Weebly vs Hard-coding – Which is Better and Why

Every marketing savvy business needs a website. It’s no longer a question. It’s become a standard. A recent survey states that consumers don’t even trust businesses without them. The creates a dilemma for businesses that don’t have a big budget. How are you supposed to meet that standard?

To people knowledgeable in coding, setting up a site could be a simple task. If this is you there’s one question to ask – is it worth your time? If you’re running a business, setting up marketing and controlling day-to-day processes, do you really want to add programming to that daily to-do list?

If the answer is no there are platforms like Weebly that make life much easier. It’s a website building platform for busy professionals that take the stress out of the task. So, which would you choose to use? If you aren’t sure, let’s way some pros and cons for each.

Weeby, the everyman’s platform

If you’re not interested in doing a ton of setup or any coding at all Weebly is where you need to be. If there was a spectrum of difficult for website setup, Weebly would be on the opposite of hard-coding right after not making a website at all.

The platform is drag-and-drop, borderline plug-and-play once you enter your information and managed by an in-house team with 24/7 tech support. There are other platforms out there, but Weebly is far and away the easiest and has a proven track record as such.

If you don’t like the design options you see on their menu there are individuals and teams that can take care of that. If you’re curious, check out Weebly Themes & Templates Discounted. Also, the setup with the URL and hosting are simple if bought in-house.

With all of the ease of use comes a downside of course. Weebly is simple, painfully so if you’re the type that demands a high level of customization. If you want a feature and they don’t provide it on the platform you may be out of luck.

This can range from mildly frustrating to downright infuriating if that feature is needed for your business. Fortunately, the dev team is constantly working and they’re on the ready for questions and suggestions about how they can improve.

Hard-coding, definitely worth the effort, but not for the faint of heart

Anyone who knows coding knows that if customization is paramount, it’s the best way to go. These same people understand full well how time-consuming and frustrating it can be. Even individuals with libraries of commonly used code will have to spend hours at the desk figuring things out.
Some people like specific layouts that are mobile ready and have rotating or sliding features. Images have to be manually uploaded to a server and individually referenced. JavaScript. Need I say more? Hard-coding is no joke, but it enables you to truly express your artistic vision of your site and bring a user experience to your visitors that wouldn’t otherwise possible.
Which one is best for you?
The answer to the question of which you should choose is a bit complicated. If you have little to no programming knowledge, it’s a bit easier. Your answer, in that case, is Weebly. If you aren’t able to script a site from scratch there’s no need to even think about. Weebly and platforms like it were basically made for people in your shoes.
If you are a competent programmer, it becomes a question of priorities. If you’re skilled enough to program site from scratch, your business is likely dependant on that skillset so feel free to display your talents. Otherwise, you could just save yourself the time and effort.
For the typical person, regardless of coding ability, Weebly should be an easy pick. It’s ease of use and minor HTML editing capabilities cover what most people are capable of. Hard-coding is only needed for those comfortable doing so that absolutely must have specific features on their site. Chances are you’re the prior.

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