The Meaning and Interpretation of Dreaming About Your Boyfriend

Written By Jamie Young

Do you dream about your boyfriend all the time? If you do, it’s not a bad thing. Dreams are a way for us to explore our emotions and thoughts. They can also be a way to communicate with our loved ones. In fact, many people believe that dreams are a form of communication between the subconscious mind and the conscious mind.


What Does It Mean When You Dream About Your Boyfriend

There are a few things that dreams about your boyfriend can mean. For example, if you dream about your boyfriend often, it might be that you care for him a great deal. Alternatively, dreaming about your boyfriend might just be a way of distracting yourself from reality. It’s up to you to decide what dreams about your boyfriend mean.

boyfriend with girlfriend

Dream about boyfriend cheating

A dream about a cheating boyfriend is usually a result of the you subconsciously feeling that your partner is not putting enough effort into the relationship. Perhaps you feel that he doesn’t respect you, or maybe you feel that your partner isn’t as attentive as they used to be. Or it can symbolize some other dream theme, such as being rejected or betrayed by someone you love.

Boyfriend with another girl dream meaning

If you dream of your boyfriend with another girl, this means that other people are trying to take advantage of your relationship. The same is true if he’s cheating on you in the dream. If you dream that your ex boyfriend has got married and has a child with someone else, this signifies a significant change in his life.

Dream about boyfriend doing drugs

When you dream about your boyfriend doing drugs, it can be a symptom of low self-esteem and feelings of unworthiness. When we dream about our partners behaving badly or immorally without consequence, we are essentially telling ourselves that we deserve better. People who dream of their romantic partner taking drugs may be projecting a fear of their own drug use or a belief that their partner is in danger.

Dream of boyfriend dying

A dream of your boyfriend dying indicates the need for some distance from him, or that he is not the man you thought him to be. This dream should serve as a wake-up call for you, urging you to take a serious look at your relationship and consider finding out some things about him that you might otherwise have overlooked. A recurring dream of your boyfriend dying is usually related to waking life stressors.

Dream about boyfriend flirting with another woman

If you dream about your boyfriend flirting with another woman, or seeing him holding hands with a female colleague, it can be a sign that you have some worries about losing his attention and affection. You might feel insecure about your relationship status, or something he has said has triggered an insecurity about your relationship.

Dream about having a boyfriend

When you dream about having a boyfriend, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you want one, but rather that you are asking yourself questions about companionship, love and acceptance. Having a boyfriend in a dream signifies an aspect of yourself that is sensitive and needs to be nurtured.

Dream my boyfriend broke up with me

When you dream your boyfriend broke up with you, it’s a sign that something is going on in your waking life that has you feeling disempowered and upset. You may be feeling like this because you wish he’d start making more of an effort to show he cares, but are having a hard time asking for what you want. Talk with him about how you feel and your concerns. He may not realize he’s hurting you.

Dream my boyfriend left me for someone else

Dreaming that your boyfriend leaves you is a reflection of your feelings at the time. It may be because you are insecure, or resentful about something he did. Consider what he looked like in the dream and whether it was really your boyfriend or not. If it was a stranger, then it likely represents your fear of losing him to someone else.

Dream my boyfriend left me for another woman

When you dream your boyfriend left you for another woman, it can mean that your subconscious is concerned that he is considering leaving you and moving on to someone else. If this has happened in real life and you feel like it’s the end of your relationship, there may be something more significant at play.

Dream my boyfriend cheated on me with my best friend

If you dreamed of your boyfriend cheating on you with your best friend, you could be searching for something more. A dream like this can appear during times of change, when in a transition phase or when experiencing a feeling of loss. Dreams about your boyfriend cheating with your best friend can be tremendously upsetting. After all, your boyfriend represents a significant part of your life.

Dream about boyfriend fighting someone

When you dream about your boyfriend fighting somebody, it means that you feel as though he is not giving his all to the relationship. He is not putting in enough effort in romance, companionship and intimacy and this is upsetting you. It also indicates that you need to give more of yourself to the relationship and not just expect him to do all the work.

