The Allure of the Portable Laser Machine

Big companies use bulky laser marking applications to personalize different items by making marks on the surfaces. Laser marking is also used in adding certification marks on products to make them genuine. Now imagine if you could have the same capability in your small business. Due to the latest technology, it is possible to do this.

Thanks to the latest development in laser design, you can now use the portable handled marking system, making it ideal for use anywhere. First of all, let us understand how the prices work.

How Does Laser Marking Work?

The new technology uses a laser beam to change the appearance of the material’s surface. The beam changes the colour of the surface, leading to a contrast between the area that has been affected and the surrounding area.

Laser marking works on different kinds of materials ranging from plastic to metals. So, how does this benefit you as the businessman?

You Can Use it anywhere

At times, you are forced to get to the clients home or office to perform this task. With the portable laser, this is possible. The laser is small enough to fit in your carry-on, meaning that you can satisfy the needs of the customer without the need for him to come to your office.

This is advantageous in various ways. First, you can handle tasks that you would normally fail to handle because of a busy customer’s client. If the customer doesn’t have time to come to you, you can go to them. This helps you make money and is convenient for the customer.

Remote working is also possible because you can manipulate the device using your Bluetooth device or USB connection. Others are operated by smart applications that you install on your phone or laptop.

It’s Operated at High Speed

Another huge benefit of this portable handheld laser machine is that in as much as the tool is small in size, it still works at a high speed. You can save time, effort and money when you use this tool without the inconvenience of bulky equipment.

It Is Versatile

Another big benefit of this tool is that it works on a wide variety of materials and products. The tool can handle anything ranging from wooden surfaces to glass.

Free From Space Constraints

Portable handheld laser marking machines are flexible and compact. The size of the head used for marking is akin to that of a hair dryer, making it convenient for use in areas that have restricted spaces.


The portable ladder marking machine has a lifespan of more than 100,000 hours. This long service life doesn’t need you to replace any parts. You enjoy cost savings due to the low maintenance. The maintenance-free features make this the best portable tool from Needham to increase your productivity.

The Bottom-line

As a business, you don’t need to have a bulky equipment to enjoy the benefits that come with laser marking. You can use a portable marking system that gives you all the benefits that come with a bulky marking machine.

Promoting Your Art on Instagram the Right Way

Most artists utilize Instagram mainly to promote their artwork. However, you might not want to come across as some kind of businessman who only intends to sell his or her products. Thus, it is necessary that you follow a few tips to successfully pull off your goals.

Showing Your Investment

Some successful people on Instagram say that it is much more important that you promote a brand that people will enjoy. By doing so, artwork promotion will become more natural and is more effective. An example of doing so is showing the process of creating an artwork. By showing updates on your projects, you will receive more positive responses from the users as they can see the effort you put into it. Overall, this will build up suspense as you slowly approach the final product.

Collaboration With Fellow Artists

Promoting your brand on Instagram not only nets you more sales but also leads to collaborations with other users. You should try finding like-minded artists or companies that you think you can work with and follow them. Proactively like their images, comment, and even if they may not follow you, you at least took the initiative that could lead to something.

Increasing Your Follower Base

The best way to take advantage of Instagram is by using it to show your artwork to others. And how will you do that? By increasing your follower count. You would have to work hard to do it, or you can just utilize bots. If you ever intend to use bots, avoid Instazood as The Small Business Blog reported that it is a poor choice.

Engaging With the Community

Just like other types of social media, in order to use Instagram for art promotion, you have to engage with your followers. Thus, it is best that you think about what the audience wants to have. You should often ask for feedback instead of forcing content upon others. Take advantage of the two-way communication to learn about trends, which you can leverage to improve the results of your work.

Follow other artists that you think can be a source of inspiration for you. After all, Instagram is a great place to find people who can influence you. You never know that the connections you make with others will lead to the success of your goals.


If you intend to promote your artwork on Instagram, you should follow a few tips. These include showing your investment, collaborating with fellow artists, increasing your follower base, and engaging with the community. Remember, it takes time to get it right, so don’t become frustrated when things do not go your way.