The Meaning and Interpretation of Dreaming About Money

Written By Jamie Young

If you’re like most people, you probably dream about money a lot. Dreams are a great way to organize and reflect on your thoughts and feelings. Dreams can also help you explore your feelings about money, money problems, and money solutions. Dreams can also be a warning sign that something is wrong with your finances.


What Does It Mean When You Dream About Money

Dreams about money can represent different financial problems, such as not being able to afford something, being short on money, or not being able to make a living. You might also be dreaming about ways to fix your financial problem. If you don’t know what it means when you dream about money, read on to find out.

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Dream of finding money

When you dream of finding money, you’re dreaming about a windfall. Like many dreams, the meaning is symbolic — but some dreams do come true! Financial dreams, like it or not, has a way of following our unconscious thoughts and reveals what we truly care about. Dreams about finding money often mean that you’re harboring financial aspirations.

Dreaming of paper money meaning

In a dream, paper money means that you will receive a gift or inheritance. You are likely to receive a wonderful surprise. A bill in your dream suggests that you’ll soon find a lost article. If the bill is an IOU, then you might be put in an embarrassing situation. To see torn or crumpled paper money, denotes that some misfortune is about to overtake you.

Dream about receiving money

When you dream about receiving money, it’s generally a sign that you are feeling a lack of value in your life. Perhaps you want to feel appreciated more by those around you, or maybe the issue is financial. Your subconscious is telling you that there is an imbalance in your life.

Dream of winning money

When you dream about winning money, your dream is telling you that there’s something in your life that could use a little bit of extra luck. It’s a sign that you need to pay special attention to your finances and career now, or that you need to seek out new opportunities. While money can bring great joy, it can also be incredibly stressful.

Seeing money in dream

In a dream, seeing money symbolizes prosperity, emotional well-being, or luck. It can also be a sign of something you desire. For example, if you are worried about the future and dreaming of seeing money, it means you might receive financial help from someone else. Dreams about money often reflect our conscious thoughts and feelings at the time.

Dreaming of someone giving you money

When you dream of someone giving you money, it could represent feelings of guilt. You may feel like you’ve been taking one-sided advantage of a loved one or that you’ve overstepped your bounds in some way. Alternatively, it could indicate that the person giving you money represents a feeling about yourself, such as your giving or generous nature.

Dream of giving money to someone

Typically, giving money in a dream means you’re taking care of someone else’s needs. People who dream about giving away money may be feeling some frustration about the ways in which their frugality is not allowing them to provide for their loved ones. These people may be thinking deeply about what it means to share one’s abundance with others.

Dream about money notes

A dream about money notes almost always means you wanted to earn some extra cash, or perhaps that you have a lot of changes in your financial or monetary status coming up. If you dream of seeing money notes, then it suggests that you are trying to achieve your goals and desires by working hard towards them. It can also mean that the things you want to buy will soon be within your reach.

Dream of stealing money

Dreaming of stealing money could represent feeling uneasy in the workplace. If you feel that you have not been rewarded for hard work, or feel like you are not being taken seriously or treated fairly by your employer then this dream may be a way for your subconscious to try and help you deal with those feelings.

Dream about losing money

A dream about losing money can be an omen of losses in real life. In general, a person’s main concern when dreaming about losing money is that he is worried about existential problems, as well as his sense of security. The most common interpretation relates to the loss of material benefits.

Dream of counting money

In a dream, counting money can indicate that you are becoming more secure in your financial situation or that you are seeing your investments grow. To see bills of the same denomination suggests steady growth and strength within a business or personal endeavor. To see bills of different denominations suggests a continued struggle along your path to financial stability.

Dream of getting money

When you dream of getting money in your sleep, it is said that you will soon receive an unexpected windfall. Though they aren’t necessarily guaranteed to come true, it’s good to know that good fortune is on the horizon.

