The Meaning and Interpretation of Dreams About Crocodiles

Written By Jamie Young

Dreaming about crocodiles is a truly bizarre experience — there are few animals more frightening to encounter in your dreams. Crocodiles have long been a symbol of something to be wary of, and often show up in our subconscious as a warning of danger in a future situation. It represents a powerful force that could either be in your favor or against you.

What Does It Mean When You Dream About Crocodiles

When you dream about crocodiles, it’s often warning of something in your waking life that is creeping up on you. Perhaps there is a relationship or business venture that you need to keep an eye on. Whatever it is, the crocodile will usually be stalking you – maybe even following you – in some way, shape or form. Crocodiles are also symbols of protection and strength, so you might be looking for support in some area of your life.


Dream of Crocodile Chasing Me

A dream about a crocodile chasing you can mean that you are going through a stressful time in your life, and you are feeling like you need to take charge of all of the problems yourself. You need some help or support,  it will be necessary in order to get out of whatever situation you are currently in. Allow yourself some time for self-care and don’t rush off from one thing to the next.

Dream of Crocodile Attacking Someone

When you dream about a crocodile attacking someone, it indicates that you feel threatened. The dream might highlight your growing concern about how you are viewed by others and show the potential for exposing secrets. When the person being attacked is you, the threat exists internally. You fear that something within you may be revealed and that it will damage you or your relationships.

Seeing Crocodiles in a Dream

When you’re dreaming about seeing a crocodile, it represents your need to watch over people close to you and protect them from harm. The dream may be telling you that someone is acting suspicious, so it’s important for you to pay attention to the people around you. It would be best for you to always be alert, so you don’t develop any unconscious trust issues. A dream about seeing a crocodile represents your willingness to confront dangerous forces in your life currently.

Dream of Crocodiles in Water

Dreaming about crocodiles in the water is a warning of danger and represents an upcoming storm in your life. Considering both crocodiles and water can represent opposing emotions, a dream about crocodiles in the water might be a sign that you’re experiencing mixed feelings about something. It is also representative of change and adaptability. People might need to adapt their way of thinking and approach to life when they dream this dream.

Killing a Crocodile in a  Dream

When you dream about killing a crocodile, it could be a warning to be wary of others in your life who are trying to manipulate or hurt you. Such dreams can also mean that you need to watch out for danger around you. Killing a crocodile in a dream also could mean that you are in pursuit of your goals with great effort, but you are still far from achieving them.

Dreaming of Crocodile As a Pet

When you dream about having a crocodile as a pet, this could mean that you will be able to deal with people in a way that they expect. You are well-equipped to deal with difficult situations and people may find you very diplomatic when it is needed. This dream also represents your ambition to be known for.

Dream of Crocodile Attacking Me

When you dream about a crocodile attacking you, this is your subconscious’ way of telling you that you’re experiencing a lot of pressure at work. In order to escape from the pressure, which can be from colleagues or from yourself, you have to release some stress. Taking time out to do what relaxes you or having a good cry can help — it’s important not to try and deal with stressful situations with gusto, because it will just make them worse.

Dream About Crocodile Eating Someone

Dreaming of crocodiles eating someone represents a lot of problems and fears in your life. You are expressing an unconscious fear of something becoming dangerous or threatening to your personal well-being. Maybe you are scared of being eaten up by a powerful person or organization, maybe you are worried about someone you love betraying you, or that someone will be taken advantage of you. Dreams of being eaten by crocodiles also represent your primal instincts, perhaps you are fighting for survival in the same way that a struggling business has to do.

Dream About Crocodile Biting Someone

Dreaming of a crocodile biting someone signifies that you are in a very stressful period of your life. You are not coping with the stress well and it is getting to you mentally. You need to find a creative way of dealing with the stress and talking about it with others — but definitely not an aggressive or violent way.

Baby Crocodile Dream Meaning

When you dream about a baby crocodile, it means that you need to be more careful about what is going on in your life. You need to pay attention to details because there are many things that are allowing you to slip through the cracks. The baby crocodile in your dream represents the way that you are being taken advantage of by others.

Swimming With Crocodiles Dream

When you’re dreaming about swimming with crocodiles, it symbolizes the end of an old chapter in your life and the start of a new one. You are moving forward and awakening to new opportunities and possibilities. The path ahead is filled with positive change, movement, and excitement. You may feel vulnerable or afraid, but you are able to overcome your fears and continue on with the help of the “crocodiles.”

White Crocodile Dream Meaning

When you dream of a white crocodile, this symbolizes that you are feeling isolated or disengaged. In waking life, the white crocodile represents an objective view of your situation — someone who will provide unbiased feedback. In your dream, he appears in order to spur you into taking action and making a change to improve your current situation.

Crocodile in Dream During Pregnancy

When you dream of a crocodile during your pregnancy, it means that there is some lurking danger nearby. You might also dream of a crocodile if you are feeling insecure about something or if you are worried about somebody close to you. Always pay attention to the people around you, one may be waiting for your greatest downfall.

Dream Riding Crocodile

When you dream about riding a crocodile, you may be feeling trapped in a situation where you’re clinging to the status quo instead of going with the flow. The crocodile is a symbol of safety and security. This dream also means that you are ready to take control of your life. You’re tired of being a passenger, and you’re determined to guide everything in your life to the successful and happy ending it deserves.

Dream About Crocodile Trying to Bite Me

Dreaming about a crocodile trying to bite you, it means you are feeling threatened. The threatening presence could be someone who is trying to take credit for your work or success. Or it could mean that you are pretending to be someone that you are not, and people around you see right through your act. 

Dream of Crocodile Swimming

Dreaming about a crocodile swimming suggests that you are feeling overwhelmed. You’re trying to control so many things that you don’t have control of in your waking life. You are under a lot of pressure, which can be both physically and psychologically draining. You might need to take a break or let off some steam — but don’t let yourself get overwhelmed.

Dead Crocodile in Dream

When you dream about a dead crocodile, it signifies that you are going through an intense period of emotional upheaval. You have just emerged from a time when you have been heavily involved in the day-to-day details of your life, and it is often difficult to see any “bigger picture.” It is in your dreams that you finally get a chance to process all the ups and downs of your emotions over the past few weeks or months.

Spiritual Meaning of Crocodile in Dreams

The spiritual meaning of a crocodile is that the reptile represents courage and power. From the earliest times the mighty reptile has been feared by all who come across it, or are aware of its existence. As with any animal with a reputation for ferocity, it is not surprising that the crocodile was worshiped or held sacred in some cultures, and became associated with protective gods. The crocodile also has many symbolic meanings attached to it.


The crocodile is an ancient symbol that represents fear and power. It also represents danger and impending conflict, which is why you might dream about them.