Dream my boyfriend got shot and died

When you dream about your boyfriend getting shot and dying, it’s likely related to some conflict or turbulence in your relationship. In your dream, this is a very strong warning that you should communicate with him to resolve whatever tension exists between the two of you. You need to talk to him about the conflict so the two of you can resolve whatever issues keep cropping up in your relationship.

Dreams about my boyfriend leaving me

When you dream about your boyfriend leaving you, it’s more than just a vivid nightmare. It could be a sign that you’re feeling insecure about your relationship, especially because of recent arguments or problems. The best way to interpret this dream is by looking at the context of the entire nightmare — what was happening before your boyfriend left?

Dream about getting married to my boyfriend

In dreams, marriage represents a stage of life in which you still have freedom and opportunities. Dreaming of getting married to your boyfriend in itself is a symbol of your expectations, hopes and wishes. In dreams, a wedding also symbolizes the achievement of your goals and desires; it may be that you are on the right track to make them come true.

Dream about boyfriend going to jail

When you dream about your boyfriend going to jail, you’re worried that he will commit a serious crime. You’re worried that his reckless behavior will not only get him into some serious trouble, but it could lead him to become a lifelong criminal in the future. You’re afraid that he’s out of control and doing whatever he pleases — whether it’s illegal or not.

Dream about fighting with boyfriend

Dreams about fighting with your boyfriend are about a fight for independence, breaking away from your past, or leaving an old relationship behind. You need to feel like your choices are important and you should be able to make them without pressure from loved ones. Dreaming about fighting with your boyfriend suggests that you are trying to figure out who is right and wrong in this situation. Did he do something you didn’t agree with?

Dreaming your boyfriend gets someone else pregnant

Your dream about your boyfriend getting someone else pregnant means you might be feeling neglected in the relationship. you might be feeling that this person is getting all the attention he needs for himself. If you dream your boyfriend has another woman which he gets pregnant, it’s a sign that you’re worried about him cheating on you.

Dream my boyfriend killed someone

When you dream about your boyfriend killing someone, this is a sign of your partner’s personality changing for the worst. In other words, the person you love and know so well might just be hiding a dark secret – worse yet, one that can affect both of you in the long run. As a symbol, death means loss and change, often forced ones. A murderer in your dreams points to your negative emotions.

Dreaming of my boyfriend ignoring me

If you dream of your boyfriend ignoring you, it could be an indication that you are worried about his commitment. You may be anxious over whether he really loves you or if he’ll leave without a word. The dream is a way of helping you express hidden emotions and fears. In your dream, you may be feeling ignored by your boyfriend. You may even feel that you’re not as important to him as he is to you.

Dream about having a baby with your boyfriend

If you’ve had a dream about having a baby with your boyfriend, then it’s likely that you’re trying to express something you want in your relationship. It could be the desire for a more committed relationship, or it could be that you’re yearning to start a family together. Whatever the case may be, this dream is saying that you might need to talk about these thoughts and feelings with your partner.

Dream my boyfriend proposed to me

When you dream your boyfriend proposed to you, it often means that you are feeling conflicted about your relationship. The dream is telling you that you need to take the time to reflect on how committed you are to your partner and whether the relationship is going in a healthy direction.

Dream my boyfriend was gay meaning

If you dream that your boyfriend is gay, you may have unspoken doubts about his desire to have children with you. There’s also the chance that you are feeling left out of the relationship, and the dream symbolizes this feeling. If you have this recurring dream, it may just be that you are feeling uneasy in your relationship. Many people have dreams about their partners that reflect their real life feelings about them.

Dreams of old boyfriends

Many times when we dream of an old boyfriend, the dream is a sign that you still harbor feelings for the ex-boyfriend. You could be feeling emotionally or physically attracted to him. The dream could also be a message that you need to spend more time developing yourself and your own interests as opposed to continuing to focus on others.

Romantic dream about my boyfriend

When you have a dream about being romantic with your boyfriend, it means that you are not as romantic as you would like. It’s time to take a look at your relationship and make an effort to put some romance back into your romance by doing more of the things you used to do when you were first dating.

