Signs Your Instagram Influencer is Not Efficient

You have heard of Instagram influencers, and the kind of benefits they bring to your social media marketing campaigns. With the right influencer, your business easily goes viral. However, there are instances when the influencer doesn’t deliver what you need in terms of exposure. There are a lot of factors that go into making your Instagram efforts successful, and using an influencer is just one of it.

Instagram receives over 800 million users each month, and with such a user base, you are sure that there is a good chance that most of your users are already on Instagram waiting for you to make a move.

So, what are the signs that your influencer is not delivering as expected? Here are the top signs.

People Visit When You Offer a Discount

Although it is a good idea to attract followers with discounts and coupons, they shouldn’t only come to your account when you have these offers. What happens when you don’t have something to offer?

The marketing plan you have ought to be long term. Using an influencer is a way to make sure that you market for ages. You have the hopes that when you use the influencer, you want to have the marketing plan for a long time.

You don’t want to connect with your audience just for the one time, but for long. Of course, you cannot offer coupons or discounts on a daily basis; you will lose credibility.

To address the issue, make sure you use the right content each day. You need the right words to let customers know why they must use your brand compared to others.

The Comments are Generic

Don’t be disappointed to read a lot of comments that don’t even relate to your brand. Some influencers use bots to deliver the comments, which might give you the impression that they are getting organic results when they are generating them.

Make sure the influencer is honest and trustworthy.

The Posts Aren’t Relevant to Your Niche

I have seen this issue several times now – businesses choose an influencer just because he has a lot of followers, only to find out that the audience isn’t relevant to their goals. The influencer might post content about your brand, but the content ends up looking out of place compared to other content.

Make sure you look for an influencer that has a massive following, but the following must relate to your niche. Take time to read through the posts and see what the audience says in return before you decide to use his services.

Avoid influencers that work in a general way. Instead, get one that uses a very specific niche. If you sell ladies clothes, find an influencer with a specialty in the same.

The Engagement Level is Low

Influencers make sure your content goes viral via several strategies. However, you might find that at times the content doesn’t work out as expected. The content that you require the influencer to post doesn’t reach the intended target.

One way to determine if the audience is getting your message is to use a bot. The bot monitors your accounts and enumerates the responses from your audience, giving you an idea of how the bot is doing, and what you need to do more to make everything work out. You can check out top Instagram bots and what features they have by visiting Free Your Spine today.

Final Thoughts

It takes more than just an influencer to get the right exposure for your goods or services. Take time to analyze various features so that you can select the best influencer for your needs.

Things To Consider When You Need Vehicles For Your Business

Starting a business can be a large undertaking for anyone. There is a lot that goes into opening a business. First, you are going to have to go through all of the steps to secure a location in which to run your business from. There is all of the insurance that is also necessary in order to open a business. Then, there is the process of setting up the space with all of the supplies and everything that you are going to need for the business.

Some businesses require some special things that others may not need. You may have to find local car dealerships and hop over there to look at the company vehicles that you may need for your employees. When businesses need vehicles to function, there are a lot of other things that are going to need to be obtained for the business.
First, you are going to need to make sure that the vehicles that are bought are going to serve the purpose that they are going to be used for. They are going to have to be able to handle the job that they need to do. For example, a construction company is going to need vehicles that are going to be able to handle the tools and materials that the employees will need on the jobsite.

An owner also needs to make sure that the employees are responsible drivers because they are going to be representing your business on the road and be driving under the company’s insurance. This requires added screening to make sure that they are legal to drive and that they have good past driving records. This is an important part of the process because if it is not followed, an irresponsible employee can cost the business thousands of dollars.

Then there is the insurance that the owner is going to need to obtain for the vehicles to make sure they are covered. There are special insurance policies that are purchased for a fleet of company vehicles so that the vehicles and the drivers are covered in the case of an emergency. It is important to have good insurance to make sure they are covered for anything that may come up.

An owner is going to want to use the vehicles as a form of advertising and marketing for the business. They are going to want to outfit the cars with decals with the business name, phone number, and any other information that they want to put on the cars. This can be a valuable investment that can get added business and sales.