Dream about winning money on a slot machine

When someone has a dream where they win money on a slot machine, it can mean that there is a lot of uncertainty in their lives and they feel like they have a bit of the edge. This makes sense because most people who are into playing slot machines are already feeling like life isn’t fair — but winning at a casino for once would change that!

Dream about fake money

If you have found yourself dreaming about fake money, it means you feel a bit insecure about your career or financial situation. In particular, you may be worried about the general state of affairs in the country. This can be compounded by an overall sense of being overwhelmed by debt, which is what happens in those instances when your dream involves bills and coins.

Dream about someone stealing your money

When you dream about someone stealing your money, it may be a sign that one of your relationships is unsafe. In your dream, you may have tried to stop the theft from happening. The only way to keep your money safe in real life is to place your trust only in those who deserve it.

Dreaming of finding paper money meaning

Paper money represents financial security and prosperity, which makes the dream of finding it a positive omen. To see paper money when you dream of finding it suggests that your work-life balance is in order — financially and mentally. What’s more, since paper money is made from organic fibers, to find it in your dreams suggests that you’re gaining an understanding of the natural world.

Dream of someone else winning money

When you dream about someone else winning money, that means that you’re feeling competitive. You’re trying to win something but have none of the initiative that it requires. You feel like your competitors are making all the moves and taking all the steps towards success, leaving you in the dust. Your dream might also be a reflection of some fear of success because the worry is scary.

Dreaming of winning money at a casino

Dreaming of winning money at a casino can be indicative of a wish to escape your mundane life and enjoy the fruits of your labour — to be financially stable and secure. It can also signify the fear of financial ruin; perhaps you are struggling under debt, or you are being tempted away from your morals by the possibility of quick wealth.

Dream about finding a lot of money

When you dream about finding a lot of money, it can mean different things. It may represent your anxieties about being unable to pay for something that you desperately want, or how worried you are about your finances in general. Alternatively, it could be a sign that you need to take a closer look at where your money is going.

Dream of picking up money off the ground

When you dream of picking up money off the ground, it’s your subconscious preoccupation on materialistic gains. It means that you are getting ready for a period of prosperity or good times. Alternatively, the interpretation can also refer to your greed, a desire to make more money without working for it.

Dream about winning money on a scratch ticket

When you dream about winning money on a scratch ticket, this can foreshadow an inheritance, or a windfall in the near future. Your subconscious is telling you that you are about to receive (or be owed) money — perhaps from an inheritance, or a lottery win, or even a gift from your parents or another relative. The meaning of the scratch ticket, however, depends on other details in the dream.

Dream of money stolen from wallet

When you dream that money is stolen from your wallet you need to be careful and not let other people find out about your plans. You might suddenly find that your loved ones do not support your future career plans, or that they are working against you in some way. This is all a reflection of an underlying discomfort with the path you have chosen for yourself, or your subconscious fear of making changes in your life.

Someone asking for money in dream

Dreaming of someone asking you for money may be a fear of financial ruin brewing. Maybe you have unmet goals and aspirations that can’t be satisfied because you don’t have the monetary capital to fund them. Perhaps you’re worrying about where your next paycheck is coming from. Or it could just represent a healthy desire to pay back your debts and expenses.

Dream of money given to me

Being given money in your dreams is a symbol of prosperity and means that you will receive a sudden windfall. To dream that you are given money, especially if the money is given to you by a stranger, suggests that you will make an easy profit soon but it could also suggest that you are going to make a careless mistake or take on too much debt.

Dream someone gave me money

Dreaming someone gave you money is likely to be an indication of your own feelings of vulnerability. There may be something that you are currently going through that has left you feeling unsure about yourself, and this dream may have been your subconscious seeking some kind of reassurance that all will be okay in the end.

Dream of being robbed of money

When you dream of being robbed of money, this means someone close to you is behaving in an extremely unkind and unfair way to you. This can be someone you’re currently in a relationship with or even friends and family. In this dream situation, try to put yourself in the best position. If someone is robbing you, stand up for yourself and confront the issue immediately.

