The Meaning and Interpretation of Dreams About Overflowing

Written By Jamie Young

Dreams of overflowing are a form of dream symbolism that can be interpreted in many different ways. The interpretation of dreams of overflowing often depends on the context or the other symbols or objects that surround the overflowing.This could be a physical overabundance such as a pile of treasure or a flood of water, or something that is emotional, such as a feeling of excitement and joy.

What Does It Mean to Dream of Overflowing

Dreams of overflowing are symbolic representations of your unconscious mind and are often related to a feeling that you haven’t reached your potential. The sensation of liquid or water, in this case, is representative of emotions which are so powerful that they threaten to spill out, or perhaps have spilled over in the past and affected your behavior.


Dream About Toilet Overflowing With Poop

If you are dreaming of a toilet overflowing with poop, it is likely that you are fearing the worst to happen. In this case you want to brace yourself for what seems like a sure thing, and begin to think about ways you can handle it. It could also be that you have been unable to process something and are worried it will simply pile up until it becomes too much to bear.

Dream of Toilet Overflowing

When you dream about a toilet overflowing it symbolizes that you are being affected by something in your waking life. It could be something positive, like a new relationship where you constantly feel like you’re on cloud nine, or it could be something negative, like a conflict with your friend where you feel like the waters are rising.

Dream of Water Overflowing

When you dream about water overflowing, you’re probably still growing, especially in terms of your personality. In this case, it’s a sign of the new side of you ready to emerge and attract attention. In general, this means that you will soon go through a period of rapid growth: get ready for promotion at work, to attract new friends and acquaintances, to become a social butterfly.

Dream of Overflowing Toilet Bowl

If you ever dreamed of an overflowing toilet bowl, it is a very bad sign. You are warning that your efforts in achieving an objective are next to impossible. If you’re not careful, you’ll find yourself with too many things to do, and when that happens, you need to prioritize your tasks.

Overflowing Bathtub Dream

Dreaming about an overflowing bathtub suggests that you are allowing yourself to get too carried away by your imagination and flights of fancy. It may also indicate that you are trying to control your emotions or experiencing repressed feelings. The dream may be a metaphor for your life being “full” — with work, family, hobbies, and personal goals.

Dream of Toilet Overflowing With Clear Water

When you dream about a toilet overflowing with clear water suggests that you are unhappy with how your life is going. You are feeling engulfed by all of the resources available to you and spend much of your time worrying about every little thing. It is also a sign that you are experiencing some pent-up frustrations, and you want to get these out — but don’t know how to express yourself.

Dream of Water Overflowing From Sink

When you dream of water overflowing from the sink, it’s time to get your soul and mind in order. It could be a sign that your emotions and feelings are running wild, without being properly balanced. Ask yourself whether you’re staying true to your beliefs, or are you being led astray by others.

Dream of Overflowing Faucet

Dreaming of an overflowing faucet indicates that you may be feeling overwhelmed by the amount of tasks you have to accomplish in your waking life. It could also represent pent up frustration and anger that has not been dealt with and is now running freely to make your emotions known.

Dream of Water Overflowing From Tub

When you dream of water overflowing from a tub symbolizes that the dreamer has been overwhelmed with something in real life. To make matters worse, the dreamer is unable to properly deal with the situation due to a lack of power. The solution to this dilemma may involve accepting help from another person or better managing time.

Dream of Overflowing Toilet With Feces 

When you dream about overflowing the toilet with feces, it may mean that you are struggling to deal with your emotions. You feel that your life is overflowing with problems or emotions. You feel so much stress inside of you that you don’t know how to handle it. The dream may also be telling you to slow down and take control of your life.

Overflowing Water Tank Dream Meaning

Dreaming about overflowing water tanks is a common dream that may symbolize your concerns. Do you feel like you are constantly overloaded? Overflowing water tanks can be a signal that you have taken on too much in life, and need to let some things go. This dream might also symbolize what’s going on in your subconscious thoughts.

Dreaming of Overflowing Water in Bathroom

If you’re dreaming about overflowing water in the bathroom, it is an analogy that you need to control your emotions and your life. The dream indicates that there is a tidal wave of uncertainty and unpredictability that has gripped your surroundings. You need to take a step back, and exercise restraint in order not to let your emotions overwhelm you.

Dream Washing Machine Overflowing

Dreaming of your washing machine overflowing may be a sign of financial and/or emotional instability.  It could indicate that there are some major issues in your life that need to be addressed before they end up overwhelming you. These problems may be affecting your sense of self-worth and making you feel less than prepared to handle the day-to-day stresses of life.

Dreaming of Clear Water Overflowing

When you dream about overflowing clear water, it’s actually a clear sign that for you, life is running as smoothly as possible. Your day to day activities are filled with little joys, like small moments of laughter or peaceful moments. You might also be reaping the benefits of your hard work and discipline too — rewards come in all shapes and sizes.

Dreams About Overflowing Sewage

When you dream about overflowing sewage, it means you have blocked emotions. These can come from several sources, but most likely it’s feelings of inadequacy or self-hate. You should be in tune with your body and mind, so that when you do experience these emotions, you can learn to express them openly instead of bottling them up until they have nowhere to go except onto the minds of others.

Tap Water Overflowing Dream Meaning

Dreaming of overflowing tap water can be related to a fear of loss, or an overabundance of freedom. You may be feeling trapped by your situation, or so free that you’re lost. The dream brings the idea that something needs to change in order for the dreamer’s to find happiness.

Dream of Water Overflowing in the House

When you dream of water overflowing in the house, it’s a symbolic warning of something that has gotten out of control. The message, in this case, is that your emotions are running high and you need to calm down. To achieve this, go out and spend time with friends or family in real life — there’s nothing like human interaction to ground you and bring you back to reality.


Dreams of overflowing are symbolic representations of your unconscious mind and are often related to a feeling that you haven’t reached your potential.