The Meaning and Interpretation of Dreams About Missing Flights

Written By Jamie Young

Have you ever dreamed of missing a flight? This is a common dream and usually describes problems that are occurring in your life. Your subconscious mind is warning you about potential problems in your waking life. You need to be aware that you may not be taking the right action in these situations or are unable to control them.

What Does It Mean to Dream About Missing a Flight

Dreaming about missing a flight can represent something you are putting off or leaving behind. The dream symbolizes your fear of some aspect of your life. Perhaps you don’t want to part with something or maybe you are trying to escape from a situation. Dreams are often mirrors to our subconscious. So, if you’re dreaming about missing a flight, then it can be indicative of something more within you.

missed flight

Dream I Missed My Flight

When you dream about missing your own flight, your dream is likely to be a sign that you are afraid of moving forward in life. You feel the need for more preparation before you can do something worthwhile and meaningful. You feel like you’re not yet ready for what’s next, and that’s OK. Make sure that you don’t let your fear hold you back.

Dream About Packing and Missing Flight

When you’re dreaming about packing and missing the flight, it is a sign of trouble in the near future. You’re probably worried about your ability to manage everything that needs to be done before moving day, or about the move itself, but don’t forget that’s only one part of it — there will be family issues to address, friendships and romantic relationships to repair and maintain, and so on.

Missing Airplane Flight Dream Meaning

Dreaming about missing an airplane flight may be a warning that our life is out of balance, we are not taking enough time for ourselves, or that we are neglecting one important part of our lives for another. It may also point to troubling aspects within your waking relationship with yourself, your significant other, or your family.

Recurring Dream About Missing a Flight

A recurring dream about missing a flight typically suggests that you’re feeling anxious or have doubts and worries related to your direction in life. You might be experiencing anxiety about missing an important event — a meeting, exam, or business opportunity — because you’ve been procrastinating on a major decision. It may also mean that you’re feeling afraid of flying solo or taking a risk that could propel your life in a new direction.

Dreams About Missing a Flight Home

Dreaming about missing a flight back home symbolizes that you are feeling unsatisfied with your relationship or the place where you live. You are living in a situation that is not ideal for you. If you dream of missing a flight, this means your emotions are sending out signals that things need to change.


A dream about missing flights is typically thought to symbolize fear. The fear of being separated from something, or someone. It can also be indicative of an urge to escape from the present situation and change things up.