The Meaning and Interpretation of Dreams of Dragonflies

Written By Jamie Young

Dreams are a powerful way to communicate with the subconscious mind. They can help us understand our fears and concerns, and they can also help us find comfort and understanding. In many cases, dreams are a sign that something is wrong in our lives. For some people, dreams about dragonflies can be a warning sign that they may be in over their head.

What Does It Mean When You Dream About Dragonflies

For some people, dreams about dragonflies can be a sign that they have to leave their home or business. The dreamer may be afraid of something and need to get away from it in order to assess the situation. Alternatively, the dream could be a warning that something is going to happen in the near future that will cause significant financial difficulty.

blue dragonfly

Killing a dragonfly in a dream

When you dream of killing a dragonfly, it appears to mean that you are harboring some sort of anger and resentment. You might be feeling held back in some way; and the dragonfly might represent someone or something that you feel is a part of the problem. Alternatively, dreaming of killing a dragonfly may signal that a loved one is suffering from cancer.

Dream of breaking wing off dragonfly

A dragonfly is a symbol of change and your ability to take control of your life. If you dream of breaking off a dragonfly’s wings, this suggests that you’re feeling suppressed or limited by others. This may be due to your fear of flying high or your fear of taking action. Dreaming of breaking a dragonfly’s wings symbolizes an upcoming problem. Perhaps you are experiencing a difficult situation or an unpleasant event that you don’t know how to handle.

Dreaming you are a dragonfly

Dreaming you are a dragonfly means that you have outgrown your relationship. Sooner or later we all find ourselves working with people who are trying to hold us back, prevent us from fulfilling our potential, or keep us from moving on to the next step in our lives. These people may be friends, lovers, or family members and they drain our energy and ruin our self-confidence.

Dream of a blue dragonfly

Blue dragonflies are a common dream symbol, and can represent hope, peace, and truth. But the meaning of a blue dragonfly depends largely on the rest of your dream. If you see multiple dragonflies in your dream, they could represent love, success in business and joyous times with family and friends.

Big black dragonfly in my dream

A black dragonfly can symbolize several things, on the surface or at a deeper level. Consider this dream in light of personal issues, fears and desires happening in your waking life. If you are really attracted to someone and the dragonfly appears, it may indicate that the object of your desire is not who he or she seems to be, or you may be experiencing doubt about his or her character.

Dragonfly attacking in dreams

When you dream of dragonflies attacking you, it is a way for the unconscious to alert you to something that is happening in your life. In this case, it seems like an issue has been raised and will be given a lot of attention. This could be good or bad, but appreciate that there is a problem or dilemma in your immediate surroundings.

Dead Dragonfly Dream Meaning

Dreaming of a dead dragonfly can be a representation of transformation or change. Dragonflies are often seen as an emblem of transformation due to their lifecycle – starting as nymphs in the water and then evolving into air-borne insects. When the dragonfly is dead in your dream, it might signify the end of a certain phase or aspect in your life. It could indicate completion, a mission accomplished, or the closing of a cycle. You have passed through a particular phase, like the dragonfly and emerged on the other side.

Dream About a Large Dragonfly

In a dream, seeing a large dragonfly may symbolize the magnitude of the changes you’re about to face, or perhaps the amount of energy or drive you possess within you to bring about this transformation. Generally, dragonfly dreams are connected with the concept of freedom, adaptability, and light. A larger size dragonfly could amplify all these qualities. Such a dream could be interpreted as a nudge towards embracing bigger goals or ideas, that may seem daunting initially, but would eventually lead to personal growth.

Dream About Dragonfly Attack

Dreaming about being attacked by a dragonfly, though seemingly frightening, can allude to a pent-up fear of change you might be nursing within. Dragonflies, by nature, are harmless, so an attacking dragonfly in your dream might be symbolic of your own internal struggle against accepting a transformational phase in your life. This dream might be a wake-up call to stop holding back and confront the issues holding you back from growth, advancement, or change you subconsciously yearn for.

Dreaming of a Dragonfly Bite You

Even though dragonflies don’t actually bite humans, dreaming of a dragonfly bite could represent some form of sharp, unexpected change. This can be a powerful message from your subconscious, suggesting you to pay attention to the occurring changes and embrace them rather than fearing them. While it may come as a shock or discomfort, like a bite, this change is likely necessary for your personal development. Acknowledge the transformation as an important part of your life’s journey and learn to adapt to it.

Dreaming of a Dragonfly Landing on You

When a dragonfly lands on you in a dream, it’s essential to take into account the symbolism of a dragonfly in the dream world. Dragonflies often symbolize change, transformation, adaptability, and self-realization. So, dreaming about a dragonfly landing on you could indicate the onset of a significant shift or transformation in your life. It could be a signal that now is a good time for you to embrace these changes and adapt accordingly. Given dragonflies’ association with self-realization, this dream also suggests that you might be on the verge of achieving a deeper understanding about yourself and your purpose in life.

Dragonfly Symbolism in Dreams

There are many different symbolism related to dragonflies in dreams. Some people dream about dragonflies because they are afraid of them. Other people dream about dragonflies because they want to know more about them. Still others may dream about dragonflies because they need someone to help them solve a problem. The symbolism of dragonflies can be extremely personal, so it’s important to consider what the dream is really telling you.

Biblical Meaning of Dragonfly Dreams

In the Bible, dragonflies aren’t directly mentioned, yet they can still be associated with notions of light, change, and metamorphosis. Christians often view the dragonfly as a symbol of resurrection and rebirth – mirroring Jesus Christ’s resurrection – because its life cycle involves a dramatic transformation from a nymph to an adult dragonfly. Also, with their shimmering bodies, dragonflies demonstrate the shedding of light and color in various directions which can further symbolize the transformative power of God’s light. At their core, dragonfly dreams are perceived to be divine messages, urging believers to embrace change positively and spiritually evolve.

Dragonflies in Dreams Islam

In Islamic tradition, dragonflies aren’t mentioned in the Quran or Hadith. However, dragonflies are often associated with purity, change, and light, much like in other religions. If a Muslim dreams about a dragonfly, it may be seen as an encouragement to let things naturally change and to stay pure and righteous in the light of such changes. It could also be a suggestion to evolve spiritually while maintaining lightness and agility, similar to the flight of a dragonfly.

Dragonflies in Dreams Hindu

In Hindu culture, every creature holds its unique importance and symbolic significance, and so does the dragonfly. Often associated with Lord Krishna and the power of light, dragonflies reflect enlightenment, wisdom, and change. Dreaming about dragonflies could imply the need for spiritual awakening or personal growth. It could also be an indicator that the dreamer is on their way towards enlightenment or transforming into a wiser being. Residing on both water and land, dragonflies in dreams might also suggest the significance of emotional and physical balance in life.


When you dream about dragonflies, it’s usually a sign that you’re in over your head. This could be because of your upcoming ordeal, or it could be because of the current state of your life. It’s important to remember that dreams are a powerful way for you to communicate with the subconscious mind. So, if you’re feeling overwhelmed and have no idea what to do, take a moment to dream about dragonflies and see if they can help you find comfort and understanding.