The Meaning and Interpretation of Dreams About Being Kidnapped

Written By Jamie Young

Every person is bound to have their share of nightmares. But what does it mean when you dream about getting kidnapped? For one, this could be a sign that you’re feeling powerless in your waking life. You might feel like you don’t have any control over the events in your life and that you’re just going through the motions while someone else is doing all the work for you.

To get a better understanding of what this means, let’s take a look at some common reasons why people might be dreaming about being abducted.


What Does It Mean When You Dream About Getting Kidnapped

The nightmare of getting kidnapped is the fear of losing control.

If you dream of being chased or of being taken against your will, it’s likely that you’re feeling vulnerable in some area of your life. Chances are this fear is rooted in something specific. Maybe you got picked on at school when you were younger. Maybe there was one time when someone took advantage of you and it left you feeling powerless.

Don’t be so quick to assume that the kidnapping dream means only bad things, though.

There are times when people get kidnapped and they actually feel relieved—like they’ve found their long-lost family members or escaped an abusive relationship. It can also just mean that someone needs help, but doesn’t know how to ask for it.

restrained by chains

Dream about someone else being kidnapped

Dreams about someone else being kidnapped mean that you are worrying about somebody in your waking life. You are worried about their safety, or you have a fear that they will be harmed if you can’t protect them, perhaps through some fault of your own.  If it was a person like a child or grandchild and you were trying to rescue them, then it might show that you feel powerless to protect them at times.

Dream of being kidnapped and escaping meaning

If you are dreaming about being kidnapped and escaping, perhaps you are feeling a bit trapped in your life. You wish you could break free from whatever is holding you back. This dream represents your desire to be free, but in order to achieve it, you need to act on that desire.

Dream of being kidnapped by a stranger

If you dream about being kidnapped by a stranger, it means you are feeling a loss of control in your life. Or if you feel that, in some way, someone is trying to take advantage of you or trying to force their way into your life against your will. You may be dealing with issues related to emotional boundaries, such as a lack of trust, betrayal or abuse.

Dream of someone trying to kidnap me

Dreaming of someone trying to kidnap you signifies that you are being pushed into a corner by someone in your life. Are you feeling trapped or is your situation about to change for the worse? Is someone pushing you out of a relationship, job, etc.? Consider the feelings you had during the dream – were you scared? Anxious? Full of anger?

Dreams about your child being kidnapped

A child being kidnapped can be both a terrifying and confusing dream, especially if it’s not the first time you’re having this dream. Dreaming of your child being kidnapped represents a deep-seated fear that someone you love or care about will be taken away from you. It could also indicate that you are worried that your life is no longer under your control.

Dream my son was kidnapped

If you’ve just had a kidnapping dream and it involved your son, it indicates that you’re feeling a great deal of insecurity about something in your life right now. It’s likely that you’re worried about something one of your loved ones are doing or saying that is causing you to question his or her judgment. This can also be the result of real-life stress from your child’s teachers or other people in authority.

Dream my daughter was kidnapped

Dreaming of your daughter being kidnapped is a symbol of your unconscious fear that your loved ones are in danger. If you have a haunting nightmare that your daughter was kidnapped, it could mean that you are experiencing deep emotional distress over her, and she is not fulfilling your expectations of the relationship. Perhaps you feel that she is ignoring you or avoiding your calls altogether.

Dream of grandchild being kidnapped

If you dream that your grandchild has been kidnapped, that represents your anxieties about controlling the future. It might be recalling a time when you first learned about loss and grief or the early stages of parenthood.  According to Freud, dreams of grandchild being kidnapped speak to the unconscious mind’s struggle with primal desires.

Dream about being kidnapped and tortured

When you’re dreaming about being kidnapped and tortured, you’re attempting to make sense of some element of your waking life that is causing stress. In order to relieve the anxiety you feel while trying to figure out this problem, your unconscious mind is creating the dream scenario as a way to work through the problem.

Dreams about being kidnapped and held hostage

In dreams, being held hostage represents a desire to control our lives in the face of fear and insecurity. Fearing what will happen if we’re not in control of an uncertain situation, we try to exert our authority to make sure everything goes smoothly. Some might be afraid of what will happen if they don’t keep a rigid grip on their lives, while others want to seize control because they want the freedom that comes with making decisions without hesitation.

