Picking The Right Self Storage Facility

More people are discovering how important self-storage facilities are when it comes to storing valuable items. Self-storage facilities are simply buildings that have been partitioned into several units that can be rented on a monthly or annual basis. You can use these facilities to store old items that may not be easily disposed of as well as those items that you use on rare occasions.

Self-storage service providers are available in plenty these days. Although they offer a wide range of options that you need to take advantage of, you may not be sure which one will suit your storage requirements. Let us look at some tips that will help you choose the best option.

Define Your Storage Needs

The first thing to do when looking for a self-storage unit is to figure out your needs. Estimate the amount of storage space you need and be mindful of sensitive items. Most providers have different sizes of storage units. Choose the right unit size to ensure you do not end up paying for unnecessary space.

The Type of Storage Unit Matters

You need a unit that favors the type of items you have. For example, you need a damp-proof unit to keep your sensitive documents free from damage. Delicate items such as antique pieces and paintings also need specialized storage and you must ensure that the unit you choose is strong enough to sustain them for a period of time.

Have Proximity in Mind

A storage unit that is far from your home or office may increase the amount of money you spend on fuel each time you have to visit the facility. If you will be visiting the storage company more frequently then you may need to consider choosing one that is close to you.

How is The Security of the Place?

A good storage service provider is one that assures you about the security of your items. You need to be sure that your items will be protected from loss. Go for units that have adequate lighting, secure doors, excellent alarms and video surveillance. For instance, if you are seeking to store your stuff in Blacksburg, Christiansburg or Radford, companies such as SmartLock Self-Storage may offer you some highly convenient and secure storage options. Additionally, you ought to ensure that the service provider offers insurance. By doing this, you will be fully compensated in case of damage or loss.

Quality of Relocation Service

Find out if the facility offers quality relocation services and if it has all the necessary packaging materials required to carry your goods during relocation.


As you evaluate the benefits of each storage service provider, feel free to compare their storage rates since affordability should also be one of the factors that influence your decision.

In Closing

Doing a thorough checkup will help you identify any issues and build confidence in your service provider. Each storage facility offers unique services and you need to be careful not to end up with a unit that you did not desire for. Carry out proper research before making the final decision.

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