Dreaming about a boyfriend I don’t have

If you dream about a boyfriend you don’t have, this dream is more likely to predict the love life you want than the one that’s currently in front of you. The dream may be telling you what you wish for and not what is really going to happen.

Dream about having a boyfriend you never met

When you have a dream about a boyfriend you’ve never met, this dream is telling you that there are some things in your life that aren’t quite right and you yearn for a partner to help make everything perfect. Perhaps, you feel like something is missing, as though part of your soul is still in search of the other.

Dream boyfriend married someone else

Dreaming about your boyfriend marrying someone else is often a projection of anger and resentment. You are dreaming about the end of your relationship, the end of the happily ever after. You may be struggling with feelings that he doesn’t love you anymore or you don’t want to be in the relationship any more.

Dream about my boyfriend’s mom

If your boyfriend’s mom makes her way into your dreams, it could mean that you feel she’d be willing to accept you as part of the family and is eager for new additions. It could because you’re probably feeling second-best to his exes, or simply because there’s something else going on in your family life.

Dream of being abandoned by boyfriend

Dreaming of being abandoned by your boyfriend other could signify feelings of insecurity or loss of freedom. In a dream, a boyfriends abandonment can be interpreted as pushing oneself towards success. Often, such dreams are subtle messages from the subconscious about one’s current life situation — and what actions one must take to succeed in this situation.

Dreaming of my boyfriend meeting my family

Dreaming of your boyfriend meeting your family can be a good thing if he is truly important to you. This dream will let you know that he is part of the family, feels that you are his own and is confident that the family will accept him. Dreaming that they’ll meet your family for the first time is a sign that you value them.

Dream of your boyfriend flirting with another girl

When a girl dreams of her boyfriend flirting with another girl, it could mean that she is feeling insecure about their current relationship. While it’s important not to read too much into dreams, this nightmare can serve as an opportunity for the dreamer to reflect on the real-life relationship.

Dream about boyfriend having a baby with someone else

Dreaming of your boyfriend having a baby with someone is a manifestation of your fear that he is going to leave you and move on with his life. If you see your lover holding hands with another woman in the dream, it means that you are afraid  that he might be falling out of love with you and might be cheating on you behind your back.

Dreams about boyfriend sleeping with another girl

When you dream about your boyfriend sleeping with another girl, it represents an insecurity you have within your relationship. You’re worried that he’s cheating on you or that he doesn’t care about you as much as you care about him. Regardless of what the dream reveals, it’s best to talk to him about your fears.

Dream about boyfriend trying to kill me

If you dream about your boyfriend trying to kill you, this indicates that your current relationship is threatened by a serious issue. The problem could be either emotional or physical. To find out what the issue is, look at his facial expression as he tries to hurt you. Did he look angry or did he look like he was in pain? Did he seem to be scared or confused?

Dream of boyfriend dying and coming back to life

Dreaming of your boyfriend dying indicates betrayal, separation, and a loss of trust. On the other end, dreaming of him coming back to life can be a symbol of hope, overcoming obstacles and fighting fear.

Dream about boyfriend texting another girl

If you keep dreaming about your boyfriend texting another girl, then it’s possible that you feel a little insecure. This kind of dream generally points to a fear that something is going to come between you and the person you are dating, or a fear that there is something wrong with your relationship.

Dream about another girl trying to steal boyfriend

Dreaming about another girl trying to steal your boyfriend indicates a growing sense of insecurity while you two are in a relationship. You’re starting to feel that he’s missing something you can’t offer him. You feel left out and aren’t sure why, but the distance is upsetting you.

Dream my boyfriend was talking to another girl

When you dream about your boyfriend talking to another girl, he is telling you that you are becoming too possessive and need to give him some space. He is telling you not to worry because he will always love you no matter what. A dream where your boyfriend is talking to another woman often means that you are jealous or suspicious, and feel threatened by your significant other’s friendships. You may be worried about your relationship with him, and feel insecure about his feelings for you.