There is so much to worry about as a business owner and the easiest way to keep track of everything is to stay organized. When you run a business, you need to be able to access any information that you may at any given moment. Organization is the best way to make sure to minimize the amount of stress that an owner is bound to deal with. Stress is a normal part of business and organization is the best way to deal with it.

Using Instagram Search and Explore to Get More Followers

Over the past year, Instagram has placed a lot of emphasis on searching and discovery of content. This is through its Search & Explore tab in the app. You can search for peoples, brands and hashtags using this feature. All you need to do is to tap on the search icon and then choose whether you are looking for people or hashtags.

You can search for brands and people using the username or the name. The search results that you end up with are based on a host of factors, including those people that you are connected to, who you follow and the content you like on Instagram.

Many users are featured in the search results on Instagram, and this can be a great way to boost the success of your marketing efforts. With added exposure and the chance of reaching new users that might not have seen your content at all, this is a blessing for many marketers.

You can also use the Instagram Search feature in various other ways. For one, you can search for the best hashtags to include in your posts, the best ones to engage your fans, and even use the feature to get influencers that can take your marketing efforts further.

How Does It Work?

The Search & Explore feature is represented by a magnifying glass icon. Tapping on this icon takes you to the search and explore tab. The search bar allows you to search for anything on Instagram (including people, places and tags), users, hashtags as well as location tags.

Tapping on a username takes you to the profile of the user while tapping on a tag shows you a list of all the images that have the tag on them. The photos are arranged according to the most recent.

How to Use This Feature to Grow Your Following

This feature allows you to get more followers for your account. Featuring in the search results of this feature exposes your brand to other users who are outside your follower base.  You also stand to get more engagement on your posts, which help you to gain more followers.

So, how does this help you?

Get the Right Hashtags to Use

You can use the search feature to identify the most popular hashtags that are trending and then use them in your posts. Using these hashtags makes you easier to find and follow, which means you stand to attract more followers to your account.

Know when to Post on Instagram

One thing you will notice when you search on Instagram is that the latest posts appear first. This gives you an idea that if you time your posts the right way, your content ends up at the top of the search results.

Learn to put up a post when your audience is active on the platform. This way, it is more likely for your post to appear near the top of search results.

Understand the Need for Relevant Content

A look at the search results shows that the top 9 posts are prominent and attract more followers. These top posts are selected based on how popular they depending on the level of engagement. To stay in the top search results, therefore, requires that you come up with great, relevant content that followers engage with.

All in all, for you to build a following and attract more users to your posts, you need to appear among the top of the search results.


The Search and Explore feature in Instagram allows you to find content that you need in your posts as well as to get found by other users.

How to Get Real Instagram Followers by using Popular Hashtags

Throughout the history of social media, the pound sign (#) has stood for something. For Instagram, this sign stands for the hashtag, and younger generations and millennials know it by this name. Almost 70 percent of the users that flood Instagram utilize hashtags on a daily basis.

Hashtags allow the entire community on Instagram to find a conversation and join it. Companies use hashtags to engage their consumers as well as promote their content.

Brands can use hashtags for different purposes. Here are the most common hashtags:

    • Campaign hashtags are created for a specific campaign. You can use the hashtags to encourage people to promote your content further.
    • Brand hashtags are specific for a slogan or a brand name and target a specific niche or topic.
    • Trending hashtags are about a popular topic that is targeting a niche market.
    • Content hashtags are not branded, but are commonplace and are simple regular words that apply to any topic.
    • Event hashtags are ideal for an event that you are planning. It helps you spread the word about your event.

Before you can start tinkering with hashtags, it is wise to see how popular the hashtags are right now and whether people are using it or not. You can do so using third-party apps that are available online.

Now that you know what kind of hashtags is available for your brand, how can you use them to get more Instagram followers?

Keep the Hashtags Organized

You need to have an efficient hashtag system so that you know what tags to use and how they are performing. With time, you get to notice a relationship between certain hashtags and the level of engagement you receive. This can help you decide which kind of hashtags work well for you so that you can leverage them for maximum engagement.

If you are running a promotion for a brand, you can use a tool that allows you to see which are the top hashtags and use them for your next promotion.

For a small business, use an excel sheet to keep a tab on the hashtags.

