Best Instagram Growth Companies in 2018

Best Instagram Growth Services

Building up a social media profile with a decent following is no easy task. It requires a lot of time, time that you could spend on other things like figuring out what to post, doing research at what time to post and analyzing your competitors.

Following people, unfollowing them again, commenting, liking, it gets boring fast and if you have to do this all manually you’ll be stuck behind your screen all day long without much time to do what you like.

Thankfully there are a number of growth services to help you expand your reach on Instagram. The top IG growth company is being reviewed in-depth by Jonathon Spire so let’s have a look at that particular service and a few others as well to balance it out.

On top of their list we find:

Social Steeze

According to Jonathon, they are an organic growth service that understands better than others that simply buying followers doesn’t provide for a long-term solution. He tried this service himself and the end result was that he got most followers per dollar spend so it makes sense that they are recommended above others.

Pricing: starts at $39/month

Like Social

If you already have a lot of followers but the engagement is lacking it’s perhaps time for a different type of service. Not one that gains you followers, but one that gains you likes. It simply doesn’t look natural if you have thousands of followers but each of your posts has only one like or no likes at all so that’s what LikeSocial provides.

Pricing: starts at $10/50 likes


We covered followers, and we’ve found a reliable provider of likes. Now it’s time to get some comments going as that’s the only missing puzzle piece that we haven’t covered yet. Obviously, you want these comments to look natural and Social10x hasn’t disappointed us on that front. Comments don’t come very cheap but you want comments that appear real so that explains their pricing model a little.

Pricing: starts at $31/10 comments

I think we’ve covered it all here, for a natural profile you only need two things, followers and engagement and by combining these three services you do exactly that. This way you stay under the radar and other influencers won’t even think about reporting you because it all looks legit.

The Next Step

You can keep on doing the same but at some point, you want to stop paying for engagement, your followers should engage automatically because they like what you post. Simple as that.

The easiest way to grow your account further is by connecting with other peoples. Now it’s time to get up from your lazy chair and start doing some outreach.

It’s important not to over-do this, just start gentle and give one of their posts a like, or follow them and see if they follow you back. Keep track of everything in a spreadsheet and start some innocent conversations in the comment fields on one of their posts. In other words, try to get to know them a little.

Only then you reach out and propose a deal that would benefit the both of you!