The Meaning and Interpretation of Dreaming About Fish

Written By Jamie Young

Dreams of fish can mean many things. For some, it might be a metaphor for the life they are living. A dream of fish can also represent the transformative journey you are on. Maybe you’re dreaming about fish because you feel like you need more balance in your life. It is also possible that a dream of fish means that you have a need to connect with your spiritual side.


What Does It Mean When You Dream About Fish

The image of a fish is symbolic of when we have to let go and let our spiritual side guide us through life; it can show that we need to stop fighting and instead give into the flow of life. The most important thing about interpreting this dream is not what it means but how you react to it in the morning.

If you tend to struggle with feelings of inadequacy or struggle with letting go while going through a challenging time in your life, this dream may be a way for your subconscious mind to tell you that these struggles are only making things worse. It may also be telling you that there is nothing wrong with your life and things will always work out for the best in the end.


Dream of catching fish

Catching a fish in a dream represents security, joy, and fulfillment. Ask yourself what you are fishing for in your dreams to figure out what you want to achieve. Maybe you want something new or something better. Maybe you will find love or earn more money next year. Nonetheless, the fish in your dream signifies that you are searching for something good in your life, so don’t give up!

Fish dream meaning pregnancy

Pregnant women often dream of fish, especially in the first trimester. This is a common myth that has been around for years and is not based on any solid evidence or research. You may have heard about this myth from your friends, family members or even medical professionals, but it’s important to remember that old wives’ tales should be taken with a grain of salt.

Dream about fish out of water

A dream about fish out of water has many possible meanings, depending on the context and intent of the dream. A dream about fish out of water can be interpreted as a symbol of life or death, or as a warning to heed danger. If you dream of seeing or holding a fish out of water, this could indicate your desire to separate yourself from others in your current situation.

Dead fish dream meaning

If you’ve had a dream about dead fish, then it’s an indication that your current plans for the future might not work out as well as you’d hoped. Dead fish can also indicate that you’re feeling a bit under the weather or like you’re coming down with something — do pay close attention to any symptoms or issues you start noticing.

Big fish dream meaning

Dreaming of big fish often means you are setting your sights too low. You’re trying to accomplish too little, and you’re not living up to your true potential. Consider the aphorism “think big.” Chances are you’ll be successful if you can set a big goal for yourself and then take the steps necessary to achieve it.

Dream of catching a big fish

When you dream of catching a big fish, you will soon have the opportunity to do work that has a big impact on the world. Dreaming of catching a big fish can be a positive sign, meaning that you might experience a great amount of success in the near future. It might even represent an upcoming life change, especially if you felt really happy or excited when catching the fish!

Dream of fish swimming

In a dream, seeing fish swimming in harmony with each other signifies that the dreamer will enjoy complete peace. Seeing fish swimming alone means that the dreamer will move to a distant land, where he’ll encounter unlimited joys and sorrows. In a dream, seeing fish swimming in their one direction suggests that the person will have friends who care nothing about him.

Dream of eating fish

Dreaming of eating fish can be a sign of envy if you dreamed of cooking or preparing the fish. It is an indication that you are envious of someone else’s achievements, and there is a need to keep your feelings in check. Eating raw fish could also symbolize rejection. You may be afraid of putting yourself out there, but with time and faith, you’ll overcome this fear.

Dreaming of fried fish

A recurring dream of fish that is fried may be a sign that you’re experiencing problems in your emotional life. There’s an element of self-gratification that’s being ignored. You feel like you’re in a rut and are not enjoying the things in your life that used to bring you joy. A fish fry or fish sandwich, or even a fish taco, can remind you of this connection.

Dream about fish tank

Dreaming about a fish tank can symbolize your feelings of melancholy and neglect. A fish tank that is empty or missing fish can symbolize a loss of power or an inability to impress others. Perhaps you feel like you’re treading water, with nothing to show for all the hard work you’ve put in.

Cooked fish dream meaning

Dreaming of cooked fish suggests that your life is not as it should be. If you dream of eating cooked fish, you will receive good news. If you classify fish, or are a fisherman in your dream, it indicates that someone will be dishonest with you and could cause you trouble. To eat raw fish in your dream represents illness or poor health in the real world.