Boyfriend crying in my dream

When you dream of your boyfriend crying, it means he is not happy with your relationship. The dream is trying to tell you that there are serious problems in the relationship, and while they need to be resolved, they can’t be ignored forever. You don’t know if the tears are coming from the fact he feels rejected by you or if he is just sad about the current state of your union.

Dream about my boyfriend coming home

Dreaming about your boyfriend coming home represents the return of a familiar situation or a routine you are happy to see again. It might also be a sign that he is planning to move away from you, but you’re hoping against hope that this isn’t the case. A dream about your boyfriend returning home after being gone for a long time can also indicate that you’ve been worrying about him and now feel relief because he’s safe and sound.

Dream my boyfriend cheated on me with a guy

If you dreamed about your boyfriend cheating on you with a guy, it means that there is someone who is stirring up trouble between you two. The person causing problems might not be someone you know — he or she could be a person your boyfriend works with, or even an online “friend”.

Dream of my boyfriend holding a baby

Dreaming of a boyfriend holding a baby is symbolic of your desire for a stable future. You may be worried about your current relationship, or are simply worried about being in a serious relationship where you have to make huge commitments. Also, dreaming about him being associated with children suggest that you’re having second thoughts about children.

Dream about my boyfriend and my sister

If you dream about your boyfriend with your sister, it means that you are being too possessive of him. You want to control everything your partner does and this is unhealthy for both you and your sister. If you dream that your boyfriend has a crush on your sister, it means you enjoy a sense of competition in the relationship, which can also be enjoyable.

Dream my boyfriend was a demon

If you dream that your boyfriend has turned into a demon, it might be a psychological defense mechanism. In this case, the dream is trying to help you deal with anxiety or fear by making the other person seem like someone or something to be afraid of. But as far as dreams go, this one carries very little weight, and you shouldn’t worry too much about it.

Dreaming of your boyfriend impregnated someone else

In most cases, dreaming of your boyfriend impregnating someone else means that you are afraid that your relationship is not fulfilling, or maybe you have doubts about his fidelity. You may also be worried about the future and your relationship with a man you love, especially if you have been thinking about leaving him.

Dream of having a boyfriend when you’re single

When you dream of having a boyfriend when you are single, this can also be representative of other parts of your life, thoughts, or habits. A common interpretation of dreaming about having a boyfriend when you are single is that there is something in your waking life that isn’t working for you currently — and the solution to your problem could be found in a relationship.

Dream of boyfriend dying in car accident

Dreaming of your boyfriend dying in a car accident is an omen of a turn for the worse in your relationship. If you’re dreaming of this, it’s possible that you and your partner are drifting apart, or perhaps even having an affair with someone else while they are away at work.

Dream my boyfriend beat me up

When your boyfriend hits you during a dream, it means that real life is getting physical. You’re working hard at your career, but you’ve been letting your personal life fall to the wayside. Your relationship deserves just as much attention as you work and your work deserves just as much love as your relationship. You might have tried to balance the two in the beginning, but now it’s time that you were fully present in both.

Dream of boyfriend laughing at me

When you dream of your boyfriend laughing at you, it could be a sign that he’s not being as attentive as he should be. Perhaps he doesn’t give you the time and attention you deserve. Or maybe he’s found someone else to fulfil his needs. If this is the case for you and you don’t like the idea of the latter, you may want to ask him what’s going on in your relationship so that he can explain himself to you.

Dreaming of getting engaged to your boyfriend

When you dream of getting engaged to your boyfriend, it means that you want this love to last forever. When you fall asleep thinking of your future with him and that engagement ring he gave you, it’s because you fear the attention your relationship will get once everyone knows about it.

Dream of snake biting my boyfriend

When you dream of a snake biting your boyfriend, it is usually an indication of tension and dislike. However, when the snake bites you instead, there is a higher chance that the relationship is fake and not meant to last. To have a happy relationship with your partner make sure to accept his/her flaws, and love him/her for who he/she is.

