Signs that Show That Your Instagram Account is Stagnant

Marketing on Instagram can be a joy if you know what you are doing, but if you aren’t so sure about the things that you are doing, you might end up with an Instagram account that is stagnant – neither here nor there.

There are a lot of things you can do to make Instagram work for you, and at the same time, there are a lot of mistakes that end up making your account dead. However, many users and brands fail to realize that their account is stagnant until it is too late when it can’t be remedied at all.

Here are signs that your account is becoming stagnant.

No New Likes

If you aren’t getting or you are getting minimum new likes on your posts, then you are looking at a dead account. A vibrant account attracts likes each passing day, but when you realize you are really struggling to add a few likes to your posts, and then your account is on its way to Instagram Account graveyard.

When you have an account that has seen its glory, the secret is to breathe some life into it using various methods. One of the ways to make your posts alive is to come up with a new content strategy that will give your posts the appeal it deserves.

Mass Unfollowing

A vibrant account attracts more followers than the ones who are unfollowing it. If you realize that you are losing followers each day, then your content isn’t appealing at all. Instead, the audience is finding it hard to relate to your content, and this is why they don’t need to follow what you post since it isn’t appealing at all.

And remember that if a person realizes that his or her friend has unfollowed your account, they also do the same. It takes more than just a few new posts to return the followers; you need to make sure you use a strategy to add many more to cover for the deficit.

Medium recommends that one of the ways to add new followers and attract the attention of other potential followers is to use a bot. The right Instagram bot helps boost engagement levels and make you look credible in the eyes of potential followers. Take time to understand what the bot does before you pick the right one.

Low Engagement Levels

If you realize that fewer people are engaging with your posts when you put them up, then it is high time you started finding a way to make them talk. It might be because you aren’t inciting them to talk the way they should do it in the first place. What you need in this instance is to try out a few new content ideas so that you can at least have them talking about your content.

Low engagement levels make your Instagram account unattractive to anyone that seeks to engage you on the platform. This is the reason why it is vital that you make sure the levels are high enough to show your potential followers that you are worth following.

Some of the issue with low engagement levels is that the comments also become generic. Even if you post something of high value, the followers respond using generic comments to show that they aren’t interested, and might be on your follower list just for the sake.

In Closing

Take time to understand the progress of your Instagram account so that you enjoy the benefits of having a great following. With the right strategy, you can turn your Instagram account around, and make it easy to achieve your goals the right way.

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