The best options to replace Instagress and grow your Instagram account

After Instagress has become shut down the Instagram automated market has changed dramatically, possibly for the best. Last year’s crackdowns have led to many new Bots emerging onto the market to compete with the survivors of the crackdown campaign. This competition has enabled smarter Bots providing safer and more effective services for its users. While Instagress was an effective service, many users have moved on and are searching for other Bots that work just as well and are reliable and safe.

The best Bot

Follow Adder is believed to be the safest Bot on the market, this is because it survived the Instagram crackdowns. Many users are saying that it works more effectively than the previous market forerunner, Instagress and is much easier to use and operate.

It can perform all of the usual engagement features which a Bot will have such as following relevant accounts, liking and commenting on their posts while on autopilot. The fact that this is done automatically is a big time saver compared to doing it manually. This will allow you to focus on other areas of your business and let the Bot manage your social media account. Engagement on Instagram is done to gain a follow from these users. The more Instagram followers your account has the more of an audience you can market your business or brand too.

Bots are not the only way to gain followers on Instagram. There are other services known as organic growth services which allow you to gain genuine followers in an unautomated process.

What is an organic growth service?

If you do not want to spend your time on Instagram using engagement methods to gain followers and do not want to use a Bot for fear of being shut down, then the use of an organic growth service is your best option.

This is because unlike Bots which are automated services, organic growth services actually use real people to do the engagement work for you. Not only will they complete the engagement methods on your profile, they will also manage your account. These managers are believed to be leading social media marketers.

Although this manual process may be slower at gaining followers than the use of a Bot it is a more methodical method. It will grow your following steadily and focus on gaining followers only in your target audience.

The main benefit of using these services is that it is deemed safe because it is using real people and not using an automated service to gain followers. These services may be more expensive than using a Bot. That is because they are using real people. The use of real people falls under Instagram’s terms of use policy. Therefore there is no fear of having your account shut down by Instagram.

The recommended service

The leading organic growth service on the market is a company called Social Envy. It is a service which will manage your account using experienced social media marketers to effectively grow your account.

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