Dream my boyfriend got out of jail

Dreaming about your boyfriend back from jail is usually seen as a positive and meaningful dream. It can also be a sign that you are feeling depressed about the fact that your partner is away from you for work or other reasons and in your subconscious mind, you are looking for some hope that everything will end well.

Dream about boyfriend sick

A dream about your boyfriend being sick indicates that you’re worried about something in your relationship. You feel like you need to take better care of your significant other, and this concern is coming through in your sleep. In this situation it’s important not to let your emotions rule the day — especially because the answer is likely to be nothing.

Dream of boyfriend getting arrested

Dreaming of your boyfriend getting arrested seems to indicate that you need to be on your guard or be more suspicious as there may be secrets in the relationship. Dreaming of a loved one getting arrested indicates that you have deep concerns about the future with this person. This could be caused by a fear that the relationship is going nowhere or that it will end up being unhealthy and harmful.

Dream about boyfriend being ugly

Dreaming about your boyfriend being ugly can be a sign that you are using appearance as a measuring stick for success. Alternatively, when a girl dreams about her boyfriend being ugly, she might feel disappointed in his personality or feel that there is little affection between the two. Some can also indicate possible dissatisfaction with their real-life relationship.

Dreams about boyfriend baby mama

When you dream about your boyfriends baby mama, you’re actually dreaming about your own unresolved issues. Many people have had a hard time dealing with their own relationships, so they project those feelings onto the relationship of someone else. Until you address these feelings for what they are, you may continue to have this as a recurring dream.

Dream about my high school boyfriend

If you dream of your high school boyfriend it may reflect your feeling of being overwhelmed by the responsibilities of a new adult life. It may symbolize the loss of a former life (high school), or be a reflection that what you are doing now is not fulfilling and you miss how things used to be.

Dreaming of having a baby boy with my boyfriend

When you dream of having a baby boy with your boyfriend, you are strongly connected in your waking life to the energy and perspective of children. This relationship with children allows you to see things from a fresh perspective and connect deeply with others people’s feelings. It may also be that you feel constrained by your present responsibilities in waking life.

Dream I killed my boyfriend

The dream of killing your boyfriend or romantic partner is not uncommon. It usually occurs when you are feeling very angry with your significant other and are considering some type of physical violence or revenge. This dream is a call to examine these feelings and find a solution to your conflict.

Dream of boyfriend yelling at me

When you dream about your boyfriend yelling at you, it might mean that he unhappy with the relationship. It might also signal that something else is going on in your life, and you are projecting your worries onto your partner. For example, if you are worried about your job or school, you might be subconsciously picking up on those anxieties when you dream about your partner yelling at you.

Dream about having a baby girl with your boyfriend

When you dream about having a baby girl with your boyfriend, it can mean several things. On the surface, this dream means you’re feeling ready to move into a new phase of your relationship where you and your partner are transitioning from seeing each other casually to starting a serious monogamous relationship together.

Dream about a possessive boyfriend

In general, a dream of your boyfriend being possessive is a reflection of your own insecurities reflected back at you. This kind of dream is a warning that you should really reconnect with him, or he could be distracted from his true feelings for you. Make sure you don’t build a wall between yourself and your partner!

Dream boyfriend proposed with ugly ring

Dreams with ugly rings represent a superficial and fleeting relationship that you’re in. You may feel that something is off with your boyfriend, but you don’t want to confront him about it because you’re afraid of losing him. Your feelings are telling you to be careful and don’t lose sight of your priorities.

Dreaming of your boyfriend telling you that he loves you

Dreaming of your boyfriend telling you that he loves you can be a very positive dream and an excellent omen, if your waking life is also showing signs of him telling you that he loves you. Perhaps feelings you felt you lost are finally returning for him, or there are growing romantic feelings between the two of you.

Dream about boyfriend meeting my mom

If you have a dream about your boyfriend meeting your mom, it’s not just a manifestation of anxiety over meeting the most important woman in your life. It could also be indicative of an underlying desire to settle down, to meet someone who will stay with you and be by your side for the rest of your life. Him meeting Mom could mean you are finally ready to make a commitment and are searching for a person who can commit to you.

