The Meaning and Interpretation of Alcohol Dreams

Written By Jamie Young

What does it mean when you dream about alcohol? The act of drinking alcohol is frequent in dreams — sometimes it’s a symbol of intoxication, sometimes it represents the feelings we have when we consume alcohol, and other times, it’s just a fun night out with friends. This article explores the connections between dreaming about alcohol and the meanings behind it.

What Does It Mean When You Dream About Alcohol

Dreams about alcohol can depict how you feel about the quality of your life, how you treat yourself, your relationships, and your friends. If you can understand what your unconscious is telling you, it may be possible to make a positive change in your waking life. Just as in real-life, alcohol in dreams can be used symbolically. In dreams, you will often drink with friends and family, attend parties or do something that requires drinking. This can also mean that you’re feeling left out in a social environment or that you’re viewing your life as an outsider.


Dream About Drinking Alcohol

If you’re dreaming about drinking alcohol it symbolizes self-acceptance of a situation. In other words, you’ve accepted your situation. This can translate to the work you do, the community you live in, or even your outlook on life. Drinking alcohol is also symbolic of freedom and a feeling of success after a long period of struggle.

Dream of Alcohol Bottles

When you’re dreaming of alcohol bottles, it means that you are feeling held back or restricted in your life. Your unconscious is giving you a warning sign about being overwhelmed with work or responsibilities; and avoiding being productive. You may feel trapped, or feel as though your life isn’t on the right track.

Dream of Someone Drinking Alcohol

If you’re dreaming about someone drinking alcohol this may indicate that this someone represents something, such as an aspect of yourself. It represents either self-indulgence or an attempt to escape from a situation or responsibility. You may be overdoing it with work or other pursuits, or you may be struggling with some aspect of your life.

Dreams About Drinking Alcohol After Quitting

If you dream about alcohol after quitting, it’s not necessarily an indication that you are having a relapse. The answer to this question greatly depends on what you are dreaming about. If you are dreaming about the process of getting a drink, selecting drinks, or talking to people while drinking, then it’s not likely to mean anything at all, unless it’s accompanied by feelings of shame or guilt afterward.

Seeing Alcohol in Dream

When you’re dreaming about seeing alcohol, it could mean that you have unresolved issues with the substance. It can symbolize the inability to control your intake of the substance and how it could negatively affect your life. For example, drinking too much alcohol can cause someone to lose their job, destroy relationships, or get into legal trouble.

Dream About Drinking Alcohol With Friends

If you’re dreaming about drinking alcohol with friends, it means that you feel alone in your life. You’re always surrounded by people, but you feel like no one understands you. It may be a sign that your current relationship is not as healthy as you think. If you are attached and devoted to someone, yet you still feel lonely, this dream may be an indicator of a problem in your relationship.

Dream of Buying Alcohol

If you’re dreaming about buying alcohol, you have a thirst for something that can’t be quenched with any other beverage. It represents a part of your life that is out of control and you feel like you need to take the reins again. This can also mean that you’re looking for an escape from reality, like a good drink before or during a stressful day will help relax or remove some of the mental burdens on your shoulders.

Rubbing Alcohol Dream Meaning

When you’re dreaming about rubbing alcohol, it can symbolize your self-doubt. You don’t feel like you’ve done enough or that you’re as good as other people think you are. You may be lacking in confidence in some way, especially when it comes to your work. You may be focusing too much on the small details of your life and need to take a step back.

Dead Person Drinking Alcohol in Dream Meaning

When you’re dreaming of a dead person drinking alcohol, it means that there are some deep-rooted issues you’re grappling with. Perhaps you’re upset they left you on your own? Maybe they betrayed you? Or maybe their death is affecting your life in a way that you can’t quite put your finger on? Whatever it is, it’s helping you work through some very real feelings and emotions that need to be addressed.

Dream About Taking Shots of Alcohol

When you’re dreaming about taking shots of alcohol, it may mean that you are anxious about your future. It may be a sign that you are dealing with a lot of stress or pressure. Taking shots in the dream denotes overindulgence or feeling pressured into doing something that is not healthy for you or goes against your morals. It can also mean addiction to alcohol.

Seeing Alcohol Bottle in Dream

When you dream about seeing an alcohol bottle, it means you’re trying to avoid dealing with a current life situation. The symbolism in your dream is that you are looking for a quick and easy way out of a problem. You’re attempting to avoid a difficult or uncomfortable situation by running toward the thing that seems like it will save you the most pain.

Spilling Alcohol Dream Meaning

When you’re dreaming of spilling alcohol, it means you are heading for an unpleasant future. You may be about to face a situation that can lead to a life-changing experience, or you may be at the threshold of an important change that puts your priorities in order — you need to set your priorities straight, or else you will end up making the wrong choices and regretting later on.

Dream of Husband Drinking Alcohol

If you are dreaming of your husband drinking alcohol, then it means that you are having problems with him in real life. In this case, the dream is telling you to watch out for him and keep an eye on his actions. It could mean that he could be hiding something from you. Whether he is involved in some kind of affair or maybe even gambling, this dream indicates that something is going on in his life that he is not sharing with you.


Alcohol is a drug, and in dreams, it may symbolize your desire to escape from the pressures of life.