Dream Of Kidnapping Family Member

Dreaming of a family member being kidnapped can be distressing and may represent feelings of vulnerability, loss of control, or deep-seated fears related to your loved ones’ safety. Such dreams might be triggered by real-life anxieties or past traumatic events, suggesting a need to confront and process these emotions. It can also symbolize a perceived threat to the close bond you share with that family member, be it due to external factors or internal relationship dynamics

Dreams About Being Kidnapped and Killed

When you dream about being kidnapped and killed, it often indicates intense feelings of vulnerability, powerlessness, or fear in your waking life. Such dreams can be deeply unsettling and might arise from past traumas, present anxieties, or fears of losing control in certain situations. These dreams can also symbolize feelings of being trapped or restricted, possibly by circumstances, relationships, or personal limitations. Additionally, the concept of death in dreams isn’t always literal; it can signify an ending or a significant transformation in one’s life.

Attempted Kidnapping Dream Meaning

When you dream about an attempted kidnapping, it often symbolizes feelings of vulnerability or a perceived threat to your autonomy and personal space in your waking life. Such a dream can stem from situations where you feel your boundaries are being pushed or crossed, or where you sense a loss of control. These situations could relate to personal relationships, work environments, or other aspects of your life where you feel threatened or undervalued. The fact that the kidnapping is only “attempted” in the dream may indicate an inner strength or resilience, suggesting that while you acknowledge these feelings or threats, you believe in your ability to overcome them

Dream Of Saving Someone From Being Kidnapped

When you dream of saving someone from being kidnapped, it indicates a deep sense of responsibility, protection, and empowerment in your waking life. This dream suggests that you may feel the need to safeguard those you care about or that you are stepping up to confront challenges or fears head-on. On another level, the act of saving someone in a dream can be symbolic of reclaiming a part of yourself that may have felt lost or suppressed. It may also reflect your subconscious desire to correct or amend a situation where you previously felt powerless. Furthermore, such a dream can be a testament to your inner strength, resilience, and the positive role you play or wish to play in the lives of those around you.

Dream About Being Drugged and Kidnapped

Dreaming about being drugged and kidnapped is a deeply distressing experience, often rooted in feelings of powerlessness, vulnerability, and violation. This type of dream can be a reflection of situations or relationships in your waking life where you feel manipulated, controlled, or blindsided. It might indicate an underlying fear of losing your agency or being taken advantage of by external forces or specific individuals. Additionally, such a dream might arise from past traumas or unresolved emotional conflicts, emphasizing the importance of addressing and processing these feelings

Dream I Was Kidnapped and Escaped

When you dream that you were kidnapped and then managed to escape, it often symbolizes feelings of entrapment or restriction in your waking life, followed by a realization, breakthrough, or overcoming an obstacle. The act of being kidnapped in the dream might represent situations where you feel controlled, trapped, or limited, while the escape signifies your innate resilience, resourcefulness, and the desire to break free. This dream could be a manifestation of your subconscious telling you that even in the face of adversity or challenges, you have the strength and capability to find a way out and regain your freedom. It also highlights the internal battles and struggles you might be experiencing and your determination to overcome them.

Dream About Being Kidnapped by Ex Boyfriend

Dreaming about being kidnapped by an ex-boyfriend often reflects feelings of being trapped, controlled, or emotionally confined by past relationship memories or unresolved issues. This dream might indicate that there are lingering feelings, fears, or traumas related to the relationship, which may be affecting your current life or your ability to move forward. The act of kidnapping in the dream can symbolize the hold or power the memories or emotions of the past relationship still have over you. It can also highlight concerns about falling back into old patterns or getting involved in similar unhealthy relationships.

Dream My Wife Was Kidnapped

When you dream that your wife was kidnapped, it typically signifies deep-seated fears and anxieties related to her well-being or the stability of your relationship. Such dreams can arise from feelings of vulnerability or a perceived threat to the close bond you share with her. It might also reflect concerns about external factors or circumstances pulling her away from you, whether it be work, friendships, or other commitments. On a deeper level, this dream could symbolize feelings of loss or fear of abandonment. It’s crucial to remember that dreams are a way for the subconscious mind to process emotions, and they don’t necessarily indicate real-life events.