Dream my boyfriend had a seizure

If when you dream of your boyfriend having a seizure, his eyes are open and he is looking at you, this is especially significant as it means that he can no longer lie or cheat because you are always there watching him. If while having the seizure, he is looking away from you, it means that he doesn’t trust you — or feel like he has to hide something from you.

Dreams about boyfriend being jealous

When you dream that your boyfriend is jealous, this may mean that you are having trouble accepting the fact that you like a person. It can also symbolize insecurities that you might have regarding yourself and your relationship. In dreams, jealousy is often associated with a fear of betrayal and loss.

Dream about having two boyfriends

In a dream, having two boyfriends is a symbol of your fears that your current relationship is in jeopardy. You have conflicting emotions and you are unable to decide what is right or wrong–who to be with, or who to reject. To dream that you are dating two men at the same time signifies that you need to make a decision about an unsettled situation.

Dream of someone flirting with my boyfriend

If you have dreams of someone flirting with your boyfriend, it could be a projection of your wish that he would pay more attention to you. The dream may be telling you that you’re missing out on some very important attention or affection that is being given elsewhere. For example, someone is flirting with your boyfriend and you see this or he tells you about it. You wonder if he will ever cheat on you.

Dream of vacation with boyfriend

If you dream of a vacation with your boyfriend, it means you are afraid to show your feelings for him. You are afraid that if you act too openly and affectionately, he will leave you; therefore you should talk to your boyfriend more often, make more compliments, and take an active interest in his activities outside of the relationship.

Dream of boyfriend running away from me

When you dream of your boyfriend running away from you, it means that you are worried about losing him. The dream may be telling you that there is something about your relationship that concerns you. Perhaps it is that the relationship will end soon. Alternatively, dreaming of your boyfriend running away from you can indicate that you feel like you’re doing all the work and your partner is just taking advantage.

Dream of boyfriend’s dead mother

Dreaming of your boyfriends dead mother usually symbolizes a change in your life and beyond the physical realm. It can also be an opportunity to heal yourself and others – you may be feeling hurt but death is a part of life. Or perhaps this dream comes to you as a message or warning that something or someone around you is going to pass away. Consider it an omen, but don’t fear it.

Dream about boyfriend cheating in front of you

If you dream of your boyfriend cheating on you in front of you, it means that you have a lot of things to work on within yourself. It is time for self-reflection and introspection. You need to re-evaluate some areas in your relationship and take steps towards resolving any issues that are causing issues between the two of you. Remember, communication is key when it comes to relationships.

Dream about boyfriend abusing me

If you dream that your boyfriend is abusing you, you are probably feeling very angry and powerless in some area of your life. Consider the context of the dream: was he hurting you physically or verbally? The way in which he abused you is a reflection of how you feel in waking life. Do not be afraid to confront him with your feelings.

Dream my boyfriend has a child

A dream about your boyfriend having a child denotes that you are worried that he may stray and find someone else. You should be wary of this, and make sure you spend some time together to work out what is going on in his life and whether or not his feelings for you haven’t changed.

Dream my boyfriend slept with his sister

If you dream your boyfriend slept with his sister, then it’s likely you’re worried about the future of your relationship. This dream could represent your subconscious desire to remain free of obligations or responsibilities. You may be afraid that if you commit to the relationship, you’ll have to change certain habits and behaviors that are part of your independence in order to accommodate a significant other.

Dreams of boyfriend being distant

When you dream of your boyfriend being distant, this indicates you need to spend more time with him. The dream is trying to tell you that you work too hard and therefore the time for personal relationships disappears. The dream may also be about your insecurities within the relationship and the fear of losing your boyfriend to another woman.


If you’re thinking that dreams about your boyfriend are a sign of emotional instability, you might be right. Dreaming about your guy can be a way of expressing feelings that you don’t want to think about. It’s possible that your dream about your boyfriend is a way of reassuring yourself that you’re still in love with him.