Know the Magic Number

You need to find the magic number that gives you the highest levels of engagement. This magic number is simply the number of hashtags that work best for you. The truth is that not all posts will work with six hashtags as it is stipulated. You need to range from 5 to 30 and find the number that gives you all the followers you are looking for.

Don’t Go Too Broad

You need to be specific when it comes to hashtags. There are a few reasons why you need to go specific – first, you get to compete with just a few people, and secondly, your audience would love it if you narrow down to a specific niche.

Competing with other brands for general hashtags doesn’t give you what you need; instead, it takes away what you already have. Make sure you have hashtags that can make people interested in what you offer, this way you get more followers.

Test them

You need to test your hashtags time and again so that you know how they are performing. You have to demote some and promote some more so that you have the ultimate list of the right tags for your campaign.

Final Words

You need to have enough followers to leave a mark on Instagram. Take time to understand what your audience wants and go out and give them. It takes some effort, but at the end of the day you will be thankful you tried in the first place.

The Allure of the Portable Laser Machine

Big companies use bulky laser marking applications to personalize different items by making marks on the surfaces. Laser marking is also used in adding certification marks on products to make them genuine. Now imagine if you could have the same capability in your small business. Due to the latest technology, it is possible to do this.

Thanks to the latest development in laser design, you can now use the portable handled marking system, making it ideal for use anywhere. First of all, let us understand how the prices work.

How Does Laser Marking Work?

The new technology uses a laser beam to change the appearance of the material’s surface. The beam changes the colour of the surface, leading to a contrast between the area that has been affected and the surrounding area.

Laser marking works on different kinds of materials ranging from plastic to metals. So, how does this benefit you as the businessman?

You Can Use it anywhere

At times, you are forced to get to the clients home or office to perform this task. With the portable laser, this is possible. The laser is small enough to fit in your carry-on, meaning that you can satisfy the needs of the customer without the need for him to come to your office.

This is advantageous in various ways. First, you can handle tasks that you would normally fail to handle because of a busy customer’s client. If the customer doesn’t have time to come to you, you can go to them. This helps you make money and is convenient for the customer.

Remote working is also possible because you can manipulate the device using your Bluetooth device or USB connection. Others are operated by smart applications that you install on your phone or laptop.

It’s Operated at High Speed

Another huge benefit of this portable handheld laser machine is that in as much as the tool is small in size, it still works at a high speed. You can save time, effort and money when you use this tool without the inconvenience of bulky equipment.

It Is Versatile

Another big benefit of this tool is that it works on a wide variety of materials and products. The tool can handle anything ranging from wooden surfaces to glass.

Free From Space Constraints

Portable handheld laser marking machines are flexible and compact. The size of the head used for marking is akin to that of a hair dryer, making it convenient for use in areas that have restricted spaces.


The portable ladder marking machine has a lifespan of more than 100,000 hours. This long service life doesn’t need you to replace any parts. You enjoy cost savings due to the low maintenance. The maintenance-free features make this the best portable tool from Needham to increase your productivity.

The Bottom-line

As a business, you don’t need to have a bulky equipment to enjoy the benefits that come with laser marking. You can use a portable marking system that gives you all the benefits that come with a bulky marking machine.

Promoting Your Art on Instagram the Right Way

Most artists utilize Instagram mainly to promote their artwork. However, you might not want to come across as some kind of businessman who only intends to sell his or her products. Thus, it is necessary that you follow a few tips to successfully pull off your goals.

Showing Your Investment

Some successful people on Instagram say that it is much more important that you promote a brand that people will enjoy. By doing so, artwork promotion will become more natural and is more effective. An example of doing so is showing the process of creating an artwork. By showing updates on your projects, you will receive more positive responses from the users as they can see the effort you put into it. Overall, this will build up suspense as you slowly approach the final product.

Collaboration With Fellow Artists

Promoting your brand on Instagram not only nets you more sales but also leads to collaborations with other users. You should try finding like-minded artists or companies that you think you can work with and follow them. Proactively like their images, comment, and even if they may not follow you, you at least took the initiative that could lead to something.

Increasing Your Follower Base

The best way to take advantage of Instagram is by using it to show your artwork to others. And how will you do that? By increasing your follower count. You would have to work hard to do it, or you can just utilize bots. If you ever intend to use bots, avoid Instazood as The Small Business Blog reported that it is a poor choice.

