4 Reasons Why Magnetic Stripes are a Prominent Card Technology

In the present, most people utilize magnetic stripe cards in various ways. Whether it is a credit card, an identification card, or for ATM, the technology itself is quite prominent. There are many reasons as to why it is popular, and here are a few reasons why:

#1: Versatility

Manufacturers can alter, modify, and rewrite magnetic stripes, and also re-use them multiple times. An example of its application is with credit cards, in which data continuously changes. Thanks to their modifiability, magnetic stripe cards do not quickly lose their worth, and one may consider them as versatile tools.

#2: Functionality

There are various functions that one can embed in a magnetic stripe card. It is proven to be reliable via testing through several decades since it first came out. Also, these record different types of data, similar to the old VCR and disk technologies, but those record specific sounds and images only. Lastly, magnetic stripe cards’ functions have considerable longevity, so they can serve their purpose before they give out.

#3: Security

Since most of the data that a magnetic stripe card contains is sensitive, manufacturers ensure that it is secure. Other people can not read the data contained without the appropriate tools, so these provide security for users. The magnetic strips function thanks to a row of magnets, in which the polarity will change if one enters data. Polarity changes translate to binary code, in the form of ones and zeros that only computers are supposed to read.

#4: Toughness

The magnetic stripe is quite a durable technology, unlike previous magnetic storage that utilizes tapes. Furthermore, the stripe can be built into various materials such as plastic. The cards are also capable of being immune to corruption by external elements, such as dirt, moisture, or water. However, it can be damaged if the card comes into contact with a strong magnetic field, so use them with that warning in mind.

No Technology is Perfect

Any skilled hacker can access data in a magnetic stripe, which means that they are capable of stealing information. If you have your card swiped from you, it is likely that the thief already has read its data. Another disadvantage that comes with magnetic stripe cards is that they only store limited amounts of data, less than two kilobytes. Also, it also means that it is not suited for application in healthcare since cards in that field require a lot of sensitive information.

Printing of Magnetic Stripe Cards

There are various services available nowadays that offer to print on blank magnetic stripe cards. You can find them either in your local area or check for online sellers. If you would like a suggestion for ID printing, visit Easy ID Card.


Magnetic stripe cards, despite their shortcomings, are still quite prominent today. People use them because they are versatile, functional, secure, and durable. Magnetic stripes are likely to be a mainstream type of card technology for a long time in the future unless there will be a new, convenient one to replace it.

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