Are Shiatsu Massage Chairs Worth It? It Seems So.

You’ve all seen the massage chair in the mall. The one that hums noticeably and gets you thinking, “I’d like to try that, but I’m a little conscious about it – and does it help at all?” It populates malls and occupies storefronts on numerous streets. It has a name, and it’s called the Shiatsu massage chair.

They’ve been around for a while, but they are steadily gaining popularity commercially. What is it? It’s a traditional Japanese massage technique that involves the kneading, pressing, stretching of the skin and muscle to end of physical and mental relief, among other techniques. Oils are used as well and play an important role in the massage.

If you are wondering whether this form of massage is worth it at all, the best way to confirm its use for you is to actually give it a try. A short session will not cost you much and you’ll more likely than not feel much better. If you’d like some theoretical persuasion, here’s a list of benefits associated with shiatsu massage:

1. You’ll Feel Much Less of That Muscle Ache

After a point, every one is likely to experience some form of muscle ache in their body, with the back and neck being the most common culprits. Shiatsu addresses this problem very well and there is much anecdotal evidence suggesting that Shiatsu is a great form of therapy for muscle problems. By focusing on both the tension points of the muscle, the massage chair can be a lifesaver if you frequently experience muscle aches.

2. It is Believed to Aid Blood Circulation

Shiatsu in modern times is a combination of traditional knowledge and modern medical principles, and focuses on certain spots in the body to encourage circulation. Scientific study is still being performed on this particular point, but many say that they feel rejuvenated and have healthier appetites after a shiatsu massage.

3. It Greatly Reduces Stress

A regular massage by itself is quite a bit the process of relief. It boosts us physically and mentally, but Shiatsu massages targeting of the nasty spots make it particularly effective at relieving stress and improving our overall well-being.

4. Got Arthritis? Shiatsu Maybe the Solution

While there is no cure for arthritis, a lot can be done to lessen the pain and ease the quality of living of those afflicted with it. The diseases involves the inflammation of tissue, which is the primary cause of all the muscle and joint pain you’ll experience. The Shiatsu experience pinpoints the sources of these inflammations. By applying pressure here, immense relief can be obtained and the chronic pain that is the signature of arthritis can be reduced considerably.

5. It Can Be Tailored to Your Needs

The Shiatsu practice has many benefits, as you’ve seen, but there is another far more curious benefit that it offers. In a shiatsu massage conducted by a practitioner, the latter studies the patient and carries out an individualized session that is based on the stresses and problems the patient is suffering. When buying a Shiatsu massage chair, it becomes a little more difficult to know which chair will address the particular problems you are suffering from. Buying guides and reviews put forward by Shiatsu Chairs go a long way towards understanding which chair is the one you should purchase.

6. You Can Target Individual Limbs

That’s right. You can target the pain you feel in individual limbs with the extensions available on different kinds of Shiatsu massage chairs. Some do not have the massage feature extend all the way down to the legs, while others (many, in fact) cover the entire body. This includes the arms, legs, neck, back and shoulder – a comprehensive massage that will feel like heaven. So if you’ve got a specific part of the body that’s bothering you, it’s simple enough to get that treated in a jiffy with a massage chair.

While the practice of Shiatsu is gaining ground in the Western world, it does still seem to be far from where it should be. You can get a really good sense of what a Shiatsu can do for your body and mind by having an experience in a good Shiatsu massage chair. Fortunately, there are plenty of options available and you can find good models available on a wide spectrum of the price range. If you’ve never had a Shiatsu experience before, it would be a good idea to experience a session at the nearest practitioner or with a good massage chair. If you like it, which might very well happen, you can then consider getting your very own massage chair. There’s no end to the good it can do for your body – which is a return that is worth much more than the early costs you afford to get the chair itself.

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