Engaging With the Community

Just like other types of social media, in order to use Instagram for art promotion, you have to engage with your followers. Thus, it is best that you think about what the audience wants to have. You should often ask for feedback instead of forcing content upon others. Take advantage of the two-way communication to learn about trends, which you can leverage to improve the results of your work.

Follow other artists that you think can be a source of inspiration for you. After all, Instagram is a great place to find people who can influence you. You never know that the connections you make with others will lead to the success of your goals.


If you intend to promote your artwork on Instagram, you should follow a few tips. These include showing your investment, collaborating with fellow artists, increasing your follower base, and engaging with the community. Remember, it takes time to get it right, so don’t become frustrated when things do not go your way.

The Me Decade: Toy Fads of the 1980s

If you grew up in the 1980s, you know it was a glorious time to be a kid. Commonly known as the “Me Decade”, the ’80s ethos extended to children as well, with a plethora of toys, games, cartoons, television shows, movies, comic books, popular culture, and media marketing targeted directly toward the little tykes. It was truly a golden age for childhood. The epicenter was Saturday morning in front of the TV watching cartoons, while the rest of the weekend was dedicated to convincing your parents to buy the latest action figure or other toy that had been featured in an episode of your favorite show or during a commercial. Sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn’t, but when it did, these are some of the ’80s toy fads that might have satiated your desires.

Video Games

Whether you were a Nintendo kid, an Atari kid, or even an arcade kid, video games were a massive part of childhood in the 1980s. For kids who were a little older during the decade, the comforting wood panelling of the Atari home console brings back fond memories of days after school spent blasting asteroids in Asteroids, avoiding the pitfalls of Pitfall, and conquering Donkey Kong’s Donkey Kong. The local arcade was a popular destination if you were persuasive enough to wrangle a fistful of quarters and a ride out of your mom or dad or – more likely – if your parents just wanted to get rid of you for a few hours on a Saturday afternoon. Either way, you fed those coins into that machine like a maniac until you achieved the high score in classic arcade games like Space Invaders, Pac-Man, Galaga, Street Fighter, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

In 1985, Nintendo reignited the home video game craze with the monumental release of the Nintendo Entertainment System. Along with the original NES came the less epic release of its Robotic Operating Buddy, R.O.B., a confusing gadget included with the deluxe edition of the system that was only compatible with two forgettable games none of your friends ever wanted to play. Despite R.O.B.’s failure, it wasn’t long until every kid had a friend with a Nintendo and the incessant begging began until your parents finally broke down and bought you one to replace that perfectly good Atari 2600 you just got last Christmas. As dependable as that Atari had been, nothing could match the otherworldly enchantment of losing yourself in a session of Super Mario Bros., The Legend of Zelda, Mega Man, or Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out.

Although there were games available for personal computers, they weren’t as widespread as consoles and generally weren’t marketed to children. Nevertheless, if your dad had a PC, you probably came across one of the Leisure Suit Larry games and were left scarred as a result. The technology and sophistication of video games has increased dramatically in the intervening decades, but these classic games and systems still hold an everlasting appeal to the generations who have enjoyed them. For more information on retro gaming, check out Retro Pool.

Action Figures

As a kid in the ’80s, you were bombarded from every angle with promotion for action figures, dolls, and playsets of all kinds. Saturday morning and after school were all about watching cartoons, and cartoons meant marketing opportunities for countless lines of toys and accessories that became must-have items you could barely live without.

  • He-Man and the Masters of the Universe. The most successful toy line of the 1980s, He-Man is notable as the first action figure collection to inspire an animated series, rather than the other way around – the toys were released in 1982, while the cartoon premiered a year later. In addition to the figures, Mattel released playsets depicting the iconic locations of Castle Greyskull and Skull Mountain to provide appropriate battlegrounds for your skirmishes between He-Man and the villainous Skeletor. To attract young girls to the franchise, He-Man’s twin sister, She-Ra, debuted in her own series featuring her own line of toys and accessories in 1985.
  • Intergalactic warring robots who could transform into various vehicles and other objects, Transformers were the most unique and well-made action figures on the market upon the release of the toy line and cartoon in 1984. The ongoing feud between the benevolent Autobots and evil Decepticons expanded in 1986 with the events of the animated movie, leading to Hasbro adding a succession of toys to the line over the years.
  • WWF Wrestling Superstars. Fueled by the combination of colorful World Wrestling Federation stars and MTV promotion, WrestleMania fever swept the nation in the 1980s and captured the imagination of millions of kids via weekly syndicated TV programs and an animated series entitled Hulk Hogan’s Rock ‘n’ Wrestling. From 1984 until 1989, LJN added to the hype with a line of eight-inch rubber figures that looked remarkably like their real-life counterparts, as well as a wrestling ring to hold steel cage grudge matches against your friends.


