2018 Web Design Statistics That Your Business Should Know About

A business website is a necessity today, and if you are thinking of creating a website, then you need to understand some few statistics that could give you guidance on how to create a website that is not only amazing but beneficial to you.

Having a Website

Statistic: As many as 30 percent of small businesses don’t have a website.

This tells you that if you are among the 30 percent that haven’t come up with a business website, you need to make it a priority. If you are in this category, it means that 70 percent of your competitors are online, taking charge of the business that comes via internet, while you are still dealing with a few customers that haven’t realized the benefit of buying online.

For your information, more and more of the customers prefer to buy their products and order for services online, which mean that soon you won’t be able to talk to them because they won’t come to your store.

The solution? Start the process of making the perfect website for your small business needs today. You can do this by talking to web designers that have great ideas to make your website stand out from the rest.

The User Experience

Statistic: 95 percent of customers indicate that a positive experience is the top factor when they visit a website.

If you have a website but you haven’t invested in user experience, then you need to be aware that you might be selling less because of this fact. The user experience is different from the visual identity that you come up with.

User experience is all about the functionality and ease-of-navigation that you incorporate into the website. Remember that an innovative website turns out to be useless if the users cannot find the right way to interact with the various features.

User experience has a high ROI. This means that you can easily increase the conversion of the website by more than 200 percent when you think out the user experience and incorporate it into your design.

You can only get the best user experience if you work with an expert that understands its importance to the customer.

Website Speed

Statistic: A slow loading website causes 40 percent of the users to stop doing whatever they are doing on the website and head to a competitor website.

Consumers know that technology has improved and they expect more from your website than ever before. If you have a website that loads slowly, you might not be able to satisfy your customers the way you expect to.

If your website loads slowly, expect your visitors to navigate away from it without the site loading fully.

And with potential buyers navigating away from the site, you are looking at dropped purchases and a dip in your sales for the year. Your conversion rate can go down up to 7 percent if you have a 1-second delay. On the other hand, the conversion rate increases by up to 70 percent if you increase your load speed to 2 seconds!

You can check out how fast your pages load by using third-party tools that provide website loading speeds.

The Design

Statistic: A single bad experience by a user on your site makes the user less likely to visit the site again.

As important as the user experience is to your customer, the way the website looks is also very critical. The user might use the design to make a decision whether to spend more time browsing the site or letting go and going to a better site.

If the website is appealing, more users will spend time on the site looking for what they want, and might complete a purchase. On the other hand, if the site isn’t appealing, they won’t want to spend a lot of time on the site at all. Remember that the users judge the credibility of your website depending on the design, so make sure it is professional.

The Bottom-line

As a small business looking to make money from the traffic that comes online, you need to make sure you have a professionally designed website that has all the features that you need to stay relevant.

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