The Meaning and Interpretation of Dreaming of Butterflies

Written By Jamie Young

When we dream, our subconscious travels to the past and future of the mind. Butterflies are often a symbol of love, especially romantic love. In dreams, butterflies may be symbolic of when you feel like you’re being pulled away from your current life and into a new one. The significance of this dream can also depend on a person’s waking thoughts or feelings.

What Does It Mean When You Dream About Butterflies

Most often, a butterfly in a dream can be interpreted as an aspect of yourself that you haven’t yet discovered. This can be either something positive or negative — a skill you haven’t mastered, or a talent you have buried deep inside. The important thing is to understand why the butterfly is in your dream. If it feels threatening, chances are there is something scary about the unknown aspect of yourself.

blue butterflies

Dream of butterfly landing on me

Dreaming about butterflies landing on you represents the purest expression of beauty and happiness. It means you are close to attaining a goal that is near and dear to your heart—one that will make you feel like you’re living in a dream. A dream of a butterfly landing on you is a sign that your life is about to change.

Monarch butterfly dream meaning

A monarch butterfly dream symbolizes the love you are looking for in the real world. Dreaming of this beautiful creature means that you are looking for someone to share your life with — someone who will take care of you and support you in times of need. This is a good dream, as long as it’s not followed by others of a more negative nature.

White butterfly dream meaning

Dreams of white butterflies symbolize rebirth and transformation. Overwhelming feelings can be a sign that you’re ready for a change, so it could also mean that you’re anxious about something that’s coming up in your life. If you see several white butterflies, it means you have a lot of energy and positivity flowing towards you.

Black butterfly dream meaning

Black butterflies in your dreams symbolize the need to look more closely at some aspect of your life. You may have to reconcile with fears and insecurities, but doing so is necessary for you to move toward your goals. Black butterflies are also linked to the unconscious and dreams because they represent changes that are occurring below the surface of your awareness.

Blue butterfly meaning in dreams

Dreaming of a blue butterfly can mean you will experience some kind of déjà vu, or that you’re feeling nostalgic about your past.  You might also be reminded of a past love interest or relationship when you see a blue butterfly in your dreams. A blue butterfly is also symbolic of good luck in some cultures.

Pink butterfly dream meaning

When you are dreaming of a pink butterfly, it means that there is something that is significantly important in your life and you need to pay attention to it. Something has changed and you are noticing it. Scrutinize your behavior and really think about what has changed. When you dream of a pink butterfly or several pink butterflies, it could mean the heightened probability of romantic encounters in the near future.

Purple butterfly dream meaning

When you have a dream about a purple butterfly, it is usually suggesting that you are having trouble expressing yourself and finding your voice. You are afraid of being judged or embarrassed, and so you say less than you really want to say. In some cultures, seeing a purple butterfly in your dream can mean that you’re feeling unrest in your relationship.

Yellow butterfly dream meaning

A yellow butterfly can be a sign of happiness and joy, a simple sign of positivity and hope. It can also mean things like new opportunities are coming your way, or that you need to take advantage of the chances you have at hand. This is a dream of having fun and enjoying the company of others, so don’t forget to act on any chances you get in the future!

Dream of butterfly attacking

Dreaming about a butterfly attacking can mean that you feel attacked by someone who is usually sweet and kind. Perhaps you have an enemy in your personal life or in your professional network. You may also be thinking about the need to take action when you’ve been sitting idle for too long — sometimes this means going on the offensive, rather than just passively waiting for things to happen.

Biblical Meaning of Butterflies in Dreams

In the Bible, butterflies are often used to symbolize love. In particular, it can be seen in the story of the marriage of Joseph and Asenath (Genesis 38). Joseph was from a lower social status than Asenath, but he still loved her. He felt like he was being pulled into a new life with her and as he followed his dreams, God granted him success in Egypt.

In this instance, Asenath may have also been symbolic of God’s spirit consuming them both. The dream may have also been representative of Joseph’s feelings about marrying someone outside his social class.

What Do Butterflies Symbolize in Dreams

For some people, butterflies are a symbol of love and the feelings associated with it. For others, the butterfly may be symbolic of change and transformation or even death. In dreams, butterflies can also represent innocence or a connection to nature. So, it’s not just about love or change. It depends on what you’re thinking when your subconscious thinks up this dream.


One common meaning of a butterfly in dreams is the change that is happening in your life. Another common meaning of a butterfly in dreams is the expansion of your life. So if you dream about butterflies, you may be undergoing a new change or an expansion in your life.

But it isn’t always that simple. There are many different meanings to a butterfly in dreams and you should learn more about them by asking yourself what they mean to you.