While much of the toy market was directed at young boys, little girls of the 1980s were not immune to promotional pressure. First manufactured in 1959, Barbie was still going strong throughout the decade and appeared in a number of iterations as an astronaut, doctor, office worker, fitness model, and more. In 1987, Barbie even became a rock star to compete with a popular line of dolls aimed at young females, Jem and the Holograms, featured in their own cartoon that ran from 1985 until 1988. The most memorable toy fad of the ‘80s was the Cabbage Patch Kids, an adorable doll franchise that proved to be wildly in-demand upon its release in 1983 and incited riots at stores among parents desperate to bring one home. If you got a Cabbage Patch Kid, you knew your parents loved you.

Picking The Right Self Storage Facility

More people are discovering how important self-storage facilities are when it comes to storing valuable items. Self-storage facilities are simply buildings that have been partitioned into several units that can be rented on a monthly or annual basis. You can use these facilities to store old items that may not be easily disposed of as well as those items that you use on rare occasions.

Self-storage service providers are available in plenty these days. Although they offer a wide range of options that you need to take advantage of, you may not be sure which one will suit your storage requirements. Let us look at some tips that will help you choose the best option.

Define Your Storage Needs

The first thing to do when looking for a self-storage unit is to figure out your needs. Estimate the amount of storage space you need and be mindful of sensitive items. Most providers have different sizes of storage units. Choose the right unit size to ensure you do not end up paying for unnecessary space.

The Type of Storage Unit Matters

You need a unit that favors the type of items you have. For example, you need a damp-proof unit to keep your sensitive documents free from damage. Delicate items such as antique pieces and paintings also need specialized storage and you must ensure that the unit you choose is strong enough to sustain them for a period of time.

Have Proximity in Mind

A storage unit that is far from your home or office may increase the amount of money you spend on fuel each time you have to visit the facility. If you will be visiting the storage company more frequently then you may need to consider choosing one that is close to you.

How is The Security of the Place?

A good storage service provider is one that assures you about the security of your items. You need to be sure that your items will be protected from loss. Go for units that have adequate lighting, secure doors, excellent alarms and video surveillance. For instance, if you are seeking to store your stuff in Blacksburg, Christiansburg or Radford, companies such as SmartLock Self-Storage may offer you some highly convenient and secure storage options. Additionally, you ought to ensure that the service provider offers insurance. By doing this, you will be fully compensated in case of damage or loss.

Quality of Relocation Service

Find out if the facility offers quality relocation services and if it has all the necessary packaging materials required to carry your goods during relocation.


As you evaluate the benefits of each storage service provider, feel free to compare their storage rates since affordability should also be one of the factors that influence your decision.

In Closing

Doing a thorough checkup will help you identify any issues and build confidence in your service provider. Each storage facility offers unique services and you need to be careful not to end up with a unit that you did not desire for. Carry out proper research before making the final decision.

The best options to replace Instagress and grow your Instagram account

After Instagress has become shut down the Instagram automated market has changed dramatically, possibly for the best. Last year’s crackdowns have led to many new Bots emerging onto the market to compete with the survivors of the crackdown campaign. This competition has enabled smarter Bots providing safer and more effective services for its users. While Instagress was an effective service, many users have moved on and are searching for other Bots that work just as well and are reliable and safe.

The best Bot

Follow Adder is believed to be the safest Bot on the market, this is because it survived the Instagram crackdowns. Many users are saying that it works more effectively than the previous market forerunner, Instagress and is much easier to use and operate.