Dream Someone Tried To Kidnap Me

Dreaming that someone tried to kidnap you can be a manifestation of feelings of vulnerability, threat, or invasion in your waking life. This dream might indicate that you perceive some external force or situation attempting to limit your freedom, control you, or change the course of your path. The attempt, rather than a successful kidnapping, suggests that while you recognize potential threats or challenges, you believe in your own resilience, strength, and ability to ward off these challenges. On a deeper level, it can also reflect internal struggles with commitment, responsibility, or change

Dream About Escaping a Kidnapper

When you dream about escaping a kidnapper, it symbolizes your ability to overcome challenges and break free from situations or emotions that bind or control you. This dream may indicate a struggle with feelings of entrapment, vulnerability, or powerlessness in certain areas of your waking life, and the act of escaping signifies your innate resilience and desire to regain control. It’s a representation of your subconscious mind’s acknowledgment of threats or challenges, and also a testament to your belief in your own strength and resourcefulness. Such dreams may encourage you to confront issues, fears, or restrictive situations in your life, pushing you towards finding a resolution or seeking freedom from what holds you back.

Dream About Baby Being Kidnapped

Dreaming about a baby being kidnapped often taps into deep-rooted fears and vulnerabilities concerning the well-being and protection of those you care deeply about. If you have a child, such a dream can amplify anxieties about their safety or the challenges of parenthood. If you don’t, the baby might symbolize something new or vulnerable in your life, such as a project, relationship, or personal transformation. The act of kidnapping can represent external forces or internal doubts that threaten to take away or jeopardize this “new beginning” or vulnerable aspect of your life.

Dream About Friend Being Kidnapped

Dreaming about a friend being kidnapped can signify feelings of loss, fear of separation, or anxieties related to the well-being of that particular friend or friendships in general. On a symbolic level, it may reflect perceived threats to the closeness, trust, or stability of your bond with that person. It can also be a manifestation of the subconscious mind projecting your personal fears or vulnerabilities onto someone else, suggesting that there might be elements of your own life where you feel out of control or insecure. Moreover, the dream can indicate unresolved feelings, fears, or concerns about changes or challenges within the friendship.

Dream Of Running Away From Kidnappers

Dreaming of running away from kidnappers emphasizes themes of evasion, survival, and reclaiming personal power. Such a dream suggests that you might be facing situations or feelings in your waking life where you feel trapped, controlled, or pressured, and the act of running away in the dream symbolizes your desire and determination to break free from these constraints. The kidnappers can represent external challenges, fears, or pressures you’re trying to avoid, or even internal doubts and self-limiting beliefs. The act of fleeing showcases the fight or flight response, signaling a strong urge to protect oneself. This dream serves as a reminder of your innate capability to navigate through challenges, encouraging you to address the situations or emotions causing you distress.

Dream Someone Kidnaps You

Dreaming that someone kidnaps you often indicates feelings of being trapped or restrained in some aspect of your waking life. This dream may symbolize perceived threats to your autonomy, freedom, or personal space. The kidnapper might represent a situation, an individual, or even a personal fear that seems to be exerting control over you or limiting your choices. On a deeper psychological level, it can also represent a part of your own psyche that you are wrestling with, such as repressed emotions or unresolved issues. These dreams serve as manifestations of the subconscious mind highlighting areas where you may feel powerless or compromised.

Dream About Kid Being Kidnapped

Dreaming about a kid being kidnapped can evoke strong emotional reactions, as it delves into deep-seated fears concerning the safety and well-being of young ones, whether they are your children, relatives, or unknown kids. This dream often represents anxieties and vulnerabilities about protecting the innocent or ensuring the security of those for whom you feel responsible. On a symbolic level, the kid might represent a vulnerable part of yourself, perhaps a nascent project, idea, or aspiration, and the act of kidnapping can signify external threats or internal doubts threatening to derail or seize this budding aspect of your life.

Dreams About Being Kidnapped and Shot

Dreaming about being kidnapped and shot is an intense experience, often rooted in feelings of vulnerability, fear, and powerlessness. Such dreams can symbolize situations or emotions in your waking life where you feel trapped, victimized, or threatened. The act of being kidnapped in the dream suggests a loss of control or autonomy, while being shot amplifies feelings of sudden danger, betrayal, or fear of irreversible changes. This dream might be an expression of internal struggles, traumatic experiences, or anxieties about specific circumstances in your real life. It could also be the mind’s way of processing distressing news or events you’ve recently been exposed to. While dreams of this nature can be deeply unsettling, they serve as a means for your subconscious to communicate areas of concern, urging you to address them or seek closure.