Dream of fish jumping out of water

Dreaming of fish jumping out of water is an omen of success in a competition, if you dream that you catch and eat them, you will enjoy a period of prosperity shortly. Fish jumping out of water in a dream represents prosperity, joy, happiness and a successful future. The dreamer will be blessed with all the benefits and luxuries of life that past generations wished for him. It is also a dream about freedom and independence.

Black fish dream meaning

dream about a black fish is generally considered bad. Black fish represent things that are hidden, dark and inauspicious — they might be an omen of bad luck, danger, disease or even death. In modern medicine, this dream is connected to the main organ of equilibrium — the heart. The Black Fish may also be connected to a secret you keep on your mind.

Dreams about fish dying

When you dream about fish dying, it is a message from your subconscious. You are being prompted to take action in a situation and be able to see another view of the problem. To dream of watching small fish and then seeing large, adult fish die may mean that you are watching others make decisions that will ultimately lead to their downfall.

Receiving fish in a dream

The dream of receiving fish may be an indication that you will have an opportunity to receive some unexpected assistance from a third party. This assistance may turn out to be very useful for you. Those who dream of receiving fish may be in need of change or a new beginning. Dreaming of receiving fish can also symbolize prosperity and great luck.

Dream about fish jumping out of tank

When you dream about fish jumping out of a tank, it means that you need to be more observant – there is something or someone around you that is swimming around unseen. If the fish are jumping into the tank, this means that a new opportunity is about to arrive in your life. A dream about fish jumping out of a tank can also mean you will advance to a better phase in life. You will succeed in gaining success, happiness and freedom from problems.

Dream of flying fish

Dreaming of fish flying in the air suggests lack of realistic goals, or loss of direction. To dream that you are flying over a city on many buildings built to look like seagulls also suggests a journey ahead with potential for great success and wealth. To see a flying fish in your dream symbolizes freedom and release from something constricting.

Dream of Dead Fish in an Aquarium

When you dream of dead fish in an aquarium, it suggests that you are feeling overwhelmed and out of control. You may feel like you are drowning in your own life, and the fish in the aquarium represent everything that is swimming around in your head. The dead fish in particular may represent your feelings of sadness, anger and fear.

Dreaming of Catfish

Dreaming of catfish can symbolize a hidden part of your personality or unconscious self that is coming to the surface. It can also suggest that you are trying to figure out a problem or relationship in your life. This could mean that something you have been hiding needs to be addressed in order to get the resolution you are seeking. Additionally, dreaming of catfish can symbolize feelings of being misunderstood or misrepresented by someone.

Dreaming Of Catching Fish With Hands

When you dream about catching fish with your hands, it often symbolizes a certain level of control over your emotions. Fish in dreams are widely recognized as symbols of insight, intuition, and emotions, and catching one could suggest that you’re grappling with your feelings in waking life. It could also be an indication that you’re in the process of ‘catching’ a big idea or securing a significant opportunity, given that water and fish are often associated with the flow of creativity and wealth, respectively.

Dream Of Frying Fish

The act of frying fish in your dream can have multiple interpretations. In general, it could signify a transformation period, as the fish (symbolizing ideas or emotions) is being altered or ‘cooked’ to take a new form. Thus, it might suggest changes in your emotional state or personal developments if you’re pursuing new opportunities or ideas. Alternatively, it may indicate consumption or integration, meaning you’re ready to absorb new knowledge or experience.

Dream About Cooking Fish

A dream about cooking fish often signifies preparation and transformation. It might be an indication that you are getting ready for a significant change, be it personal or professional. “Cooking” in the dream world often symbolizes the act of preparing or encountering something new. Given this context, the fish in the dream could represent ideas or opportunities that are being prepared or contemplated upon to reach a more consumable state.

Dream About Koi Fish

Dreaming of Koi fish is quite standard and often carries positive meanings. In dream analysis, the Koi fish embodies luck, prosperity, and personal advancement. Seeing a Koi in your dream can be suggestive of good fortune to come, especially in your career or financial endeavors. Furthermore, if the Koi is swimming upstream, it can represent perseverance and the need to overcome obstacles, reflecting the cultural symbolism of Koi fish i.e., resilience and the capacity to triumph over adversity.

Dreaming About Flying Fish

Flying fish in your dreams symbolize liberation and the ability to freely express your emotions or ideas. Such dreams can reflect your desire to ‘take flight’ in certain spheres of your life, aspiring to bring about some change, whether it’s personal or professional. It might also symbolize the merging of two different aspects or realms of your life, given the dual nature of flying fish inhabiting both water and air. This could mean you are striving to balance your emotional intuition (signified by the fish) and your mental rationality (represented by air/flying).

