Best Instagram Bots for Gaining Followers

Having an active Instagram community profile assists businesses and companies in shaping their brand identity. Whether it is a large company, small start-up, or your personal brand, actions such as liking, posting, following, commenting, adding the proper hashtags, unfollowing, location tags, (all things Instabots are automated to do), aids in the improvement of businesses.

As their following increases, companies become more reputable. In return, brands that have millions of followers receive brand exposure, as well as clients’ trust within the brand or product.

For that reason, there are more than 50 million Instagram business profiles upping their engagement in order to gain and sustain as many followers as they can. Consumers within today’s information era, demand consistent updates in a brief window of time. Thereby, Instagram accounts which are less active, will have less followers.

Having said that, being an active user might be very inefficient and time consuming. The quantity of time it’ll take to unfollow users, research and follow accounts, edit photos, post, hashtag, comment, and like instead could be invested in the development of the company.

What’s the top Instagram bot?

If you do opt to use Instagram bots, below are the best Instabots we suggest.


FollowingLike allows users to run multiple social networking accounts in order to have automated features. What will attract customers most to the Instabot is its capability of simulating human operation. With many automation services now being shut down, individuals utilize this feature in order to avoid getting their account on Instagram suspended.


  • Management of Multiple Accounts – Besides Instagram, individuals obtain automated services for Pinterest, Facebook, Reddit, Tumblr, and much more.
  • Around-the-clock Auto Unfollow, Auto follow, Auto Unlike/Like, Auto Comment, Direct Messages,
  • Share and Post – Pretty much all things a user is able to do, this Instabot has the ability to do.
  • Automated Task Scheduling – Individuals may plan ahead utilizing FollowingLike’s feature by arranging posts to go out into the future.
  • Content Spinning – Individuals may post the exact same content around all social media channles.
  • Proxy Rotate Method – This Instabot will simulate human operation.


  • One Account: One-time purchase of $49
  • Five Accounts – $79
  • An unlimited amount of accounts – $299


  • Individuals have the ability to manage several social media platforms
  • Their proxy method will prevent users accounts from becoming disabled


  • Unlike many Instabot services, this one doesn’t give individuals the choice of testing the software
  • Google + and Twitter have not been integrated yet

Individuals who’ve reviewed the automation software enjoy its user-friendly interface, as well as its accuracy level. Users of Followadder have had the ability to expand their following and produce leads while having complete control over the management software.


  • Bulk Scheduling and Uploading – Individuals may publish photographs throughout the day, and update followers and have them up on their toes for your following move.
  • Develop Customizable Lists with Unfollow and Follow Option – Individuals have the choice to create, export and import fully customizable lists. Inside those lists, it’s possible to unfollow accounts or develop white lists to make sure some accounts never are unfollowed, as well as black lists to never follow certain profiles.
  • Profiles to DM, Comment, or Like, Hashtags, Scrapes Images – Individuals may scrape images, messages and comments previously used or liked, to repeat the exact same actions on similar profiles or posts.


  • $14.99/ month


  • You’ll receive an overview of metrics
  • Fast to set-up
  • It is an “all-in-one” place management software
  • Affordable
  • Highly customizable
  • Easy to use


  • FollowAdder does not recommend what profiles you ought to be following.

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