Best Types of Heating Systems

Central Heat Furnace

Most of the homes located in North America use a central heating furnace to provide heat to their homes. The way a furnace works is by blowing hot air through ducts in the house to deliver hot air to the different rooms. This kind of heating system is called a warm air distribution system and is one of the more popular systems on the market. It can be powered by either natural gases, fuel oil, or even by electricity.

Solar Heating

Solar panels are on the rise, as people become more eco-friendly and aware of their environment. Solar heating is very efficient when it comes to heating systems, and it’s also one of the cost-effective solutions for long term energy needs.

Solar heating is considered one of the cheapest heating systems to install because you don’t actually need to purchase any special equipment. All you need is for your home to be able to hold solar panels. Once the solar panels have been installed, there are absolutely no operating costs, all the energy that they generate for you is yours. However, at times there will be no sunlight, and it could be rather cold, so you will have to get heat from another source during those times.


Although sometimes when someone says “boiler” they are actually referring to a “furnace”, they are actually very different types of heating systems. Boiler heating systems heat water using natural gas, electricity, or sometimes propane, and believe it or not the water never boils like the name “boiler” would imply.

Boilers move the hot air they generate throughout your home using a radiant system, as opposed to the forced air system we talked when covering central heating systems. The most popular option for radiant heaters is the radiant floor heating system. This kind of system works best when the home uses ceramic tile as the flooring material.

The cost of installing a boiler can be substantially higher than installing a furnace, but, they are much more energy efficient.

Heat Pumps

Heat pumps are great because they use refrigerant to absorb heat from other sources such as the ground, air, and even bodies of water if there’s any close by. They then use that heat that they absorb and transfer it into your home. The transfer of heat can also be reversed and used to air condition your home.

The most popular types of heat pumps draw heat from the ground or air. Heat pumps are becoming increasingly popular with home owners, because of its higher energy efficiency. The one downside that heat pumps have, is the number of variables that can affect its efficiency. Heat pumps can be affected by extreme heat, the type of land surrounding your house, and extreme cold. All of these conditions could affect the way the system works in a negative way.

Wood Heating 

Wood heating systems are a great alternative if you want a system that doesn’t use gas, electricity, or oil to heat your home. Wood heating systems use organic materials such as wood pellets, or logs to give you plenty of hot water and heat.

Most families will buy a wood burning stove to heat a single room, such as their living room. But, you can also connect that stove to the boiler in order to heat your water and the rest of your house as well.

Gas-Fired Space Heater

Gas-fired direct heating systems are popular in some areas of the world. These kinds of systems are characterized by their lack of ductwork and fairly small output of heat. Because they are ductless, they are mostly used for heating only a single room. If you want to heat several rooms, you should either make sure the heat can somehow travel from room to room by leaving the doors open or something else. These systems are great for the likes of a cabin, or another residence where having a large difference in temperature between the main room and side rooms is acceptable.

Where to Get These Systems?

If you are interested in getting any of these systems, make sure to contact your local heating and plumbing installation company. If they don’t have the system you are looking for, then perhaps ask if they know someone who does. If you live in the UK, Eco Heat Plumbing is a great option to consider, they offer a wide range of service which could fit your needs. Overall, most companies will be able to get the job done for you, regardless of where you live.

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