Back Pain in the Office and The Need for Inversion Tables

Chronic back pain at the office is a result of various issues. Once, when you sit at your desk the whole day, day in and day out, you stand to start suffering from back pain that becomes worse each day.

Your office chair is also a cause of low back pain. If the office chair hasn’t been designed for ergonomy, then you risk suffering from low back pain. While it is hard to handle low back pain in the office, you can use an inversion table set in one of the rooms to help reduce the pain associated with low back pain.

How Do Inversion Tables Work?

Chronic pain can easily turn your life upside down, and this is also the way inversion tables work (with better results though). Inversion tables have been used for long to relieve the symptoms of back pain. Inversion tables are therapeutic equipment that works to stretch the lumbar spine so that they reduce the amount of pressure that each vertebra exerts on its adjacent vertebrae.

To understand how the inversion table works, you need first to understand the work of the spine. The spine is made to hold the weight of the body regardless of the position that we are in. Even when lying down, there is a lot of pressure that is exerted on each spinal vertebra, which can be huge. As time goes by, the pressure on the spinal vertebrae can result in back pain. If not handled the right way, the pressure becomes too much. The pressure is due to compression of the spinal column. The inversion pressure works to decompress the spine and reduce it.

The inversion tables are affordable and don’t take up a lot of space. However, you need to understand how to use the tables so that you get maximum benefits out of them. Here are a few pointers.

Get the Right Table

Not all inversion tables are created equally. The weight capacity of the tables is different, so make sure you choose a table that can offer you the perfect weight capacity for your employees. Explore the various types on Free Your Spine to understand the various features before you make the right choice.

Choosing the table is also about the cost. Make sure you choose a table that you can afford.

Do Not Ignore Pain

Don’t wait till the pain is too much to buy an inversion table. What you need to do is to have one even when no one has complained of back pain. Set aside a room where the table will be placed early enough so that when the pain starts to set in, you have the table ready.

Invert Safely

The inversion table comes with a manual for proper use, but you also need to get a physician to come in and teach your staff about the safe use of the inversion table. This will make it possible for your staff to use the table safely without making the pain worse.

Start Slowly

You need to start using the inversion table slowly and gradually get used to it. It is important that you don’t overdo it and that you come out of the inversion slowly. If you find that the sessions are too much, then you can start with just a single session as you build up.

In Conclusion

Back pain at the office is as a result of various causes. Once you identify the causes, take time to get the right inversion table and use it to reduce the compression on the vertebrae. Make sure you follow the right guidelines when using the inversion table to avoid further injuries.