The Meaning and Interpretation of Dreams About Demons

Written By Jamie Young

Everyone dreams about demons but not everyone knows what to do when this happens. It’s quite difficult to understand and interpret your own dreams. However, there are some instances in which dreaming about demons can be an indicator of something more serious. In some cases, there may be a mental health problem that needs to be addressed.

What Does Dreaming of Demons Mean

The word demon derives from the Greek word “daimōn”, which refers to the evil spirits that were believed to possess people who would do harm to the living. If you dream about demons, then you may want to take a look at your life, because demons are symbolic of things in your life that frighten you. By dreaming about demons, you can understand that there are forces trying to get inside or taking control of your life. You should be able to control negative thoughts and emotions in order to stop bad things from happening.


Dream of Fighting Demons Meaning

If you’re dreaming about fighting demons, it means that you are facing many obstacles in your life, or someone is manipulating or using you to get what they want. You are probably being lied to and don’t see it. You need to take a stand and say no when asked to do something wrong.

Dreams About Demonic Possession

When you dream about demonic possession, you need to acknowledge the guilt and pain inside of you. There’s a frightening aspect of your subconscious that makes you want to eschew these feelings, but you can’t ignore them. They’ll continue to come back if you deny them. You have to confront what it is you’re running from, or else it will come right out and take a hold of you.

Dreams About Demons Attacking You

When you dream about demons attacking you, it represents a fear of failure and an inability to move forward. The “demons” are all of the insecurities you face about yourself and your life, and they represent your inability to confront them and achieve your goals. Your subconscious mind may be putting these insecurities on display as a way to motivate you to move forward or overcome them.

Rebuking Demons in Dreams

If you’re dreaming of rebuking demons, it means that you should be less harsh with others and try to be more compassionate. You’re judging people before truly getting to know them, and this is going to come back to haunt you later on. Try to give every person you meet a chance.

Dream Invading Demons

Dreaming about demons invading means that you have a lot of bad energy in your life. You could be having conflicts with friends and family, or dealing with some pretty heavy emotional issues. There’s really only one thing you can do: confront the issues head on and ask for help when needed.

Dreaming of a Demonic Presence

If you dream about a demonic presence, this may be a warning of misfortune and danger. This dream can show that you’re feeling stressed, anxious, or alone — and it’s time to take action. Communicate with others to determine what your next steps should be and how you should proceed. Also you should be aware of your negative feelings or unhappiness. Such dreams can also indicate that you have hidden fears and are trying to avoid confrontation.

Seeing Demons in Dreams Meaning

When you dream of seeing demons, it can mean you’re in denial about your own demon-like qualities. You may be acting out or doing things that are not so pleasant and are deeply rooted in your subconscious. It’s important to recognize and face these destructive behaviors in order to move past them.

Dream Interpretation Casting Out Demons

Dreaming about casting out demons may mean you need to get rid of toxic people in your life. Maybe that friend who never has a good word to say, or the co-worker who is always gossiping, or maybe your boss who everyone knows yells all the time. Sometimes a person can be toxic to us without us even realizing it — they just bring negative energy into our lives and don’t even realize it.

Yellow Eyed Demon in Dreams

When you dream about a yellow-eyed demon, it could be a sign that you’re not comfortable with your current situation. Perhaps you’re going through a period of great stress or anxiety, and are failing to cope with the challenges in your life. You may be feeling lost or completely uncertain about how to move forward in life. You may be asking yourself a number of questions, but you can’t find the answers.

Dreams of Demons Chasing Me

When you dream about a demon chasing you, it means you need to be more decisive. You probably find yourself in situations where you are unable to choose the path that’s most appropriate for your life. Sometimes, things come out of nowhere and, before you know it, you’re completely unprepared. There are several ways to deal with this problem, but the best thing for you to do is plan ahead and try to avoid hazardous situations.

Dreams About Exorcizing Demon

Dreaming about exorcizing demon means that you are suffering from an inner conflict between your suppressed emotions and the intense desire to let them out. You may be feeling that you have lost control over your emotions, or are in conflict with someone who is forcing you to act in a way that is against your own nature. It can also represent a strong desire to get rid of something or someone.

Dream My Boyfriend Was a Demon

When you dream about your boyfriend being a demon it may mean that there are some aspects of the relationship that make you feel trapped or stuck. It could mean that you want to break free from a bad cycle in your life, or maybe you feel like your boyfriend is preventing you from growing up and moving forward.

