The Meaning and Interpretation of Dreams About Cats

Written By Jamie Young

Some of the most interesting and entertaining dreams we have are about our pets. Dreams about cats make up a big part of this. Just like our other dreams, it is hard to know what your dream about cats means without looking into its meaning.

Cats have a wide range of meanings in our culture, so they might symbolize different things depending on what they’re doing in your dream. Here are some ways that you can look at your dreams to figure out what they may mean when you dream about cats.

What Does Dreaming About Cats Mean?

A dream about cats can mean many things. In some cases, it might be a sign of the owner’s happiness and abundance. On the other hand, cats in dreams may represent protection. They could also symbolize bravery and protectiveness.

These are just a few examples of how cats can have different meanings depending on the context they are placed in your dream. The most important thing is to pay attention to what your cat is doing or saying in your dream and see if these messages hold any significance for you personally.

cat in a bookshelf

Black cat dream meaning

A black cat suggests that you are being targeted by enemies. The cat may appear in your dream as a friendly animal, but this is only a trick. This animal is working with an enemy and will lead you into trouble. However, you can use this situation to your advantage and destroy the enemy without their knowledge. In other words, take revenge on them without them knowing it.

White cat dream meaning

When you dream of a white cat, you’re feeling like you’re lacking something; this is a sign that you need to slow down and pay attention to the negative feelings inside of you. A white cat symbolizes purity and peace, which may be something that you’re craving. It can also be connected to creativity and art — if you’re an artist or creating a new form of art then perhaps the white cat is calling out to you.

Dream of cat attacking me

If you dream of a cat attacking you, it signifies that you have a fear of something purring and fluffy. Perhaps your job is too tame or the new people you’ve been meeting have been too polite. You may be feeling some rosy optimism about your life — if for no other reason than because there are more cuter things in it than ever before.

Dream of cat jumping on me

When you dream of a cat jumping on you, it is often a dream of desire or excessive affection. If the cat is your own, then this often suggests that you are worried that you don’t give your pet enough attention. In general, dreams of cats can symbolize your friendliness and social nature.

Grey cat dream meaning

Many people experience a grey cat in their dreams, and it’s often associated with negative events. When you dream of a grey cat, you may be facing health issues or personal problems. It may also mean that your mind is preoccupied with financial concerns. A grey cat in your dream can also symbolize the death of a loved one or other significant event.

Orange cat dream meaning

In dreams, orange cats can represent a love of life. The orange color of the cat may also symbolize honesty, friendliness and communication or happiness. Cats in dreams usually symbolize independence and self-reliance. Orange cat dreams can be interpreted as a promise for new beginnings and great achievements, so a dream about an orange cat can mean that something amazing is about to start in your life.

Injured cat dream meaning

Dreaming of a cat being injured, means that there is a seriously trying and testing situation in your life that can overturn adversity and deliver you from danger. Often seeing a cat injured, is a warning sign to self-treatment and care of your physical body. Sometimes, the injury is imagined rather than real, with the subconscious mind helping your conscious mind in the healing process.

Dead cat dream meaning

Dreaming of a dead cat means that something has gone wrong in your life. It may be a personal matter, co-workers if you dream of other people’s pets and the death of your own family pet it represents great deception. Your subconscious mind is telling you that something is not right in your life or daily routine of events. This dream could also be prophetic of a death in your family or loved ones.

Dream of cat and dog together

A dog and a cat together in your dreams is a sign of affection and generosity. It is a positive sign of love that you will receive from others, and can also be interpreted as a clear sign of good health. A dog and cat together can also point to money coming your way. When we see dogs and cats together, it’s a dream that warns you to use your intuition more often, because you’re missing out by staying so rational.

Dreaming of cats and kittens

Dreaming of cats and kittens represents the importance of having a friend to confide in. Some may consider you sensitive and emotional, but when looking for love, try not to rule anyone out. You could find that someone very interesting and even attractive, who is willing to go the distance for you.

Dream of cat biting hand

Dreaming of a cat biting your hand may indicate that a friend or loved one is displeased with your actions. It could also mean people are hiding something from you and you should pay more attention to the situation at hand. Dreaming of cats biting you can mean that you should be careful around others who seem to be friendly but might in fact be hiding their true intentions.

Dreams about multiple cats

f you dream about multiple cats, then you might be facing challenges in your personal life or at work that are indicative of feeling overwhelmed. There’s no need to worry, though! It might seem like too much work to handle on your own, but if you choose your battles wisely and seek help when you need it, then you can overcome any obstacle.

Dream meaning pet cat dying

Dreaming of a pet cat dying can be disturbing, but it shouldn’t be cause for alarm. A dream about a dead cat symbolizes feelings of loss, sadness and loneliness. Your subconscious mind is trying to tell you that you need to take better care of yourself emotionally and seek out meaningful relationships — even if they’re just with pets or other people who are close to you.

Black and white cat dream

a black and white cat in a dream is a symbol of good luck. It represents nature’s simplicity and straightforwardness, as well as elegance and tranquility. There are many other interpretations that describe what it means to see both white and black cats in your dreams — for example, seeing black and white cats on your way to work suggests that you’ll be late for a meeting or interview.

Dream of cat and snake together

Dreaming of a snake and a cat together represents creative rivalries. You may find yourself in a situation where you must choose between two options that both have merit. This can be hard because your talents are divided between the two.  If you dream that you kill or hurt either animal, then it symbolizes a loss of potential success in some area, perhaps not fully developing one of your gifts to its fullest extent.

Spiritual Meaning of Cats in Dreams

When a cat is in your dream, it can symbolize your inner strength. It may also represent a spiritual connection to animals, an appreciation for nature and the environment, or a connection to your animal side.

If you had a dream about cats that wasn’t particularly troubling or scary, then it might simply be a sign of affection. Cats are known as friendly animals and they’re always ready to make people smile

A dream with cats could also show that you have feelings for someone who lives outside of your immediate circle. This could be someone from work, school, or college whom you admire and respect very much. They could also represent your reputation in the community and how people perceive you.

For those who are into astrology, dreams about cats can symbolize different things according to their zodiac sign. For example, if you have a dream about cats when you’re born under the sign Leo, then it might indicate that you have strong emotional ties with those around you.

Cat Symbolism in Dreams

The most common meaning that a cat may have in your dream is that you are dreaming about yourself. If your dream includes a cat, it could symbolize the way you see yourself or what you project to others.

A cat could also symbolize an animal that can bring balance to your life. It could also be a reminder of how important it is to keep on keeping on and not give up when things get tough in life.

If a cat appears in your dreams, it may also represent something else entirely. You’ll have to look at other meanings by asking yourself why the cat appears and what it’s doing to figure out what this dream means to you.


If you’re dreaming about cats, then you might be having a dream about your favorite animal or a companion. Dreaming about cats is a reflection of your subconscious and they can symbolize different meanings depending on what you may be going through. Whatever your cat dreams are about, they might be trying to tell you something.