Dream about finding money on the floor

When you dream about finding money on the floor, you will receive some sort of financial compensation. Whether it is a gift from the government or an unexpected inheritance, that financial pay-out will help you move forward in life. The amount of money will indicate how much of an impact it will make on your life — the more money, the greater impact.

Dreaming of having a lot of money

When you dream of having a lot of money, it means that you desire to feel financial freedom and independence. You may be feeling like you’re in a situation where you have to depend on other people and that’s giving you anxiety. You subconsciously believe that if you had more money and made more decisions on your own, then you would be happier and less stressed.

Dream about owing money

Dreams about owing money are a direct reflection of feelings of inadequacy. In the dream, you may feel as though you aren’t giving your all to something important: a relationship, a project at work, etc. Money is a symbol of energy and emotional fulfillment. Owing money in a dream indicates that you may be lacking in emotional fulfillment — if not actual cash.

Dream of giving money to poor

Poor people in your dreams represent a part of you that is neglected or otherwise missing. If you dreamed of wanting to give money to poor people, it also means that you are feeling guilty about neglecting this part of yourself. It’s time for you to address these feelings and do something about them.

Dream of dead mother giving me money

When you dream of your dead mother giving you money, it usually represents your guilt over something that you’ve done or a worry that’s been eating away at you. However, seeing your deceased mother can also represent a new phase in your life – growing up and finally going on to live without the guidance of your parents.

Dream of coins money

Traditionally, the meaning of coins in a dream refers to the aspiration for wealth, success and financial security. Many people see this symbol when dreaming about the future, or of plans for the future. The sight of coins in a dream is also seen as a foreboding of upcoming monetary success.

Dream of money deposited in my account

When you dream of money deposited in your account, it represents your deep desires and visions of the future. Your unconscious is telling you that a financial windfall is on the horizon. It could be as simple as getting that raise at work or as complicated as finding out you’re the heir to a long-lost family fortune.

Dream of purse with money

When you are dreaming of a purse filled with money, it means your desires will be fulfilled. You are expecting some sort of abundance in the near future. If you see yourself or someone else counting or collecting money inside a purse, you will come into some unexpected financial gain. However, if the purse is empty and falling apart, this indicates that your financial situation is about to change for the worse — and soon.

Dream about finding hidden money

On the surface, we can view finding hidden money as financial security that is yet-to-be found or discovered; however, on a deeper and more personal level, this can be a metaphor for something that is missing from our lives — some essential, basic need that feels as though it will never be met.

Dream of change money

Dreaming about pocket change is a dream of poor financial standing. It can indicate a desire to be wealthy and successful, but also a loss of wealth in the future. The more coins that you see, the closer your dreams are coming to reality. Alternatively, it can be a sign that you need to include more variety in your life — as in, you’re spending too much money on one purchase or not enough on other essential items.

Dream about cash money

Seeing cash money in your dream can mean many things, depending on the other details of your dream. For example, cash money is the representation of what you value most in life. In your dream, the presence of cash money could indicate that you are feeling a sense of achievement and success.

Dream of dead father giving me money

When you dream of your dead father giving you money, it is a sign that your subconscious mind is reminding you to be more financially responsible. You may be angry at this, but don’t lash out at the meaning — instead, try to learn from it and become more serious about your financial situation.

Dream of money in bank account

When you dream about money in your bank account, it could mean that you are feeling financially secure. But it could also suggest that you feel uncertain or anxious about a particular situation. This is an opportunity for you to think about what may be concerning you in waking life, and taking steps towards finding resolution.

Dream of a dead relative giving you money

When a dead relative gives you money in your dreams, it means good news for the future. It could mean that you’ll be blessed with economic stability in the near future, or it could refer to an inheritance that you’re about to receive.