Demon Wolf Dream Meaning

Dreaming about a demon wolf is a powerful symbol of change and prosperity in dreams. It can represent the creative power within you, or the creative possibilities that await you. You’re about to embark on a new endeavor that has the potential for great success if you take action and pursue your goals. If you see a demon wolf in your dreams, it may be telling you to prepare yourself for success and good fortune.

Dream of Demon Grabbing Me

Dreaming about a demon grabbing you means you’re worried someone is trying to control your life or hurt you in some way. You feel helpless and jump at the slightest things, which is the main reason for this nightmare.The demon might be a metaphor for someone who has control over you or something negative in your life.

Dream About Demon Dog

Dreaming about a demon dog represents aspects of ourselves that repress natural instincts. An aspect of yourself that is hidden, but will cause trouble if it remains bottled up or ignored. Hidden or restrained aspects of yourself that you are afraid to confront, but that you need to fully understand to find peace and happiness. Alternatively, a demon dog in dreams may reflect feelings about an animal companion with whom you feel disconnected. An important relationship where you seem to lack understanding.

Demon Choking Me in My Dream Meaning

When you dream of a demon choking you, you are already feeling overwhelmed by people who made your life difficult. This is a plea for help and for you to reach out to others. Reach out to someone you trust and talk it through. They might be physical or metaphorical. It’s likely that the demon has something to do with your feelings of hopelessness or helplessness. 

Killing Demons in Dreams

When you dream about killing a demon, it means you’re facing some kind of major change that challenges your sense of safety. When demons appear in our dreams, they represent some sort of fear or threat. The dream of killing a demon could indicate a real-life problem that’s causing you anxiety, like a certain person, situation, or fear of the future.

Dream of Demon Baby

When you dream about a demon baby, you may be experiencing feelings of anxiety or fear. It’s often linked to feelings of uncertainty and insecurity. It can also represent feelings of needing unconditional love, which has caused people to reevaluate both the quality of their relationships with others and their own self-worth and self-gratification.

Blue Demon in Dream

Dreams about a blue demon are symbolic of your inner turmoil. The demon represents parts of yourself that you don’t want to accept and so you reject them in your dreams. If you really want to understand your own demons, the first thing you should do is identify what it looks like.

Battling Demons in Dreams

When you dream about battling with demons, it means that you will be faced with a problem that may seem impossible to overcome. But you must use your intelligence and creativity to find the best solution. Remember, it is not an idea to get down in despair; as long as you have tried everything and have a clear conscience about it, good luck will always help you.

Demon Reflection in Mirror Dream

When you dream about a demon’s reflection in the mirror, it’s often a sign that you feel isolated from others. You feel like you are fighting for your own sanity, and your individuality is being threatened. It could be a sign that you need to be wary of people who are trying to deceive you and your loved ones. This may also represent your fear of getting older, or the fear of being too young to fully understand the world around you.

Shadow Demon Dream Meaning

Dreaming about a shadow  demon could be an indication of your subconscious mind warning you of something in your real life. It may symbolize a dark character in your life, for example, an abusive partner or a person who ill-treats you. It can also mean that you are feeling overwhelmed by people in your life. There is usually someone that has control over you and makes decisions for you – whether it be your parents, teachers, or even friends.

Dreaming About Demons While Pregnant

When a woman dreams about a demon while she is pregnant, it could mean that she is scared of being a mother. She feels that she lacks the confidence to handle her new responsibilities and worries what will happen if she fails. All mothers have to face this fear at some point in their lives, but most cope by seeking the support of others and working through the problem.

Dreaming About a Demonic Nun

When you dream about a demonic nun, it means that you have suppressed your inner demons for too long. It’s time to express yourself and actually confront the issues within yourself. This can be done through therapy and/or writing in a journal. Many people who have suppressed issues their whole lives suddenly realize they need to seek help when they experience something related to their suppressed issues.

Dream of Being Possessed by Demon

If you’re dreaming about being possessed by a demon, it symbolizes the dark side of human nature which we must face in order to overcome our deepest fears and attain spiritual growth. If you dream that you are possessed by a demon you have made some mistakes because you have not taken responsibility for your actions and have not learned from your mistakes.


The word demon comes from the Greek “daimōn” which refers to an evil spirit that possesses people who would do harm. Demon dreams are symbolic of things in your life that frighten you.