Colorful Fish Dream Meaning

Dreaming about colorful fish has strong symbolism and meaning, usually related to personal emotions and thoughts. In the realm of dream interpretation, vibrant colors signify positivity and strong emotions. Whenever you dream of colorful fish, it’s usually interpreted as a sign of good luck, prosperity, and happiness in life. However, the specific colors of the fish also matter. For instance, a red fish may symbolize love, while a blue one might represent peace and tranquility. The overall presentation of colorful fish in your dream suggests an array of emotions like excitement, fascination, or even confusion.

Dream About a Lot of Fish

Dreaming about a lot of fish, especially in a body of water, often indicates that you are subconsciously aware of the vast opportunities around you. This type of dream is usually seen as a positive sign, suggesting you have plenty of options, whether such options are in your career, relationships, or personal life. It can denote a prosperous period ahead where you can expect a lot of growth and abundance. Said abundance may not necessarily be material but can refer to spiritual or emotional growth as well.

Dream of Gold Fish

A dream about gold fish carries a unique significance in the realm of dreams. Gold, generally, symbolizes wealth, power, or spiritual enlightenment in dream interpretations. Therefore, seeing gold fish in your dream can be an indication of financial growth and stability in your future. It may also denote a period of self-discovery leading to spiritual enlightenment. However, it’s essential to consider other aspects of the dream, like the environment and your mood, to ensure an accurate interpretation.

Dream Of Cleaning Fish

Cleaning fish in a dream might not seem very appealing, but it bears an interesting meaning when it comes to dream interpretation. Generally, this dream symbolizes the process of cleansing your thoughts and emotions. It might indicate that you’re dealing with heavy feelings and working towards personal healing. Or it may mean that you are eliminating unnecessary factors from your life to reach your goals. The process of cleaning, excising, and preparing the fish can be a metaphor for self-improvement and personal growth.

Dream About Saving Fish Out of Water

Dreaming about rescuing or saving a fish out of water is typically viewed as a positive sign in dream interpretations. It suggests that you may have a natural urge to help others and indicates your compassionate nature. It might also represent your ability to adapt to new environments or situations. Saving a fish from a precarious situation can mirror your actual life where you save yourself or others from difficulty. On a deeper level, it could also symbolize your subconscious mind’s attempts to save or protect something valuable from your life, be it a relationship, career, or personal passion.

Dream of Fish Swimming in Clear Water

Dreaming about fish swimming in clear water represents serenity and emotional balance. It suggests a state of peace and tranquility in your waking life. You have a distinct sense of clarity and understanding of matters that might have been complicated in the past. This manifestation in your dreams directly reveals your consciousness aligning with your subconscious, providing a near-perfect cohesiveness in your thoughts and ideas. Additionally, if the fishes are swimming away from you, it may suggest that you are letting go of particular emotional baggage.

Blue Fish Dream Meaning

Blue in a dream often symbolizes tranquility, spirituality, and knowledge. Consequently, dreaming of a blue fish implies a period of personal enlightenment. It is an exciting encounter, suggesting that you are well on your way to gaining wisdom and insight that may have been elusive. However, the dream also signals a moment of introspection and self-awareness, causing you to scrutinize your actions and their potential implications. The blue fish signifies a powerful transition in your journey of self-discovery, urging you to embrace and learn from it.

Dream About Fish Biting Feet

Dreaming about fish biting feet can appear quite perturbing, but it carries a significant symbolic relevance. This dream suggests that you might be troubled by specific issues that were previously undetected, and that are now surfacing. Such problems might be causing discomfort, much like the biting fish, forcing you to address them. Hence, it’s a wake-up call to look beneath the obvious in your waking life and troubleshoot challenges that might be lurking underneath.

Dream of White Fish

White, a symbol of purity, peace, and innocence, when associated with fishes in dreams, signifies spiritual growth and renewal. A dream about a white fish might be a good omen, indicating a fresh start, healing, or new insights. This kind of dream is linked to enlightenment and wisdom, suggesting that you might have recently acquired a better understanding of your life’s path. In some cultures, it can also signal the arrival of good news or possible prosperity.