Dream of losing money then finding it

When you dream of finding lost money, it means you have come into a new financial situation or that you’re entering a new phase in your life. It can also mean you been feeling emotionally unstable but the good news you’ve been waiting for has arrived. Alternatively, the dream of losing and finding money may reflect your worry that you are wasting money or taking foolish financial risks.

Dream about hiding money

A dream in which you are hiding money may suggest that you are trying to hide something from yourself. It may also mean that you feel threatened and intimidated, as though someone may expose your secrets or find out what you have been doing. Hidden funds may be a sign of anxiety and uncertainty, so consider things that make you feel more confident and secure.

Dream of dead mother asking for money

When you dream of your dead mother asking for money and you have a feeling that she wants to take something from you, then this dream is very symbolic and hints at your feelings regarding your relationship with your mother. This dream is not just about the deep relationship between a mother and her child, but it also shows your own insecurities.

Dream of withdrawing money from bank

Dreaming of withdrawing money from a bank in your dream can mean that you are feeling unattractive and unsatisfied with your life. If a woman dreams of standing at a bank counter and trying to withdraw money, this means she may be experiencing some problems in her married life.

To dream of money in your hands

If you dream of a specific amount of money in your hands, then the monetary value associated with it may be your subconscious guidance. The amount of money in the dream should be taken as a symbol for something else: an actual sum of money or a different value that is being represented by the financial symbol.

Dream of depositing money in the bank

if you dream of depositing money in the bank, this is a positive sign. It means that you are very close to getting something you’ve been hoping and working for. This could be a promotion, a bonus at work, a new business partnership, or it could also mean some sort of award or recognition.

Dreaming of money notes

When you dream of banknotes, there are two possible interpretations to consider. The first is that you may be worried about money in reality. If this is true, it is likely that your dreams about money stem from something specific that’s actually happening in your life. The second interpretation is a more positive one. If you dream of banknotes, you may have received an injection of confidence and feel that you are going to succeed at something.

Dream meaning bag full of money

Dreaming of a bag full of money suggests that you are looking for financial security and wealth. Perhaps you are worried about your financial situation and want to do what it takes to make the money you need to get you through tough times. This dream might also be telling you that you could be more cautious with your finances, or that your life may need to slow down so that you can spend some time with your family.

Dream of receiving money from father

When you dream about receiving money from your father, you’re generally in need of emotional or financial support. He could also stand for a powerful man or wealthy individual in your life. If the money is already in your hand when you wake up, this can mean that there is something you’re holding onto that will only be detrimental to you — perhaps an old habit that’s holding you back.

Dreaming of receiving a white envelope with money

A white envelope full of money in your dream may represent the satisfaction of materialistic desires. Sometimes in life we feel that our efforts go underpaid and that someone else is receiving the better end of a deal. And we wonder: why am I not getting paid as much? A dream where you receive white envelopes filled with money may be a sign that you’re doing well for yourself and that it’s time to appreciate your success.

Dreaming of stacks of money

In your dream, the stack of money refers to your level of wealth, likely the result of hard work you have put into your career or business. Dreams with stacks of bills are positive signs that you will be successful in any new business endeavors. Alternatively, if you’re thinking about stacks of money in your dream, you may be feeling stress about financial situations or concerns about your future.

Dream of finding money in an envelope

When you dream of finding money in an envelope, you will soon receive a financial windfall. You could be a recipient of unexpected inheritances or windfalls, or you might come across some great bargains and end up buying yourself something nice. Alternatively, it could mean that there is something important that you’ve yet to do or address.

Dream of money in pocket

When you dream of money in your pocket, it can have a variety of meanings. Some people believe that your subconscious is telling you to spend money or to spend more time with someone that has the potential to make you richer. In other words, it could be a call for increased social interaction. However, when you dream of money in your pocket during a time of hardship, it suggests that your persistence will pay off.

