously unacknowledged warnings or insights into your existing circumstances.

Dead Spider in Dream

Dreaming of a dead spider might signify changes, endings, or resolution of problems in your waking life. As spiders often symbolize influencing forces, manipulations, power, or creativity, the picture of a dead spider could denote a fading or eliminated influence or threat, perhaps graceful submission of a controlling entity or relationship. It could mark the end of a challenging period, indicating overcoming fears or problematic controllers. Alternatively, a dead spider bellies symbolic death – of an old way of thinking about aspects culminating feelings of entanglement or manipulation, making way for emotional or circumstantial growth.

Spider Falling From Ceiling Dream Meaning

Dreaming about a spider falling from the ceiling often symbolizes upcoming changes, unexpected situations, or surprising information that you might encounter in your waking life. In dreams, spiders generally represent elements of manipulation, entrapment, or feared situations. When added with the depiction of falling from up high, the dream possibly anticipates a sudden ‘fall’ or ‘malfunctioning’ of such circumstances or a feared aspect getting manifested more instantaneously and directly influencing you compared to when it was ‘hanging’. This dream could be signaling need for quick action or response to unfolding situations.

Dream Of Small Spiders

Dreaming of small spiders can have varied interpretations based upon the dreamer’s personal context and feelings about spiders. A small spider in a dream might indicate minor issues or relationships that entangle or complicate your life but might not necessarily inclusive of an alarming threat. Alternatively, the small spider can be seen as a symbol of early-stage ideas or projects waiting to be implemented, or symbolize patience and the need to focus on many small tasks to achieve a larger goal.

Dreaming About Tarantula Spiders

Dreaming about tarantula spiders often reflects significant fear or irritation about overpowering or complex situations in your waking life. Tarantulas, known for their large size and eerie appearance, are traditionally associated with threat and fear. In dreams, they typically indicate feelings of being manipulated, entangled in unwieldy matters or overwhelmed by commanding influences. If you see some form of this big, hefty spider threatening you in a dream, it could connect to some resilient issue or relationship which you fear in your waking existence, manifesting as the often feared tarantula. However, dreaming about a tarantula could also echo resilience and patience, reflecting its ability to patiently wait and abruptly seize opportunities with its victim.

Dream Of Being Afraid of a Spider

A dream of being afraid of a spider usually reflects feelings of anxiety, alarm or discomfort that you are experiencing in waking life. Spiders in dreams often symbolize a controlling or intimidating person, or manipulative relationship. In this case, the fear of the spider refers to your fear or anxiety related to this person, relationship, or the situation. This dream may be alerting you to confront these fears or issues. Depending on personal circumstances, this could also symbolize fears about feminine complexities in self or others. On a positive note, spiders being arachnids, also signify resilience, tenacity and creativity because they painstakingly weave detailed webs. Therefore, it is equally important to also retrospect about ignored or feared aspects in personal growth and creativity.

Dreaming of Spiders Everywhere

Dreaming of spiders everywhere often indicates feelings of being overwhelmed or entangled in complex situations in your life. This dream could be a reflection of much anxiety or stress, perhaps linked with perceptions of being manipulated or surrounded by tricky matters that are difficult to unfasten yourself from. Alternatively, given spiders may symbolize resourcefulness and creativity, being surrounded by spiders might mirror great creative energy afoot or an impending productive brainstorming session materializing early through the subconscious.

What Do Spiders Symbolize in Dreams

In dreams, spiders often represent a fear that we cannot control. Another interpretation is that spiders symbolizes spiritual growth and illumination, or insight into our own unconscious faculties. In dreams, they may also represent death or change.

Regardless of the specific meaning, the central message is likely to be one of fear or uncertainty. There are many variations of what it means for different people—only you know what it means for you!

Spiritual Meaning of Spiders in Dreams

Spider dreams can mean a number of different things. For example, they may be an indicator of your fear and anxiety, as spiders are often seen as an omen. They may also represent the feeling of being trapped or not having control over something.

However, there is no one way to interpret a spider dream: only you know what it means for you. Spider dreams can be symbols of spiritual growth and illumination, as well as a warning to watch out and prepare for some kind of dangers that lie ahead.

Some dreams about spiders may not have much significance at all: they just show up because you were thinking about them before going to sleep. If this is true, then the meaning of your dream will be more obvious from the context it appears in, such as if other important objects appear in the dream with it.

Biblical Meaning of Spiders in Dreams

When it comes to biblical meanings, there are several interpretations of the appearance of spiders in dreams. The first is that they represent greed and envy. Other interpretations include fear and danger, as well as death. However, these interpretations are not always reliable, as other cultures view spiders differently. For example, some Native American tribes see spiders as helpful spirits that bring protection against evil spirits.

The psychology of a spider dream

A spider is a popular recurring theme in nightmares. Spider dreams are often associated with our fears and the subconscious. They can represent fear of something, or someone, that we cannot control, as well as a feeling of being trapped.

Some of these fears may stem from our nightmares of spiders attacking us, or the fear of being attacked by them in real life. The spider is also representative of malevolent forces within ourselves.

This meaning can vary depending on context and interpretation. However, there is no one way to interpret a spider dream: only you know what it means for you.


Spider dreams are often there to show us that our fears are not as bad as they may seem. They are often there to show us how to escape the trap we have created for ourselves. The spider symbolizes what you fear, but it also shows you how to get away from it.