Dream About Feeding Fish

Dreaming about feeding fish can be related to nurturing and facilitating growth in some areas of your life. The act of feeding suggests providing sustenance or encouragement, be it for oneself or those around them. Correspondingly, the dream may imply that you are taking steps to foster personal development, or offering support for someone else’s endeavors. Furthermore, the state and reaction of the fish in the dream can provide a deeper understanding of your current actions and interactions in real life.

Cutting Fish in Dream Meaning

Dreams are a form of expression of the subconscious mind and interpreting them often requires a deep understanding of one’s self. Cutting fish in a dream can be indicative of different things depending on the context. In general, it may be signaling a transformation, as fish are symbols of wisdom and intuition. The action of cutting hints that you may be severing ties or transitioning into something new. It might also suggest that you’re examining something closely, trying to get to the heart of a matter in your waking life.

Dream Of Frozen Fish

Seeing a frozen fish in a dream could symbolize an emotional numbness or a stagnation in your life. As vital, swimming creatures, a frozen fish may suggest that something that was once vibrant and active is now inert or stuck. It signifies feelings that are currently hidden or unexpressed. Moreover, it might refer to situations in life where you feel things have come to a standstill, or significant plans and projects are currently on hold.

Dream About Dead Fish Floating

Dreaming about dead fish floating often signifies loss and disappointment. Dead fish symbolize lack of growth or progress, indicating that something in your life is not going as you would have hoped. It could be a relationship, a project, your job, or even a personal attribute such as self-confidence or optimism. With floating, it might suggest feeling lost or adrift with regards to the issue.

Buying Fish in Dream Meaning

Purchasing fish in your dreams suggests abundance, especially in terms of mental and spiritual assets. It’s like an investment, where you acquire something with the hope that it will bring you beneficial returns. Therefore, buying fish in your dream could be a symbol that you are obtaining knowledge, wisdom, or inner peace, and the idea that these ‘purchases’ will pay off in the future.

Dream Interpretation Fish Swimming in Air

Having a dream of fish swimming in the air might denote that you are feeling liberated, free, or exceptional. Fish swimming in an unusual environment, such as air, is not a usual occurrence and thus can be interpreted as charting new territories or exploring the unknown. It could also imply that you are getting in touch with your subconscious mind, exploring deep thoughts and emotions that you usually suppress. Somehow, you feel you are on a journey of self-discovery and personal growth.

Orange Fish Dream Meaning

In dreams, color often bears significant symbolism, and orange is no exception. Dreaming about an orange fish could suggest a period of emotional growth and creativity. Being a blend of red’s energy and yellow’s happiness, orange is affiliated with emotional strength, creativity, warmth, enthusiasm, and balance. Therefore, dreaming about an orange fish could signal an upcoming surge of passion, energy, and creativity in your life, or it might represent a person who embodies these qualities. It’s also worth considering the context and your emotions during the dream, as these can provide further insights into the dream’s meaning.

Dreaming Of Silver Fish

Silver fish in your dreams can have multiple interpretations, however, they often symbolize a period of introspection, deep thinking, or revelation. Silver as a color often represents purity, clarity, and truth. Thus, dreaming of silver fish could suggest that you are, or soon will be, dealing with a period of clear thinking and revelation. This could involve arriving at a pivotal understanding about yourself or a situation you’re dealing with. It may also represent someone who provides clarity or truth in your life.

Dirty Fish Tank Dream Meaning

Dreaming about a dirty fish tank usually symbolizes an unclear or muddled situation in your reality. The fish tank can represent your mind or personal space, whereas the dirt could symbolize chaos, confusion, or even toxicity. This dream could be signaling a need to clean or declutter your life, mind, or emotions. It may suggest that you’re in a complex situation which requires sorting out, or you might be dealing with negative or troubling thoughts that are clouding your clarity and judgement.

Dream of Fish Falling From the Sky

A dream where fish fall from the sky can seem baffling, but it’s a potent symbol in dream interpretation. Often, such dreams signify great abundance or a “rain” of blessings or opportunities coming your way. Water is a symbol of emotions and fish represent insights or ideas. Therefore, fish falling from the sky could suggest an overflow of ideas, insights, or emotional experience. This dream can also foreshadow an unexpected event that will bring a significant shift in your life.