Dream about counterfeit money

When you dream of counterfeit money, it’s possible that your mind is trying to tell you to be careful about certain aspects of your life. You may be feeling like someone close to you is making unauthorized changes or decisions in your world – and while they may have had good intentions, those decisions have an adverse impact on you.

Dream of shopping with no money

If you dream that you are shopping in a store, but with no money in your wallet, this means that you are feeling uneasy spending other people’s money, but do not want to be seen not doing what’s expected of you. You may even feel guilty about it if the activity isn’t something you normally enjoy, or if your friends and family disapprove.

Dream about finding money everywhere

when you dream about finding money everywhere, that’s an indication of financial abundance. It means that your life is going to change for the better and that you’ll be able to achieve your goals without worrying about money problems. Is this dream a sign for something else though? Or is it just your subconscious talking about a financial abundance in real life?

Dream of money falling from the sky

When you dream of money falling from the sky, it means that riches will soon be coming to you from an unexpected source. Alternatively, it can signify a cash windfall . Receiving money in your dreams may also represent a mental change that is about to take place with regard to finances and material wealth.

Giving money to a dead person dream meaning

Dreaming of giving money to a dead person means that you are feeling deeply guilty about a recent decision you have made. You may have recently hurt someone by making a negative judgment on their character, which they may not have deserved. This dream tells us that we have to adjust our life with the changing times to be able to deal with any problems that might arise in future.

Dream of someone borrowing money from me

When you dream of someone borrowing money from you, it means that you are going to meet a person in real life who is going to be very much like the person in the dream. In other words, if you dream of someone asking to borrow money from you and you give it to them, you will run into a real-life person who will ask for your help just like the person in your dream did.

Dream of spending money

In your dream, you were following your heart’s desire and spending money freely. This is a sign that material things can’t satisfy what your heart truly needs. What you really want is more of a spiritual nature; caring relationships with people, faith in God or whatever higher power you believe in, or self-knowledge and wisdom are the things you need to find true happiness and contentment.

Dream of dropping money

Dreaming of dropping money usually signifies your uncontrollable spending habits — whether you’re acting upon them or not. There’s a lot to lose when reckless spending runs amok and it’s best to get a grip on your finances before you end up in debt or facing an emergency.

Dead person asking for money in dream

Dreaming of a dead person asking for money denotes that ill-gotten gains will not bring you long-term happiness or financial stability. Also, you may be being stolen from or swindled out of money and not realize it until it’s too late. To dream of lending money to a friend who dies before they can repay you indicates that you will lose money through bad investments and unethical relationships.

Dream of foreign money

Dreaming of foreign money can represent a new perspective that comes along with something new in your life, such as a job, relationship, or even an object. If you’re abroad and dreaming of currency from your home country, it could mean that you are longing to be back home. Alternatively, this dream can mean you will hold positions of responsibility in the near future. To dream that you are unable to exchange your money, denotes you will be defeated in some enterprise.

Wet money dream meaning

Wet money in dreams signifies prosperity and wealth, but it can also indicate materialism and greed. Wet money, such as that in your dreams, could mean that you are paying the consequences for an unwise investment, or that you are nurturing a potentially dangerous addiction.

Dream of a man giving me money

A dream with a man giving you money signifies that you have earned his respect and his admiration. You should consider this a blessing and not run away from the opportunity to work with him or her. The person who is giving you money in your dream is someone who can help you succeed and guide you.

Dream about money in wallet

When you dream about money in your wallet, it means you should be more stress-free. This can be difficult to do, especially if you have financial responsibilities such as bills, rent, or student loans to worry about. In that case, look forward to the day when money is no longer an issue — and you can focus on what really matters in life.

Dead person giving money in dream

If you dream of a dead person giving you money, your deceased relatives and family friends want you to know they’re still with you. The symbolism of the money they’re giving represents the wealth of love and happiness they want to share with you.

