An Absolute Honor

I am a beautician and make up artist by trade, it is a great job. I love make up and I was fascinated by it from a very young age. I used to make up my dolls, my family, my dogs and cats (much to their bemusement) and I always asked for make up for birthday and Christmas presents. I absolutely loved it.


I was successful. I travelled a lot to fashion shoots, I did a couple of those a month, usually for large magazines, I would do the make up for the models. I had also done a few fashion shows, I loved the buzz of the shows. I was so lucky.

It happened by accident. One of my good friends is a photographer and he called me one day to say that one of the make-up artists was sick, could I stand in. I was only a 10 minute drive away, so I agreed. That went so well that now I am requested by models, agents and bookers. It is hard juggling my time, so much so I hired an assistant as I double booked myself when I was managing my own diary.


I was booked for another fashion shoot for a famous lingerie company. The girls were so beautiful and were buzzing around wearing next to nothing. I know the girls get knocked for being skinny but when you see them up close, they are so tall and lean, the clothes just look naturally good on them.

The fact that most of the girls were naturally beautiful also made my job putting the make up on them, a lot easier. In fact, it took very little effort.

In my experience, the models look after themselves. I am not saying they eat a ton of food and lift weights all of the time but most of them eat healthily and go to the gym, which means they usually have great skin and hair and so in terms of foundation, minimal amounts are needed as their complexions are fresh and clear.


As part of my job, I had to keep up with fashion trends, colours, techniques, basically what is everyone wearing. I always put my own twist on things too, so some of the trends were actually created by me.

A lot of the fashion designers would have themes too. The most crazy theme I had to work with was a woodland theme. The models were all dressed in bronze. I had to make up their bodies in bronze and gold colours, as well as their faces.

Their hair was styled to look like branches. It was spread out high on top of their heads and tied to pieces of hardened cardboard. It took hours and those poor models had to sit there the whole time, it must be quite boring for them, the poor things.


I started to branch out (excuse the pun) and started to style hair. I found it easier to create an entire look that way. It was always a bit more difficult getting across the look you were trying to create with the make up, to someone else who had their own ideas about the overall look. So I always felt the looks could become a bit disjointed.

I bought a huge hair kit full of brushes, serums, styling tools, hair clips, bands and general adornments. The thing I spent most on was straighteners. I bought these with the help of Deziree Astra, there is lots of information on the site about straighteners etc. and was a big help.


I am glad I have an assistant, as my phone never stops ringing and I am on the go constantly. My assistant organises me and gets me from A to B without a hitch.

I really do feel like the luckiest girl in the universe. I get to fly all around the world, paid for. I attend lots of glamorous parties and mix with celebrities and beautiful people, I get free make up because manufacturers want me to use it and to give feedback and also they like it to be seen on the top models that I work with, it is great for their brand. The best thing of all is that I get paid to do a job I love, I am so happy and my job is perfect.

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