The Meaning and Interpretation of Dreams About Chickens

Written By Jamie Young

Dreaming about chickens is a very common dream and it can signify a few different things depending on the context of your dream. Dreams about chickens often point to greater themes running beneath the surface. They may also give a clue to something that is bothering you. Here are some of the more common meanings behind dreaming about chickens.

What Does Dreaming About Chickens Mean

The general meaning of dreaming about chickens is that you are very worried about something, and it may also be a sign that you are trying to hide something from others. You must pay attention to your dreams for their insights into your subconscious. This dream could also indicate that you might be feeling ignored or unappreciated by others.

Raw Chicken Dream Meaning

If you’re dreaming of raw chicken, it usually means that you feel unprepared in some aspect of your life. You may fear failure, fear rejection, and fear that you will be judged harshly by others. Alternatively, it can mean that you are overly critical of yourself — and that you need to give yourself a little more love.

Dream of Eating Chicken

Dreaming about eating chicken is an omen of upcoming success, which will come as a result of ongoing motivation and hard work. You may be going to face some challenges and hardships in waking life. However, you can use these difficulties to improve yourself and better your community. These dreams are also an indicator that you’re working towards your goals in the right way.

Dream of Cooking Chicken

Dreaming of cooking a chicken indicates an upcoming period of warmth and comfort. In your dream, you were the chef: the meal was a reflection of your pride and your hard work. It is likely that during this time period you will have accomplished something with your unique talents or innovative contributions.

Dream of Fried Chicken

Dreaming about fried chicken can serve as a reminder to make peace with those who are now in a new phase of life. This is especially relevant for those people who have ended up in unhappy circumstances because of their dreams and their need to be in control over everything.

Dream of Cooked Chicken

If you’re dreaming of a cooked chicken, it symbolizes a tranquil domestic life that lacks passion. You want more excitement in your life and you are afraid of taking the steps toward it. In this way, a cooked chicken is the epitome of comfort and security but also lacks excitement and risk.

Dream of Chicken Meat

When you’re dreaming about chicken meat, it can be a sign that there is something you are holding back in your current relationship. You might also be anxious or even scared of what could happen. Try to remember if other details were present or if the dream was just a singular event.

Dead Chicken Dream Meaning

Dreaming of a dead chicken usually means that you have a feeling of dread or helplessness over something. It means that you are having doubts and worries over something, which may or may not be your fault. It could also mean that you feel there is something wrong with the way you are living your life, but you lack the discipline to change things.

Chicken Feet Dream Meaning

If your dreaming about chicken feet, it symbolizes worries and anxieties about your own abilities. You have the skills to accomplish anything, but you are unwilling to put in the work. Whether it be grades, work, or family, you’re not willing to lose sleep to ensure you’re on top of things.

Dreaming of Frying Chicken

Dreaming of frying chicken is a symbol of failure, disappointment, and sadness. It can often signify depression or other emotions of worry. It also means that you’re feeling down about a specific failure in life, but the situation can be turned around through positive thinking, product innovation, and putting your all into your business.

Dreams About Baby Chickens

Dreaming about baby chickens points to a hard life in the future, but it doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to overcome your obstacles and be successful. You’ll have to work harder than you ever thought possible, and opportunities will present themselves to you in ways you never imagined.

Dream of Chicken Pecking You

Dreaming of chickens pecking you can mean you’re feeling pressured or scared by an upcoming event. It usually means you’re worried about something in your real-life — like a big test or an important meeting at work. In general, it is also representative of a fear of commitment, particularly when it comes to relationships with others.

Dream of Eating Fried Chicken

If you’re dreaming about eating fried chicken, it signifies that you’re craving fun, positive experiences or living life to the fullest. You need to make time for play and pleasure. You’ve been taking things too seriously or stressing out over the little things. It’s a reminder that you should start giving yourself more credit and credit others around you.

Dream Meaning of Cooked Chicken Meat

Dreaming of cooked chicken meat can mean that you are going through a tough time right now. Perhaps you’ve been putting up with something for so long that you’re starting to lose your patience, or maybe you’ve been dealing with someone who has been making your life miserable. Either way, it’s a good idea to re-evaluate the situation and see how you can improve it.

White Chicken Dream Meaning

Dreaming of white chickens usually means you are dealing with an overwhelming feeling of being taken advantage of. There is a sense of being powerless, and so many responsibilities that the only action that can be taken is to lay down and hope the feelings will go away. Alternatively, white chickens can symbolize the avoidance of responsibility or a need for structure in a chaotic situation.