Money in garbage dream

When you dream that you find money in the garbage, it means that you are going to be in a financial mess shortly, often with no hope for a reprieve. There are various reasons why this might be. One is if the dreamer was actually looking for money in the garbage that suggests he or she isn’t being careful with their cash — perhaps spending money freely or overspending.

Dream of giving money to a pastor

Dreaming of giving money to a pastor in your dream means you are about to face adversities and challenges that only God can stand you through. The dream may have been sent by the Lord to warn you of upcoming dangers. Alternatively, if you dream of giving money to a pastor, it could mean that you are feeling joyful and prosperous.

Dream about collecting money

When you dream of collecting money, you are concerned about the minor details and feeling as though you can’t see the big picture. This may be due to a tendency to over-analyze, or feeling as though you have lost sight of your goals. The best way to get back on track is to focus on the feelings that motivate you most in life, such as love and passion, and use them to guide your decisions.

Dream meaning of money bills

When you dream of money bills, it may be a sign that you are worried about your finances. In particular, if the bills appear torn, it can indicate that you or someone else will experience monetary difficulties. If you see counterfeit bills, then it means that something good will come out of something bad such as unforeseen opportunities from recent failures.

Dreaming of old paper money

When you dream of old paper money, it can represent a longing for the past or some other type of lost opportunity. At the same time, there is an element of truth in every figure from your dreams. Consider what the other elements in your dream were and how they factor into the situation at hand.

Dream about stealing money from bank

When you dream about stealing money from a bank, it is a symbol of your feeling that you are being held back by something. You feel the need to move forward with your life and take it to the next level, but something is preventing you from doing so. Maybe you are being held back by some sort of mental block, or maybe it is someone or something else in your waking life that is keeping you down.

Dream about holding money

There are many interpretations of the dream about holding money. This is an indication that you should pay attention to your material well-being, but you shouldn’t be stingy with money in real life. It is necessary to control the excesses and not spend everything on whims which later will require serious efforts to restore the balance.

Dream of giving money to dead father

The dream of giving money to your dead father is symbolic. In general, you have been thinking about your deceased father. This person had a major influence on your life and now he has passed away, you are not able to communicate with him anymore. So, you are looking for ways to communicate with his spirit and pay him back for all he did for you as a child.

Dream about winning money gambling

When you dream about winning money gambling, the dream is urging you to take a risk in some venture. You may be afraid that failure will carry high consequences, or you may be questioning your ability to succeed at something. Dreams of gambling winnings can also communicate feelings of being in an unbalanced situation or that someone else is pressuring you.

Dream of black bag full of money

Dreams about black bags with money in them often appear when someone has recently received an inheritance, a promotion, or some other type of financial windfall. Many people dream that they receive a bag of money with little to no effort. In these cases, the lucky individual will be able to spend their fortune on expensive items, vacations, and other indulgences.

Dream about losing all your money

The act of losing money in a dream indicates that you feel unable to support yourself as you once did. Perhaps your income has been cut or you are feeling anxious about your financial future. Alternatively, it could indicate feelings of worthlessness, low self-confidence, or lack of trust in yourself.

Dream of dead grandmother asking for money

Dreaming of your grandmother asking you for money This could be a sign that you are worried about material things. You may be feeling self-conscious about your financial situation, or that you are struggling to support yourself and your family. The meaning of this dreams are often dependent on the context, but most commonly it’s to warn you about a decision, or to indicate that you are using money in an inappropriate way.

Dream about robbing money

Dreaming of robbing money is an allusion to your subconscious seeing financial success as something you need. Dreaming that you are robbing money represents the desire to improve your life while taking a risk and doing something you might otherwise be afraid of. When you dream about robbing money it can be a sign that you are having fear of prosperity.

Dream of borrowing money

If you dream of borrowing money from someone, you’ll have a new source of income that might bring in more money than you expected. Borrowing money can also indicate your desire to borrow something from someone else, like advice or skills, that will help you accomplish your goals.

