How to Build the Perfect Instagram Community

Instagram – with over a billion active monthly users, it is one of the most well-loved social media platforms. Having a massive Instagram following can translate into more sales for your business, more traffic to your blog and a stronger community for the brand.

You have seen people with thousands of followers while others have just a measly few. Today we look at a few actionable tips to help you grow your following the right way.

Like Content in Your Niche

If you are looking for followers, it is good to go to a certain niche. This is because when you have followers from this niche, you end up with a higher level of engagement. If you need to get these followers, then spend some hours liking content that people in the niche have posted.  Go through someone’s account and like 5-10 photos. It can help to leave a genuine comment and go ahead to follow them.

Doing this helps you to get known and put your name out there and allow other followers to discover you. Make sure you do this to followers in the niche. However, be careful not to be spammy.

The truth is that you don’t have the time to sit for hours on end liking and commenting on the content, which is why it is vital that you use a bot to do this for you. SWSMag helps you get the best Instagram growth service for this task; make sure to check it out.

Have a Cool Theme

If you follow the first tip, you will get noticed, and many users will get to check out your account and what it is all about. Once they check out your bio and the content you post, you need to make them fall in love with you. One of the things that make this possible is having a cool theme for your content.

Have a few phrases or words that people can associate with your account. For instance, you can use words that make you look humorous and cheerful, or artistic. Choose the right theme and then stick to it for every type of content that you post.


It isn’t called social media for no reason at all. When you post content, you will end up with questions, comments, and opinions from other users.  Rather than leaving something automated such as “great observation,” you need to try and read the comments left behind by other users and answer them genuinely. Additionally, encourage the users by asking genuine questions that encourage them to post more.

Have the Right Hashtag

With the right hashtag, you can get discovered. Using the perfect hashtag is a great way to build your community and get new content for the account. First, come up with a unique hashtag that isn’t already in use and ask your followers to use it. The hashtag will work well if you give it a specific purpose.

Once users start using the hashtag, make sure you repost the images they tag the hashtag on. This will help you build a community because you show your followers that you appreciate the content they post. It also gives you content to associate with your account.

The hashtag should be niche-specific and relevant to your engagement. Don’t go for something general that doesn’t have any meaning.

The Bottom-line

You need to grow your account so that you benefit from the visibility that comes with it. Take time to understand what your niche is all about and come up with strategies that relate to it so that you can gain more followers the right way.

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