It can perform all of the usual engagement features which a Bot will have such as following relevant accounts, liking and commenting on their posts while on autopilot. The fact that this is done automatically is a big time saver compared to doing it manually. This will allow you to focus on other areas of your business and let the Bot manage your social media account. Engagement on Instagram is done to gain a follow from these users. The more Instagram followers your account has the more of an audience you can market your business or brand too.

Bots are not the only way to gain followers on Instagram. There are other services known as organic growth services which allow you to gain genuine followers in an unautomated process.

What is an organic growth service?

If you do not want to spend your time on Instagram using engagement methods to gain followers and do not want to use a Bot for fear of being shut down, then the use of an organic growth service is your best option.

This is because unlike Bots which are automated services, organic growth services actually use real people to do the engagement work for you. Not only will they complete the engagement methods on your profile, they will also manage your account. These managers are believed to be leading social media marketers.

Although this manual process may be slower at gaining followers than the use of a Bot it is a more methodical method. It will grow your following steadily and focus on gaining followers only in your target audience.

The main benefit of using these services is that it is deemed safe because it is using real people and not using an automated service to gain followers. These services may be more expensive than using a Bot. That is because they are using real people. The use of real people falls under Instagram’s terms of use policy. Therefore there is no fear of having your account shut down by Instagram.

The recommended service

The leading organic growth service on the market is a company called Social Envy. It is a service which will manage your account using experienced social media marketers to effectively grow your account.

Income Artist has a full detailed list of the best Instagress alternatives for your needs.

A Picture Says A Thousand Words and Can Capture A Thousand Memories.

Photography is so many things to so many people.

Since the invention of camera people have used photography as a way to celebrate life, document historical events and express themselves creatively. Photography can be a personal treasure between you and your loved ones or an artistic expression of the things that you love and cherish. It can be a simple hobby or a fulfilling career.

Blue Bend Photography understand that the important events in your life are something that you want to be able to remember and celebrate forever. They can capture your cherished moments in sophisticated and elegant shots that will truly express the feeling of the moment. They are more than just pictures, they are moments of time captured within a frame.

At a recent shoot at Glassy Mountain Chapel, they were able to capture some truly beautiful candid moments of a vibrant bride to be and her excited bridesmaids preparing for the big event. At the same time, the men were captured getting ready themselves, in shots that express the groom’s relaxed confidence.

The beauty of the moment was snapped over and over, not missing a thing as the beautiful bride made her way down the aisle and the loving couple exchanged their vows.

After the ceremony, more laughter and celebrations as the guests danced and mingled around the newly-weds.

Aside from the face and smiles of guest, the scenery also needed to be appreciated. Blue Bend Photography did an absolutely stunning job capturing the scenery of Glassy Mountain Chapel and her surroundings. I can imagine the married couple, returning in twenty or thirty years to renew their vows and to be able to experience the changes to the scenery over the time that has passed.

Blue Bend Photography are the experts in wedding photography.

Located in Asheville, NC, they travel far and wide to help couples capture their special day. You just need to look at their impressive portfolio to understand why they are much sought after. Don’t leave it too long though. Just like the best wedding venues, the best photographers also book up quickly and Blue Bend are the best! Make sure that you get in touch and secure your booking with them as soon as you set the date for your big day.

For the team at Blue Bend, photography isn’t just a hobby, it’s a finely-honed skill that they have developed over years of experience. Between them, the team at Blue Bend have photographed over 1000 weddings. They have dealt with bad weather conditions, last minute venue changes and unhappy flower-girls. Your day is as important to them as it is to you. They want to share your day with you and capture all of your beautiful moments so that you can look back at them for years to come.

From garden weddings to traditional churches, open fields to romantic waterfalls, Blue Bird can capture your perfect moments in perpetuity. If you haven’t yet settled on a venue, talk to the team at Blue Bend, they have a long list of regular venues in their portfolio that may be of interest. You can look at images of other weddings that may inspire your own wedding day celebrations.

Don’t risk your special day in just anyone’s hands.

You’re only going to get married once, you don’t want just average photos, you want amazing photos. You want photos that your friends will be in awe of, that you can look back on in years to come and smile. Blue Bend can give you that and more. They will make your day less stressful and leave you with printed memories that you can hang in your home.