The Meaning and Interpretation of Computer Dreams

Written By Jamie Young

Have you ever dreamed of a computer? The truth behind this common dream is fascinating. Why do we dream of computers? When we dream of computers, it has a lot to do with our subconscious attempting to help us solve problems in our waking life. This article is here to shine some light on those dreams and tell you what it means when you dream of a computer.

What Does It Mean When You Dream About a Computer

While the dreams of computers are not uncommon, this dream is often a sign of taking your relationship with technology to a point where it is cutting into your life or interfering with other things you may want to do. The dream of technology can be indicative of how you are spending too much time on your electronic devices and need to put more balance in your life.

Dream About Computer Being Hacked

Dreaming about a computer being hacked symbolizes a feeling of being overwhelmed by daily demands and responsibilities, causing you to feel helpless and out of control. This can be detrimental not just to your health but also to your career and relationships. The solution is simple — prioritize what needs to get done immediately, delegate tasks that don’t need immediate attention, and drop the rest.

Dream About Computer Virus

Dreaming about a computer virus can reflect the presence of an actual computer virus or it can be a metaphor for a hidden weakness or internal conflict that you need to address. There is something that worries you, even if you aren’t aware of it. There could be issues in your waking life that bothers you, but you choose to ignore solving them. This dream serves as a warning for you to face that issues and starts addressing them.

Stolen Computer Dream Meaning

If you’re dreaming of a stolen computer, it means that something valuable to you may be taken from you. It may be material things or secrets. This can also be an indication that you are trying to hide something from others. You are feeling like someone can uncover the truth about you or your past, and it causes you to stress in your life. You should be honest and transparent with the people around you.

Dream About Getting a Computer Virus

When you’re dreaming about getting a computer virus, it might be a sign that your current relationship has become stagnant and requires some repair. Perhaps you feel as if someone’s been stealing your time away from you — whether it’s your boss, a demanding classmate, or a significant other who can’t seem to find the time for you.

Broken Computer Dream Meaning

If you’re dreaming about a broken computer, you’re likely expressing frustration with a situation in your waking life. The metaphor of the computer can be used to describe someone who is impeding your progress or is broken down — whether it be a friend, partner, or colleague. It can also symbolize difficulties coping with daily life and the struggles that accompany our human experience. 

Computer Screen Dream Meaning

When you’re dreaming about a computer screen, it may indicate that you are constantly facing new challenges at work and your brain is trying to process all of the information that it’s taking in. The computer screen can also signify overworking as if you are trying to solve a problem with a computer but you’re not getting anywhere.

Dream Meaning Broken Computer Screen

If you’re dreaming of a broken computer screen means you need to slow down and think about the direction you’re taking with your life. You feel disconnected from society and you’re having trouble connecting with people. It’s time to consider establishing a healthier relationship with the people that surrounds you.


Dreaming of a computer can be a sign of taking your relationship with it to a point where it is cutting into your life or interfering with other things you may want to do.