Dreams About Being Kidnapped and Murdered

Dreaming about being kidnapped and murdered is a harrowing experience that delves deep into one’s psyche, representing intense feelings of vulnerability, loss, and fear. Such dreams can be a reflection of powerlessness or feelings of being trapped in a situation or relationship in your waking life. The act of kidnapping symbolizes a lack of autonomy or control, while the subsequent act of being murdered emphasizes feelings of finality or a perceived end to a particular aspect of yourself or your life. These dreams might also represent internal battles, unresolved trauma, or pervasive fears.

Dream Of Sister Getting Kidnapped

Dreaming of your sister getting kidnapped can be a disturbing experience, resonating with profound emotions linked to protection, family bonds, and personal insecurities. This dream can symbolize underlying anxieties about the well-being of loved ones or fears of losing close emotional connections in your life. The kidnapping might also represent feelings of powerlessness, suggesting that you perceive external forces or situations taking away something or someone you deeply care about. On another level, the sister in the dream could symbolize an aspect of yourself that you feel is at risk or under threat, particularly traits or memories associated with her.

Dream About Being Kidnapped and Killing the Kidnapper

Dreaming about being kidnapped and then killing the kidnapper is a potent symbol of overcoming adversity, asserting control, and reclaiming power in a situation where you initially felt helpless. The act of being kidnapped in the dream points to feelings of vulnerability, powerlessness, or being trapped in a certain situation or mindset in your waking life. However, the subsequent act of killing the kidnapper transforms this narrative, indicating an inner resilience, determination, and a desire to regain autonomy. This dream may signify that you are confronting issues or challenges head-on and finding the strength within to overcome them. It’s a manifestation of your subconscious mind grappling with fears and anxieties but ultimately championing personal empowerment and growth.

Dream My Kids Being Kidnapped

Dreaming about your kids being kidnapped is a manifestation of the deep-seated fears and anxieties that many parents grapple with. Such a dream can evoke strong emotional reactions, as it touches on the innate protective instinct parents feel towards their children. This dream often doesn’t point towards an actual external threat but rather signifies internal fears related to potentially losing control, not being able to shield your children from harm, or fears of them growing up and becoming more independent. It may also reflect feelings of guilt or inadequacy as a parent, wondering if you are doing enough to ensure their safety and well-being.

Dreams of Being Kidnapped and Raped

Dreaming of being kidnapped and raped is undoubtedly distressing, and such dreams can leave a lasting impression upon waking. This kind of dream is often rooted in feelings of vulnerability, powerlessness, or invasion of personal boundaries in your waking life. It doesn’t necessarily mean you have or will experience such traumatic events; instead, it could symbolize a situation where you feel your autonomy is being taken away or where you are being coerced or forced into doing something against your will. Rape in dreams can also be symbolic of a deep violation of personal boundaries or feelings of being taken advantage of. If you have experienced trauma in the past, such dreams could also be a manifestation of post-traumatic stress.

Dream My Boyfriend Kidnapped Me

Dreaming that your boyfriend kidnapped you can be a disturbing experience, but it’s essential to remember that dreams often function as symbolic narratives, not literal predictions. This dream could indicate feelings of confinement or perceived control in your relationship. Perhaps you feel that your freedom or individuality is being suppressed in some way, or you might have fears about the intensity or possessiveness of the relationship. It could also symbolize unresolved issues or fears about commitment and dependency.

Dream About Mom Kidnapping Her Child

Dreaming about a mother kidnapping her child is a complex symbol and can be interpreted in various ways, often rooted in the dreamer’s personal experiences and emotions. This dream might represent deep-seated fears or insecurities, possibly tied to one’s own childhood or relationships. It could symbolize a perception that someone close, represented by the mother, is exerting undue control or influence over another person, represented by the child. For some, it might be an expression of concerns about overprotectiveness or smothering behavior, or it could be a reflection of anxiety about a situation where someone is being kept away, whether emotionally or physically, from where they should be.

