How to Find Work as a Graphic Designer

How to Find Work as a Graphic Designer

If you are a great designer you probably won’t have much trouble finding a regular job. Simply apply at specific job agencies for this type of work, or go to and you won’t have a hard time finding something that suits you.

However, working for a fixed salary is nice but it also limits you in your capabilities to earn more money. Waiting for a yearly raise isn’t going to fast track you to success so in this post we’re going to look at some other opportunities, especially if you’re just starting out I have some great ideas for you.

1 Starting at the bottom – Fiverr

If you’ve never designed anything in your life, or only as a hobby, then Fiverr is a good place to get started, the payout is very low of course, starting at only $5 for a logo or banner, but as soon as you get upgraded to level one you can set your own prices for more advanced work and can make some nice earnings from that.

If you’re lucky you go viral on Fiverr and before you know it you get overloaded with work, have the ability to increase your prices even more, or simply use it as social proof for the next platform that we’re going to discuss. There are a lot of alternatives to Fiverr as well btw, think SEOClerks, GigBucks, Micro Workers, and DesignBucks.

2 The next platform should be – Upwork

Upwork is probably the most professional ones of all freelance platforms and because of that, it attracts better-paying clients for higher ticket items. So once you’ve gained experience at Fiverr this is your next place to be. You could also pick a site like, Guru, or PeoplePerHour but they haven’t been in business as long as Upwork so you’ll find lesser paying clients there.

Upwork offers the most intuitive interface and has a large scale of options to get paid and find leads, if you already gained enough experience I’d say hop over to Upwork right away and get started today. With all the work that might end up in your hands you do want to make sure you remain healthy so for that I suggest you visit Pixel Bin as they just published a great guide solely focused on maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

3 For the real professionals, there is – LinkedIn

This is pretty much the top of the range when it comes to finding freelance design work online, that is if you don’t have your own website that attracts enough traffic as that always beats the crown of course. It’s easy to make connections on LinkedIn with other web designers, SEO’s, affiliate marketers, and lots more.

Before you know it you have a few thousand connections and as long as you keep posting your best work on a regular base, say once a week, people will definitely spot you and hire you. Now you’re not dealing with amateurs anymore but real companies with real budgets and provide yourself with a real income!