How to Get Real Instagram Followers by using Popular Hashtags

Throughout the history of social media, the pound sign (#) has stood for something. For Instagram, this sign stands for the hashtag, and younger generations and millennials know it by this name. Almost 70 percent of the users that flood Instagram utilize hashtags on a daily basis.

Hashtags allow the entire community on Instagram to find a conversation and join it. Companies use hashtags to engage their consumers as well as promote their content.

Brands can use hashtags for different purposes. Here are the most common hashtags:

    • Campaign hashtags are created for a specific campaign. You can use the hashtags to encourage people to promote your content further.
    • Brand hashtags are specific for a slogan or a brand name and target a specific niche or topic.
    • Trending hashtags are about a popular topic that is targeting a niche market.
    • Content hashtags are not branded, but are commonplace and are simple regular words that apply to any topic.
    • Event hashtags are ideal for an event that you are planning. It helps you spread the word about your event.

Before you can start tinkering with hashtags, it is wise to see how popular the hashtags are right now and whether people are using it or not. You can do so using third-party apps that are available online.

Now that you know what kind of hashtags is available for your brand, how can you use them to get more Instagram followers?

Keep the Hashtags Organized

You need to have an efficient hashtag system so that you know what tags to use and how they are performing. With time, you get to notice a relationship between certain hashtags and the level of engagement you receive. This can help you decide which kind of hashtags work well for you so that you can leverage them for maximum engagement.

If you are running a promotion for a brand, you can use a tool that allows you to see which are the top hashtags and use them for your next promotion.

For a small business, use an excel sheet to keep a tab on the hashtags.

Know the Magic Number

You need to find the magic number that gives you the highest levels of engagement. This magic number is simply the number of hashtags that work best for you. The truth is that not all posts will work with six hashtags as it is stipulated. You need to range from 5 to 30 and find the number that gives you all the followers you are looking for.

Don’t Go Too Broad

You need to be specific when it comes to hashtags. There are a few reasons why you need to go specific – first, you get to compete with just a few people, and secondly, your audience would love it if you narrow down to a specific niche.

Competing with other brands for general hashtags doesn’t give you what you need; instead, it takes away what you already have. Make sure you have hashtags that can make people interested in what you offer, this way you get more followers.

Test them

You need to test your hashtags time and again so that you know how they are performing. You have to demote some and promote some more so that you have the ultimate list of the right tags for your campaign.

Final Words

You need to have enough followers to leave a mark on Instagram. Take time to understand what your audience wants and go out and give them. It takes some effort, but at the end of the day you will be thankful you tried in the first place.

How to Build 20,000 Loyal Instagram Followers Part 2

In our first series, we looked at how to grow your following using calls to actions and using the right hashtags. In this series, we go ahead to look at other aspects that you ought to look at when growing you need to hit the 20,000 follower mark in no time at all.

Send Personalized DMs to New Followers

This is the most vital part in building a loyal following. Even if people love what you do and engage with your posts, it isn’t enough. You need to make sure you connect with the audience and keep them engaged.

So, how should you do it? Well, identify a few followers and check out their posts. Then send them DMs regarding the post, possibly asking questions about the specific posts or just commenting on them.

If you have a problem sending DMs, then you can use a bot for the task. Over at Managed Social, you can look at the top bots and what they offer you in terms of sending DMs.

The number of DMs that you need to use should be compatible with the likes and comments that you receive. Remember, creating a real relationship with your followers makes them more likely to leave comments on your posts and makes it much more likely to follow you.

Returning the Favour

Well, users will like your posts, follow you and comment on the posts. If you want to get more followers, it is right that you follow them back and also comment on their posts.

You can do this using one of the bots that you pick from Manage Social. The bot helps you to auto like and makes sure you have the level of engagement that you need. However, make sure that you don’t go anywhere near the limit imposed by Instagram’s API limit of 350 activities per hour, which can make you get banned from Instagram.

However, with a bigger following, you can get away with bigger stuff such as 500 activities an hour. But all in all, play it safe.

The good thing about automation is that you can decide how many images you like in a day. You can set this in the settings of the bot and leave the bot to do the rest.

Flow With the Pack

You need to work with people who are in the same category as you, or who have the same interests like you have. To do this, make sure you look or pages that have a similar target audience, or look for a company that has a similar or greater following than what you have. This makes it mutually beneficial to your goals. You can use the search function to get these pages. For instance, you can type in Travel + Instagram Accounts to get accounts that are related to Instagram.

After you get the right pages and people to target, you need to reach out to them and make a public or private request. Let them know what you want in DMs or leave a comment on their pages. You can even request a shout out in their posts or comments.

You can also go after people with large followings and build relationships with them. Ask them to give you a shout out to your account; you might do this severally in order to get the response you need.


With these few tips, you are on the way to grow your first 20,000, or even more followers without putting in so much effort. Make sure you work with reputable vendors and get the right bots for specific tasks in order to succeed.