The Meaning and Interpretation of Arrow Dreams

Written By Jamie Young

Have you ever had a dream about arrows? It’s an extremely common dream and one that has a lot of different meanings for different people. There are a lot of things that can be symbolized by arrows in dreams, from feelings of frustration and anger to being forced in a direction that isn’t necessarily good for you. Here are some of the different meanings that arrows can represent in dreams, and what you might want to do if you dream about them.

What Does Arrows Mean in a Dream

Dreaming about arrows represents a conflict that you are facing in your waking life. You may be fighting with yourself about an important decision, or struggling with a relationship with another person. Arrows can also be used as weapons, so dreaming about arrows could also mean that someone is attacking you mentally. You may be feeling like your life has no direction, or someone or something is threatening to bring about a dramatic change in your life — for good or for ill.

Dream of Being Attacked by Arrows

Dreaming of being attacked by arrows is a sign of danger ahead. If you dreamt about this, it suggests that you need to be careful when making important decisions. Be wary of unconscious habits and make sure you think through your actions before taking drastic ones. This dream could also mean that you’re being unfairly targeted by others. Maybe you feel like something you did was right, but no one believes you. Maybe you believe in a person or thing and are disappointed when they let you down.

Dream About Being Shot With an Arrow

When you dream about being shot with an arrow, it is likely to be a sign of betrayal and failure. It means that you are making poor decisions about your relationships. Sometimes you think someone is on your side and then they turn against you. There could be a situation in which your friends or family are jealous of your success and try to bring you down.

Dream of Someone Shooting Arrows at Me

When you dream about someone shooting arrows at you, you’re likely dealing with an overwhelming situation in your waking life. You can either fight the battles yourself or let your guard down and succumb to the negative emotions swirling around inside of you. Remember that no one can hurt you without your permission — so be sure to keep pushing forward and find the good in this difficult time.

Dream of an Arrow Pointing East

If you’re dreaming of an arrow pointing east, it symbolizes that you have a clear path ahead of you towards your goals. The direction is known, and it won’t take long to get where you are going. Reaching your goals will be a simple process, as soon as you keep going in the right direction.

Dream Shot in Chest With Arrow

Dreaming of being shot in the chest with an arrow most likely represents a desire for honesty and openness with yourself and others. You are trying to get rid of something from your life in an extreme way — so you can move forward. Imagine the pain and conflict that you have been through, and realize that it is time to let go of control, reach out for help, or at least talk about it.


Dreaming about arrows can be a sign that you are fighting with yourself or someone close to you. It could also indicate that someone is threatening to bring about a significant change in your life — for good or ill.