Fish Eggs Dream Meaning

The dreaming of fish eggs can embody numerous meanings. In general, eggs in a dream are seen as a symbol of potential, new beginnings, or the essence of a new creation. Therefore, fish eggs could denote the inception of new thoughts, innovations, or a new phase in your life. They might indicate a need or readiness to explore your latent potential or ideas. If you see the fish eggs hatching, this could signify that the incubation period of an idea or project in your real life is coming to fruition.

Fish Giving Birth Dream Meaning

Dreaming about a fish giving birth is often a positive sign that symbolises fertility, birth, creativity and good luck. This dream can also be a representation of a new idea, a new project, or a new path that you are or will be embarking on in your personal or professional life. It indicates that something new, promising, and rewarding is emerging in your life, like the way fishes multiply in water.

Seeing Dry Fish in the Dream Means

Dreaming about dry fish often indicates a period of despair, disappointment, or feeling emotionally drained. It symbolizes the absence of growth or progress, an ongoing stagnation that you might be experiencing in certain areas of your life. In some circumstances, such a dream can symbolize sterility or unfruitfulness. You may be feeling frustrated by an inability to realise your plans or ideas in reality.

Yellow Fish Dream Meaning

Seeing a yellow fish in your dreams can be indicative of the blessings and wealth coming your way. Yellow, in dreams, is often representative of happiness, joy, optimism, enlightenment, intellect, and honor. In general, a yellow fish dream is thought to reflect prosperity, brightness, lucidity, intuition, and wisdom that’s expected to come in your life soon.

Dreaming Of Being Underwater With Fish

Dreaming of being underwater with fish can symbolize your subconscious mind and emotions. Water commonly symbolizes the realm of emotions, personal truths, and the unconscious. Hence, seeing fish swimming while you’re underwater suggests your association or connection with your deepest thoughts and feelings. This dream could be pushing you to dive deeper into yourself to gain more self-awareness and understanding of your emotional states and inner truths.

Dreaming of Tropical Fish

Dreaming about tropical fish generally signifies peace, relaxation, freedom, and a high state of consciousness. Tropical fish are often associated with emotions, intuition, transformation, and independent thoughts. Since tropical fish live in a colorful and relaxed environment, such a dream also reflects your desires or ongoing experiences of colorful, vibrant, and relaxed moments in your life. It may suggest that it’s a great time for you to express your individuality and creativity freely.

Talking Fish in Dream Meaning

A dream about talking fish often indicates wisdom or intelligence in real life. Often seen as the bearers of knowledge in ancient myths and folklore, fish in dreams often symbolize a developing intuition or the awakening of spiritual insights. In such dreams, attention should be paid to the words spoken by the fish as it may represent inner wisdom or guidance that one’s subconscious mind is trying to convey. If you are engaged in a conversation or receiving advice from a fish in your dream, it may suggest that you’re tapping into a higher wisdom and should make an effort to reflect upon the message and how it can be applied in your waking life.

Dream Of Cutting Fish Into Pieces

When you dream of cutting fish into pieces, it typically signifies discontent or dissatisfaction with certain aspects of your life. This type of dream signifies the need for transformation and change. The act of cutting can symbolize the need to let go of something that is no longer serving you or it may be indicative of pain and suffering. It’s interesting to note that, in dream symbolism, fish often represent emotions and subconscious thoughts. Therefore, this dream could be a prompt from your subconscious to confront and process certain emotions or situations in order for you to move forward in life.

Fishing Net Dream Meaning

A dream involving a fishing net carries several potential meanings, often related to capturing opportunities, feelings or ideas. Casting a net in your dream may suggest that you are in the process of exploring your potential and seeking new opportunities. If the net is full of fish, it indicates abundance and success in your ventures. However, if you dream of a net with no fish or the fish keep escaping, it may signify missed opportunities or disappointments.

Neglected Fish Tank Dream

To dream about a neglected or dirty fish tank usually denotes suppressed emotions or neglected aspects of oneself. The neglected fish tank can be emblematic of personal neglect or feelings of guilt and regret. It may also symbolize feelings of being trapped or stagnated in a certain situation or relationship. The health and state of the fish can further reveal your emotional condition. For example, dead or sick fish might allude to feelings of depression, anxiety, or deep-seated fear.

What Does Killing Fish in a Dream Mean

Dreaming of killing fish often implies that you are preparing to confront something significant in your life or that you are going through a transformative process. In dream interpretation, the act of killing usually suggests dramatic change or the end of a certain emotional state or phase in life. The fish, symbolizing feelings or thoughts, when killed might mean you are endeavoring to change something fundamentally within yourself. Such a dream signifies a phase of personal growth, and the change is usually related to personal development and emotional maturity.