Dream Of Saving My Girlfriend From Kidnapped

Dreaming of saving your girlfriend from being kidnapped is indicative of your strong protective instincts and deep-seated fears for her well-being. This dream can be a manifestation of your desire to ensure her safety and happiness, as well as a reflection of underlying anxieties about external threats that might harm your relationship. It’s also possible that this dream signifies a perceived loss of connection or closeness with your girlfriend, and your subconscious is dramatizing this feeling through the act of kidnapping. The act of saving her in the dream highlights your willingness and determination to overcome challenges and obstacles to ensure the stability and health of the relationship.

Dream About Girls Kidnapped With Babies

Dreaming about girls being kidnapped with babies can be a deeply unsettling experience, and its interpretation can be rooted in various personal and emotional contexts. Such a dream might symbolize feelings of vulnerability, innocence at risk, or concerns about responsibilities and commitments you have or might encounter. Witnessing or being aware of kidnapping in a dream could indicate feelings of powerlessness or fear of losing control in certain situations in your life. If the girls and babies are familiar, this could represent your anxieties about their well-being or your responsibilities towards them.

Car Jacking Kidnapping Dream

Dreaming about a carjacking kidnapping can represent feelings of a sudden loss of control or direction in your life. The car often symbolizes one’s path or journey in life, and having it forcibly taken suggests an unexpected turn or challenge. The kidnapping aspect magnifies the sense of vulnerability and helplessness, hinting at situations where you feel your autonomy is compromised or threatened. Such dreams could arise from personal fears of safety, but more commonly, they represent metaphorical “hijackings” – instances where you feel circumstances or individuals are diverting your life’s path against your will. It’s crucial to reflect on your waking life’s current events and feelings to find the root cause of this dream.

Dream Dog Was Kidnapped

Dreaming about your dog being kidnapped can signify feelings of vulnerability, loss, or a threat to something dear and close to you. Dogs in dreams often symbolize loyalty, companionship, and protection. When a dog is kidnapped in a dream, it might reflect your subconscious fears about losing a close bond or a trusted relationship in your waking life. This dream can also represent feelings of powerlessness or a lack of control over a situation. It’s important to consider any recent changes or stressors in your life that might be triggering such feelings, as the dream could be a reflection of those real-world anxieties.

Dream Of Niece Being Kidnapped

Dreaming of your niece being kidnapped can be a distressing experience. Such a dream may indicate feelings of vulnerability, fear, or concerns about the well-being of loved ones, particularly younger family members. In the subconscious mind, a niece often represents innocence, potential, or aspects of oneself at a younger age. The act of kidnapping in the dream could symbolize external threats, a perceived loss of control, or fear of losing something precious to you.

Dream That Ex Husband Kidnap To Kill Me

Dreaming that your ex-husband wants to kidnap and kill you can be an intense and deeply unsettling experience. Such dreams often indicate unresolved emotions, fears, or traumas related to the past relationship. The act of kidnapping in the dream might symbolize feelings of entrapment or being controlled, while the act of killing can represent a desire to end or eliminate certain aspects or memories associated with the relationship. This dream might not be a literal reflection of your ex-husband’s intentions but rather a manifestation of your subconscious fears or the emotional wounds you’ve carried from that period of your life.

Dream of Dead Friend Kidnapping Me

Dreaming of a deceased friend kidnapping you is a profound and symbolic manifestation from the subconscious. This type of dream may indicate unresolved feelings, grief, or guilt associated with the friend who has passed away. The act of kidnapping in this context could symbolize the overwhelming emotions you feel, possibly preventing you from moving on or holding you back in some manner. It’s as if the memory or the unresolved feelings regarding this friend are “kidnapping” your present emotional state. Alternatively, the dream might reflect a fear of forgetting them or an inability to let go of past memories.

Dream About Being Kidnapped To Be Sex Slave

Dreaming about being kidnapped to be a sex slave is a disturbing and deeply unsettling experience. Such a dream may symbolize feelings of powerlessness, vulnerability, or a loss of agency in your waking life. It might indicate situations where you feel exploited or taken advantage of, or you might be dealing with deep-seated fears and insecurities. The specific theme of sexual enslavement can point towards concerns about a loss of control or fear of sexual vulnerability.

Dream You Are Kidnapped by an Old Lady

Dreaming that you are kidnapped by an old lady can have varied interpretations depending on one’s personal experiences and feelings towards elderly individuals. In general, the old lady may represent wisdom, past experiences, or memories that have a hold on you. Being kidnapped by her might indicate that you feel trapped or restricted by old beliefs, traditions, or past experiences that you find hard to move on from. It could also symbolize unresolved issues with elderly figures in your life or fears about aging and the passage of time.

