The Meaning and Interpretation of Cigarette Dreams

Written By Jamie Young

When you dream about cigarettes, what does it mean? Your dreams are not just random images, sounds, and sensations. They are there for a reason. They allow your subconscious to express itself to you through symbols. In this article, we will discuss the meaning of each dream about cigarettes, and how it relates to our daily lives.

What Does It Mean to Dream About Cigarettes

If you are having a dream about cigarettes, then there is a very good chance that you are feeling very stressed in your life. You may be feeling the effects of stress in your daily life and the dream is your mind’s way of trying to release those built-up anxieties. More often than not, you can attribute dreams about cigarettes to stress or anxiety.

Dreaming of Smoking a Cigarette

If you’re dreaming of smoking a cigarette it can often imply that you are currently dealing with an addiction. You might find yourself acting out of character, or feeling like you need to control something that is not necessarily within your power. This can often reflect on your real-life behavior but is also relevant on a symbolic level.

Dreaming of Smoking Cigarettes After Quitting

If you’re dreaming of smoking cigarettes after quitting, it’s not necessarily an indication that you are having a relapse. The answer to this question greatly depends on what you are dreaming about. If you are dreaming about the process of getting a cigarette or selecting cigarettes, it’s accompanied by feelings of shame or guilt afterward.

Dream Meaning of Cigarette Pack

If you’re dreaming of a cigarette pack it represents a person’s life and perhaps in this situation, you may be feeling as if their life has been thrown upside-down. This dream means that you’re concerned about something in your waking life. Whether your concerns are coming from a lack of discipline or an imbalance in your life, you’re worried about how your habits are affecting other people.

Dream of Someone Else Smoking a Cigarette

If you’re dreaming of someone else smoking a cigarette it is a sign that you’re feeling guilty about something. It’s reflective of a secret or something you’ve done that you don’t feel proud about. You may also be concerned that others are judging you more than you think they are, and this dream is a way for you to confront that fear.

Dreaming of Smelling Cigarette Smoke

If you’re dreaming of smelling cigarette smoke it is a sign of an impending crisis. It signifies that you may not be able to stop a problem before it spirals out of control. Perhaps there are some outside factors at play, or maybe you just can’t see the forest for the trees.  This dream also represents your need for a release from your stress in daily life. 

Dream of a Friend Smoking Cigarettes

If you’re dreaming of friend smoking cigarettes, it could mean that your friend is having a hard time and needs support. It could mean that you are worried about them, or that something is wrong. By the same token, it could mean that they just finished a stressful test or had an argument with someone.

Dream About Being Burned With a Cigarette

If you’re dreaming about being burned with a cigarette it means that you are attempting to hide something that you do not want to be revealed. You are refusing to accept responsibility for your actions, and you are blaming others. This dream shows how selfish you are, and how you wanted to save face from others instead of correcting it.

Dream Someone Burned Me With a Cigarette

Dreaming about someone burning you with a cigarette denotes that you feel a lack of compassion from the person in question. You may feel that this person is manipulating or controlling you in some way, and the dream is a reflection of your underlying negative feelings about the situation. This can also represent your sense of disappointment at someone doing something diabolical for no reason.

Dream About Buying Cigarettes

Dreaming about buying cigarettes represents the moments in which you go through a bout of self-reflection. You may not be used to making such crucial decisions, but this dream is telling you that you can do so. Perhaps you’re nervous about what the outcome of such a decision might be? In any given situation, the best course of action for your future is often unclear—and it’s okay to feel lost or confused.

Cigarette Burn Dream Meaning

Dreaming about cigarette burns can be a warning against addiction, which can hurt your quality of life. If you like smoking and you have been contemplating quitting, then this might be the dream’s way of telling you that it is time to take action. You can use this dream as an opportunity to consider your habit and evaluate whether it’s healthy for you or not. I 

Dreams About Being Addicted to Cigarettes

If you’re dreaming of being addicted to cigarettes it doesn’t mean that you’re addicted to smoking. It might be a metaphor for your “addiction” (a negative obsession) towards something that isn’t good for you. You dream of being hooked because you’re already dependent on something such as a bad habit or an unhealthy relationship.

Dreams About Hiding Cigarettes

If you’re dreaming about hiding cigarettes, it’s a sign that you have been keeping secrets or trying to avoid accountability. You might be avoiding the truth or trying to preserve our pride. This dream is also thought to be a sign of relationship problems or an upcoming breakup. This serves as a warning that you should pay close attention to your partner’s feelings and adjust your habits accordingly.


If you are dreaming about cigarettes, you are likely feeling some stress in your life. The dream is your mind’s way of trying to relieve your anxiety.