Dreaming of money coming out of ATM

If you dream of seeing money coming out of an ATM, you may have a lucky streak ahead of you. This dream signifies quick financial gains or prosperity, possibly from some source that is new to you. You may be receiving a raise at work or getting a bonus at your job or from an outside source. The ATM could also represent your subconscious urge to withdraw from your financial resources or savings.

Dreams about stealing money and getting caught

Dreaming about stealing money and getting caught reflects your worries about financial issues. Most of the time, people who dream of stealing money dream that they did it and got caught, or worse — did it and got away with it! Either scenario is related to your worries in waking life.

Dream of eating money

When you dream of eating money, it typically means that you are struggling to stay afloat in your business — and, as such, you may be tempted by alluring offers from interested investors. The dream may also symbolize the fear that profits will not be coming back into your business and that expansion is not possible.

Dream of digging up money

When people dream about digging up money, it is often a sign that they feel stuck in a life situation where they are not being rewarded for their efforts. It is possible that they have over-extended themselves, and are having difficulty paying the rent or keeping their head above water financially. Alternatively, it could represent feelings of guilt or shame regarding financial matters.

Dreaming of having no money

When you dream about having no money, it’s your subconscious telling you to start saving. Without a financial cushion, you’re vulnerable to all kinds of crises. Your health could suffer, and you could even lose your job. You need to have a financial plan that uses all three types of savings accounts — emergency funds, short-term investments and long-term goals.

Dreaming of receiving a large sum of money

If you dream of receiving a large sum of money, it’s time to look at your life and see where you’ve been spending too much of your cash. Money can also symbolize something good that you’re getting or something good that you’re going to be getting soon. If you have a recurring dream about receiving large sums of money, try examining your feelings about being wealthy and how you would handle being rich beyond your wildest dreams.

Dream of paying money

When you dream of paying money, it could suggest a conflict between your desires and how you are confronted to solve a problem. If the cash has a different value, then it suggests that you are in conflict with yourself over the values you already have.

Dreaming of finding buried money

The dream of finding buried money is a common one — and it usually symbolizes hope and potential. It might mean that you’re wishing for a new, positive opportunity to arise in your life — and that you’ll be better off when it does. Alternatively, it can also represent your own personal value. The overall message of a buried money dream is one of positivity.

Dream of returning lost money

Dreaming of returning a lost money suggests that you are concerned with being polite and liable. You don’t want to leave any loose ends when it comes to your actions; you always want to be on the lookout for possible mishaps. Otherwise, you fear that you might be held responsible for something you did unintentionally or without proper deliberation.

Dream of Receiving a Check or Money

Dreaming of receiving a check or money is a sign of good luck and financial gain. It can signify a financial reward for your hard work, a lucky break, or a source of income that you hadn’t expected. It can also suggest that you have been waiting for a long time for something you have been expecting and it is finally coming to fruition. Alternatively, it can indicate that you are about to receive a windfall of some kind, such as an inheritance or a payment for a project.

What Does Money Mean in a Dream Biblically

In the Bible, money is repeatedly associated with prosperity and success. The famous “God helps those who help themselves” quote from Virgil’s Aeneid is just one of many verses in the Bible that link success and money. There is a proverb in the Bible that says, “Money answers all things” (Ecclesiastes 10:19). Sadly, it is not always the case.

Dreaming of Money Spiritual Meaning

The spiritual meaning of money in a dream is that you are aware that material comforts will last only as long as your faith and trust in them. You have some work to do in the spiritual department, as your subconscious is trying to tell you that you’re too reliant on things. Dreaming of money is a symbol of prosperity and financial freedom. Your dream means you have the skill to make money and apply it wisely. If you dream of a lot of money, your finances are in danger.


Dreams can be a great way to reflect on our thoughts and feelings about money. Dreams can also help you explore your feelings about money, money problems, and money solutions. Dreams can also be a warning sign that something is wrong with your finances.