Dreaming My Son Has Been Kidnapped by Father

Dreaming that your son has been kidnapped by his father can be a deeply unsettling experience. Such a dream may reflect anxieties related to your child’s safety or concerns about his relationship with his father. This dream might also symbolize feelings of losing control or influence over your son, especially if you perceive his father as a dominating or negative influence. Additionally, it could represent unresolved issues or conflicts between you and your son’s father, or fears about custody disputes.

Dreams About My Children Being Kidnapped

Dreaming about your children being kidnapped can be a harrowing experience, and such dreams often arise from a parent’s deep-seated fears and anxieties about their children’s safety and well-being. These dreams might be a manifestation of an underlying concern that you are losing influence over your children, or they might be moving in a direction in life that you’re uneasy about. Alternatively, they could symbolize a perceived threat to the close bond you share with your children or feelings of vulnerability regarding their well-being.

Dream of Being Kidnapped and Falling in Love

Dreaming of being kidnapped and then falling in love with the kidnapper is a complex scenario that intertwines feelings of fear, vulnerability, and affection. On one hand, the kidnapping can symbolize feelings of powerlessness, being trapped, or controlled in some aspect of your waking life. Falling in love with the kidnapper, however, introduces an element of Stockholm Syndrome, where hostages develop positive feelings towards their captors. In the realm of dreams, this can signify a subconscious attempt to find peace or rationalize an unhealthy relationship or situation in your life. It might also represent a deep desire to find comfort or connection even in adverse circumstances, or perhaps it signifies an internal struggle where you’re coming to terms with parts of yourself or situations you initially resisted or felt were imposed upon you.

Biblical Meaning of Being Kidnapped in a Dream

Kidnapping is considered in the Bible to be as a metaphor for a terrible violation of freedom and security. In most cases, people who are kidnapped are falsely accused of committing crimes and are jailed or held for ransom. Some people, however, have willingly been kidnapped. These people may wish to be imprisoned for religious reasons, for their own protection, or because they are running from the police or other criminal justice agencies.

Spiritual Meaning of Being Kidnapped in a Dream

Dreaming about being kidnapped can reflect feelings of being trapped or controlled in your waking life, possibly by a situation, a relationship, or internal behavior. From a spiritual perspective, it could signify that you are stuck in your current circumstances and yearn for freedom, or it might indicate a fear of losing control. It can also symbolize transformative growth or change, as the “kidnapping” may symbolize being forcefully removed from old belief systems or ways of life.

Kidnapping Islamic Dream Interpretation

In Islamic dream interpretation, kidnapping is often perceived as a negative symbol. It may signify feelings of fear, distress, anxiety, or issues of control. It can suggest that the dreamer feels trapped, either physically or emotionally, in their waking life. It may also indicate external influences or pressures that are seemingly beyond your control.

Recurring Dream Of Being Kidnapped

Experiencing recurring dreams about being kidnapped could symbolize feeling trapped or restricted in some aspects of your waking life. These feelings might be due to a hostile environment at work, an abusive relationship, or other stressful conditions that you have been unable to resolve or escape from. You might feel overwhelmed, helpless, or controlled by someone else. This recurring dream could be your subconscious mind’s way of communicating that you are yearning for freedom, independence, or a significant change in your life.

The psychological implications of a kidnapping dream

In a nightmare about being kidnapped, the dreamer is often the victim of some type of abduction.

Many psychologists believe that a kidnapping dream can be an expression of fear, anxiety, and insecurity. In many cases, the person who has this nightmare is worried about their safety or their security in some way. It can also show a need for control over one’s life and a strong desire to protect oneself from future harm.

It’s also not unusual for a person to have a bad feeling of uncertainty when they wake up from this type of dream. For example, they might feel anxious about whether they’ll ever see their family again or whether something terrible will happen to them when they’re out in public again.

This is because when you find yourself in an unsafe situation in your dreams it can translate to feelings of anxiety when you wake up. The person might also feel like they don’t have the ability to predict what could happen next in their life which can lead to feelings of uncertainty.


Many people dream about being kidnapped and think of it as a nightmare, but it’s important to understand the source of the dream and the psychological implications before deciding how to interpret your dream.