The Meaning and Interpretation of Dreams About Spaces

Written By Jamie Young

Dreaming about spaces is a pretty common dream motif, with most people remembering at least one or two instances of it in their lifetime. However, do you know what a space dream means? It can be considered as nothing more than a simple subconscious thought that’s not worth pondering about too much.

What Does It Mean When You Dream About Spaces

When you’re dreaming about space, it usually means that you are afraid of being closed in. Space dreams can also represent your personality and who you are in the world. If you have been dreaming about space often, it is time to be re-framing your life and being more flexible, so that you don’t feel trapped and can enjoy yourself.

Dream of Being Trapped in a Small Space

Dreaming about being trapped in a small space is an expression of your thoughts and feelings about the world you live and work in. Most often it indicates that you are feeling alone or unable to express yourself. It is also common for this dream to be an expression of how you truly feel about your living situation: whether it be in regards to physical space, home life, relationships, or otherwise.

Dreams About Crawling Through Small Spaces

When you’re dreaming about crawling through a small space, this could be a sign that you’re going through an unsettling phase in your life. It could also reflect feelings of inadequacy about your position at work or in other relationships. Perhaps you feel “stifled” and unable to move forward in a certain area of your life?

Dreams About Squeezing Through Small Spaces

Dreaming about squeezing through small spaces means you’re feeling frustrated by situations beyond your control. It can also suggest that you feel stifled by the small-minded people in your life, or that you’re working too hard to please others. You may be feeling trapped or restrained by the limits of your present situation.

Dreams About Getting Stuck in Small Spaces

Dreaming of getting stuck in a small space signifies that something is draining your energy and you’re feeling cramped, physically and/or mentally. It may also symbolize your desire to make something work but failing in doing so. You need to address the issues that are making you feel trapped.

Dreams About Going Through Small Spaces

Dreaming of going through a small space in your dream is interpreted to mean that you are encountering an unexpected situation in your waking life. You will have to make tough decisions regarding relationships or careers. You may have to face a problem that required you to rethink your strategies and tactics.

White Space Dream Meaning

Dreaming of white space could mean that you need to clear the clutter from your life. It could represent an aspect of yourself that needs to be brought out into the open. It could symbolize a blank canvas or the beginning of a project that you’ve been putting off. Or it could be a sign that you’re ready for new adventures in an unknown place.

Dream About Small Spaces

If you’re dreaming about small spaces, it may symbolize your feelings of entrapment or lack of freedom. Your dreams may be trying to tell you that you are feeling trapped in your everyday life and need some way out. You can also feel confined by responsibilities or obligations in your waking life, and dreaming of a small space may also be a reflection of that.

Dream About Trying to Fit Through Small Spaces

Dreaming of fitting through small spaces can refer to feelings of not being physically or socially secure. You feel that your personal space is sorely lacking, and this feeling translates into a lack of security at work or in your relationships. This can also be indicative of a feeling of having been confined to a particular role with little room to grow.

Dreams About Not Fitting Through Small Spaces

When you dream about not fitting through small spaces, it can mean you’re feeling confined in your life–literally or metaphorically. You may feel like you aren’t able to move forward, express yourself, or make choices freely. You’re feeling stuck in a rut and thinking about the future is bringing you down.

Dreaming of Being in a Tight Space

Dreaming of being in a tight space may represent feeling trapped by circumstances or others. You’ll have to push further to get what you want out of life. It might also mean you’re ready for a major change, whether that’s leaving your current job for something new or saying goodbye to an old friend who has been holding you back.

Dream of Being Stuck in a Small Space

Dreaming about being stuck in a small space can be a literal issue of being trapped in a cramped location where you are unable to move freely, but often it represents feelings of loss of control in waking life. There may also be feelings of being confined or suppressed by the current situation and the need to feel more freedom.

Dreams About Tight Spaces

When dreaming about tight spaces, it’s usually because your unconscious is worried about something. It might be the way someone is treating you at work or school, how much time you spend with family, or even a big project that you have to complete. The reason for these dreams is so your subconscious can help you get out of a dangerous situation before it hurts you.

Dreaming of Confined Spaces

If you’re dreaming about confined spaces, you may be feeling the anxiety of being trapped in your own life. You may feel like you cannot get out of a situation or an uncomfortable relationship. You may feel trapped in an unhappy situation that keeps you from doing what makes your soul happy.

Dreams About Being Stuck in a Tight Space

When you’re dreaming about being stuck in a tight space, it’s an expression of anxiety and feelings of restriction. You may feel that you are unable to move or act freely and this may be a reflection of your worries or concerns. You may also see yourself in an awkward position or experience feelings of embarrassment.

Dream Meaning Crawling Through Tight Spaces

When you’re dreaming about crawling through a tight space, you may be feeling the stress of making your way through a situation that you feel is closing in around you. The best way to handle this situation is to open up communication with those involved and ask for help if you’re going in circles and getting nowhere.


Dreaming about space, whether metaphorical or real, are messages from your unconscious mind. These messages can tell you a lot about yourself and where you’re headed, so take heed of your dreams and what they have to reveal.