Eel Dream Meaning

Seeing eels in your dreams can be rather unsettling due to their slippery and elusive nature. However, these creatures shouldn’t be interpreted negatively. Psychologists and dream interpreters often associate eels with wisdom, adaptability, and concealed strength. Dreaming about eels could be an indication of your subconscious telling you to use these traits in your waking life. Furthermore, your dream could also hint at secrets and hidden emotions you may not be fully aware of. Don’t neglect these signs, but instead, use them as opportunities to develop a deeper understanding of yourself and your environment.

Symbolism of Fish in Dreams

The symbolism of fish in dreams is profound and diverse, rooted deep within ancient interpretations across different cultures. A fish, ubiquitously, symbolizes fertility, growth, abundance or even some esoteric knowledge. Seeing fish in your dreams could indicate a wide spectrum of interpretations. If the fish is swimming, it could suggest your subconscious is aware of your emotional state. The type of fish you see in the dream could also offer insights. If it’s a goldfish, it might signify spiritual growth, while a shark might indicate a threatening situation.

What Is the Spiritual Meaning of Fish in a Dream

Fish in dreams, from a spiritual perspective, are often viewed as bearers of divine messages or insights into the soul’s journey. They represent the unconscious mind’s yearning for the sacred and the divine. Fish swimming in clear water symbolize your spiritual growth and emotional stability. However, if the water is cloudy or tumultuous, it could signify some emotional turbulence or contestations in your spiritual path. Therefore, viewing fish in one’s dreams means navigating through your spiritual enlightenment and tackling difficult emotional currents.

Biblical Meaning of Fish in Dream

There are many biblical references to fish in the Bible. One of the most common is that of Jesus and the two thieves on either side of the cross. In John 19:18-19, we read of “the two thieves who were crucified with him, one on his right and one on his left.” This speaks to the idea that Jesus had chosen them to be a part of His life even before their sins were found out.

The dream can also be a metaphorical reference to being in a place where you feel like there is no escape from your situation. In Isaiah 43:7, it says “I led you along paths by which you did not go; I caused you to go astray,” suggesting that God’s will was always working behind the scenes.

One other possible meaning could be that when navigating through difficult times, it is important to know where your heart truly lies. If you find yourself dreaming about fish, it can show a need for faithfulness and honesty during this time.

Christian Dream Meaning of Fish

In Christianity, fish hold a significant place; It represents faith, transformation, and divinity. The connection between fish and Christianity dates back to the time of Christ where fish emerged as a secret symbol among Christians. Often associated with Jesus himself, a dream featuring fish might point to the dreamer’s faith and spiritual well-being. Moreover, as biblical narratives such as the ‘multiplication of fish and loaves’ story suggests, seeing fish in a dream could be symbolic of divine providence and abundance.

Seeing Fish in Dream Islam

From the Islamic perspective, seeing fish in a dream carries a wide-ranging and complex interpretation. Generally, it implies good luck, fortune, knowledge, or a woman’s seeking knowledge. The notion of seeing dead fish in a dream is considered as a warning and usually perceived negatively. However, if you see fish swimming in your dream, it denotes good news and beneficial things coming your way. Needless to say, any interpretation in the context of Islam also reflects heavily on the dreamer’s cleanliness, both spiritually and physically.

Seeing Fish in Dream Hindu

In the Hindu philosophy, the significance of dreams is notable and fish are considered a spiritual symbol manifesting in various forms. It is closely tied to the concept of creation and life, since Vishnu, one of the primary deities in the Hindu pantheon, took the avatar of a fish to save mankind. Therefore, dreaming about fish could denote the coming of fortunes, wealth, knowledge, or even a hint to the incarnation of God. It’s advised to keep an open interpretative spirit while deciphering the meaning of fish in your dreams as per Hindu philosophy.


Dreaming of fish can have a variety of meanings. For some people they may dream of a fish meaning that they are trying to make their way through a difficult situation. For others, they may dream of catching a fish and enjoy this feeling of achievement and relief. The main point is that dreams are not set in stone. They may be different from person to person and can mean different things for different people. But the most important thing is to be open to what your dreams tell you about yourself and your life.