Dreams About Chickens Attacking

If you’re dreaming about a chicken attacking it is an extremely powerful dream. It means you feel threatened and afraid of something or someone in your real life. Because a chicken represents your subconscious, the attack in the dream may actually be a metaphor for your own concerns and worries.

Dream of Eating Chicken Wings

Dreaming about eating chicken wings means that you will be able to enjoy the taste of victory. It means that you do not have to be afraid to take risks, because every once in a while you can take a few of them and succeed. It means that even if you are injured, you can still get back up and keep going.

Dream of Raw Chicken Breast

Dreaming of raw chicken breast is a sign of an approaching life change. You may be avoiding change in your waking life, but it seems that you are not able to ignore these inner changes any longer. In other words, something inside of you wants to break free and change things.

Live White Chicken Dream Meaning

If you’re dreaming of a live white chicken, it’s a sign that you need to pay more attention to what’s going on around and inside of you. This dream is telling you that there is something that you should be listening to or watching more closely because it could help you find your way.

Seeing Raw Chicken in Dream

If you’re dreaming of seeing raw chicken, it is actually a symbol representing the beginning of new opportunities. Raw chicken means that now is the time to start fresh and pursue whatever you are truly passionate about, as it will surely lead to great things! Your subconscious wants you to start working on a passion project or take a new course in life.

Dream of Fried Chicken Wings

Dreaming of fried chicken wings indicates you have aspirations that are not fully achieved. The best approach to the situation is to work hard for the satisfaction of the aspirations. A deep desire for family, home, and food is also present. You might want to take a deep look at your life and make changes to find what makes you happy.

Dream of Chicken Wings

Dreaming about wings is a common sign of wish fulfillment, symbolizing your desire for something new and exciting. On a deeper level, you may be waiting for something special to happen or have some sort of doubts about the pursuit of your current passion. The more often you dream about chicken wings, the greater your desire for change.

Dream of Baby Chicken Hatching

Dreaming about a baby chicken hatching often indicates that you need to pay more attention to small details and to the little things in life. You may be spending too much time thinking about your goals or ambitions, and not enough time tending to your relationships. Alternatively, it may also signal that you’re looking for an opportunity to start a family or grow your family.

Dream Meaning Cutting Raw Chicken

When you’re dreaming of cutting raw chicken, it means you need to be careful about how you approach some situation in your life. It could also mean that you have been careless about something in the past and it’s time for you to be careful about how you approach that situation now.

Black Chicken Dream Meaning

Dreaming about black chickens symbolizes loss. You may feel like you are losing control over your life, or that someone is trying to take advantage of you in some way. This dream is a way for your subconscious to warn you to be careful with whom you associate. It can also be a stranger may be entering your life soon.

Dream of Raw Chicken Feet

If you’re dreaming of raw chicken feet it can be a sign that you’re feeling scared or threatened. It may also represent loss or disappointment, as the foot is the part of the chicken that comes in direct contact with the ground. You might feel like you are struggling to stand on your own two feet and are worried about how you’ll manage.

Dream About Buying Chicken

Dreaming about buying chicken often represents preoccupation with materialism. You’re worried about what other people think of you, and you want to keep up with the demands of your social circle. This dream also reflects a fear of being trapped by the demands of others. You feel like you’re heading down a path you can’t choose to stop following, out of fear of social repercussions or negative judgments from others.

Dream About Killing White Chicken

Dreaming about killing white chicken may symbolize the fact that you are feeling overwhelmed by the responsibilities that life is presenting you. You might be feeling trapped in this situation and need to get out. It may also point to your fear of not living up to expectations. You should consider what you expect from yourself, as well as what others are expecting from you.

Dream of Raw Chicken Meat

Dreaming about raw chicken meat is often thought to represent something that you are afraid of, or that worries you on a subconscious level. Examples include fear of being judged, fear of public embarrassment, fear of your own choices, fear of rejection, and so forth. It may also represent a misconception about yourself — for example, you may have cooked food for so long that it seems natural to you, but others do not share this view.

Roasted Chicken Dream

Dreaming about roasted chicken means a great change is coming in your life. This change may be as simple as you running into a friend who gives you some advice on how to fix a problem you have been dealing with, or it might be as momentous as finding out that your boss is getting fired, and you’re being promoted to his/her position.

Dream About Chicken Laying Eggs

Dreaming of chickens laying eggs reflects your current state of mind. You might feel that you’re in a place where you are concerned about the unending demands and stresses of daily life, worrying so much that you’ve forgotten to enjoy the present. It may be time to take a step back and remember how lucky you are to have this life — don’t let worry ruin your happiness!

Dream of Eating Undercooked Chicken

Dreaming of eating undercooked chicken may mean that you’re worried about something, but not because you’re afraid to face it — rather, you don’t want to be affected by it. Your mind is racing too much with thoughts of the future or worrying about the past. You need to take a moment and relax, try some yoga and meditation, then go back to what you were doing before.

Chicken Hatching Dream Meaning

Dreaming about a chicken hatching typically means that you are ready to take on a more central, meaningful role in your life. This change may not be as exciting as you would like at first, but it is necessary for your overall well-being. These changes will probably mean that you are dealing with some uncertainty or change in the future. It’s best not to ignore the message of this dream, but to embrace the change that it may bring into your life.

Dream Meaning of Collecting Chicken Eggs

Dreaming about collecting chicken eggs could mean that you are feeling burdened by the responsibilities you have in your job. Alternatively, it could mean that you want to take a more hands-on approach with something but feel like it is not your responsibility — perhaps this is something you should discuss with your superiors.

Killing Chicken Dream Meaning

Dreaming about killing chickens can represent fear of being overpowered by someone or something. It can also symbolize your inability to find a purpose in life, or how you are feeling powerless and unable to protect yourself. Alternatively, it can sometimes signify underlying anger that you may be trying to repress, which is giving you anxiety and is coming out subconsciously via your dreams.

Dreaming of Cooked Chicken

Dreaming about a cooked chicken means that you will face many difficulties and pressures, and you will no longer be motivated to achieve your goals. For example, the person who is dreaming about a cooked chicken has just started his own business. He faces a lot of pressure to make good money and meet expectations. At the same time, the thought of giving up his business plan makes him feel bad.

Dream of Frozen Chicken

Dreaming about a frozen chicken represents the unexpected pressures that we encounter in life — rapid-moving events, important deadlines, and conflicts with friends or family. Stressful jobs and hectic lifestyles can take a toll on your body and your mind. You need to slow down and relax and in order to recharge and keep your sanity, it is important to find time to relax.

Dream of Fried Chicken Leg

Dreaming of a fried chicken leg is a symbol of your independence, but it may also be revealing a lack of power in your life. It shows that you’re anxious about whether or not you can accomplish your goals, and you may be feeling like you want to cede the power to someone else. This dream often just indicates unexpressed worry.

Dreaming of Chicken Bones

If you’re dreaming of chicken bones, this signifies that you are feeling anxious about your financial situation and you are worried about how you and your family will get by. Your subconscious is showing you that you need to take action if you want to keep your family from being hungry and homeless.

Dreaming of Slaughtered Chicken

If you’re dreaming of a slaughtered chicken, it means that you are trying to run away from your problems, but are too afraid to face them. You’re putting yourself in harm’s way because you haven’t taken the time to yourself to evaluate which path you want to take. It’s crucial for you, so take this time and reflect on all of your options before you make any consequential decisions about your life.

Buying Fried Chicken in Dream

When you’re dreaming about buying fried chicken it is a sign that you need to make some positive changes in your life. It can be associated with your readiness to move forward in your life. It’s time to break out of your shell and start living a little bit. This could be that you are about to make big changes in your life. Maybe you’re planning to become more social and start making new friends.

Eating Fried Chicken Dream Meaning

If you’re dreaming of eating friend chicken it means you’re worried about making money and you’re working too hard. Fried chicken symbolizes comfort in dreams, so this dream is playing on your subconscious desire to find some balance in your life. To feel better, take time out and have some fun.

Eating Chicken Leg in Dream

Dreaming about eating chicken legs symbolizes that you are feeling physically and emotionally weighed down by the burdens of daily life. This dream has been linked to negative emotions related to the past, your childhood, or your family. This dream can also be a sign that you need to fill yourself up with healthier foods and the need to take of yourself better.

Dreaming About Saving Baby Chickens

Dreaming of saving baby chickens means you feel the need to protect someone who is unable to protect himself — a child, someone who is fragile or easily influenced, or something else that needs protecting. It is also significant for you to feel like a “guardian” over someone or something else.


Dreaming of chickens is a sign that you are worried about something and trying to hide it from others. It may also mean that you feel as if you are being ignored and unappreciated.