What is a Demitasse and How Does It Affect Your Coffee?

What is a Demitasse and How Does It Affect Your Coffee

When it comes to our sense of taste, our senses of sight, smell, and touch have a lot to do with it.

There are those who argue that one can take the best coffee in the world and drink it out of a paper cup and it will still taste like coffee out of a paper cup. It is like drinking good wine from a China jam-jar as it somehow lowers the quality of taste.

Lawrence Luellen – a Boston inventor and lawyer who concocted the first version of disposable coffee cup in 1907 — has a lot to answer.

The fad of Dixie cups – as they were dubbed after the dolls who had the name first – might have died out were it not for the Spanish flu of 1918.

This plague swept across the world like a wild fire out of control, and killed more people than World War 1. Millions died and it was discovered that the spreading of germs was the reason. No it wasn’t a good idea for five people to share a drinking cup, particularly if one or more of them had the flu to pass on.

Consequently, the disposable culture was launched and it grabbed a deep and lasting claw-hold in the United States: plastic bags, Styrofoam take-away containers, disposable water bottles.

So while paper cups may always be with us, the porcelain or stainless steel demitasse for good espresso or cappuccino makes perfect sense. And it tastes better.

Where does the word demitasse come from?

Translated from French literally, “demi” means half and “tasse” means cup. “Half a cup” describes the small often glass containers used to serve Turkish coffee or espresso, often after a meal.

What are the best “half cups” to buy? A fast Internet search will help you narrow the list of possibilities. According to mydemitasse.com,  you are spoiled for choice, so it depends on your taste, style, and budget.

What is the best design?

The best design award goes to “Le Bleu Bean Espresso.” These large, square, porcelain cups come with their own individual holders and can be stacked for easy storage. Being square is a deviation from the traditional round design, which makes it an interesting conversation piece.

What is the best value for money?

This accolade is bestowed on Bormioli Rocco Verdi. These Italian espresso cups are made from clear tempered glass and steel. Coffee drinkers can watch the milk mix with their brew of choice and enjoy the aroma as it wafts up through the round, open rim.

Which are the best no-handle espresso glasses?

Unlike traditional espresso cups, the DeLonghi Double-Walled Thermo glasses don’t have a handle. As the name indicates, the glasses are made of borosilicate and are double walled so coffee lovers don’t have to worry about burning their fingers.

These elegant and sleek glasses can also be used with both hot and cold beverages. They are also dishwasher friendly.

Are there any classic espresso cups?

Yes, and Cuisinox Espresso was picked as the best-in-class. These white porcelain cups match every kitchen décor and make great gifts. Companies wanting to promote their logos, can get them printed on the cups for some good marketing exposure.

How about stainless steel rather than porcelain?

The East Eagle double wall stainless steel cup was identified as being resilient, sturdy, and easy to clean. Being eco-friendly is another plus for these espresso cups that are sure to last forever.

What are the best espresso cups for cupboard-friendly storage?

People without a lot of cupboard space will want to check out the HIC 9-piece Coffee Tea Set. With four cups and four saucers, it has an open easy-to-use storage option that doesn’t waste any waste space.

These porcelain cups and saucers are also microwave safe, which gives them another merit point.

Are all espresso and cappuccino cups white?

Fortunately, there are colors to be found. Check out Le Creuset Stoneware Set of 2 cups that add a splash of color to a morning expresso.  They come in truffle brown, cherry red, and Marseille blue.

What is good coffee?

Once the espresso cup decision has been made, it is time to decide which coffee to put in them.

While most people will agree that instant isn’t really coffee, the description gets a touch more muddled after that.

It is also important to remember that no two coffees are created equal. So, while some people swear by coffee from Brazil, others won’t touch anything that isn’t Ethiopian.

According to Jaime Duque and Luis Fernando Velez – two coffee connoisseurs who opened “Amor Perfecto” or “Perfect Love” in Bogota, Colombia– there are about 36 flavors that can be tasted in coffee. Like wine, these flavors depend on the bean, the soil, the weather that year and a litany of other factors.

The tastes of the particular coffee depend on the fragrance of its beans, and its aroma when mixed with boiling water. Additional words to describe coffee include balance, sweetness, body, color, and aftertaste.

Ultimately, the answer to the question “What is the best coffee?” comes down to personal taste, culture, and availability. So, pick your coffee brew of choice and get some elegant demitasse cups to drink it from. No paper cups here, please.

Things to Change About Your Strategy for SEO

Things to Change About Your Strategy for SEO

SEO or Search Engine Optimization, always has been consistent to changes. As it’s such a vital portion of digital marketing and social media marketing, SEO constantly is faced with upgrades and the most recent strategic and technological updates. Social media marketing agencies must be well informed of a variety of updates and ought to have the ability to adapt to the new upgrades in technology. To be within the top ranks in the search engine results, a website must update its strategies with the reconditioned, new upgrades.

The following are seven things one must take into consideration and change within one’s strategy:

1) Search engine optimization tactics are critical for successful social media marketing, yet that shouldn’t be the sole priority. People must create interesting and smart content to get the target audience enthusiastic about a service and product. Search engine optimization strategies are going to bring traffic to a website, yet it’s the content which is going to encourage visitors to comment on them then share it on social media, ultimately boosting a website’s popularity.

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2) A website’s structure is vital and a key factor in the capability of ranking. One must build an efficient structure of a website in order for all the pages to individually and collectively attract their batch of related keywords. The ideal method of implementing this includes dividing all content into categories with every keyword dominating its individual group.

3) Studying efficient use of keywords is important. Sites must use the keywords within an informative and efficient way instead of stuffing them inside the content. Google algorithms are trained at distinguishing between content that has informative and effective keywords and content that is crammed with keywords, without any required details to gain better rankings.

4) In order to optimize a website for high rankings in the search engine results, one needs a website to be user-friendly, efficient, and appealing to its customers. Distinguished social media marketing businesses are notorious for their simple to navigate sites and quick remedy to any immediate issues. A well-maintained website is what is going to grab a customer’s attention and make her/him return. Frequently check the website for speed, errors, and any additional navigation problems.

5) Oftentimes, people don’t understand the importance of Meta descriptions of a site’s content. Meta descriptions are short paragraphs that appear right beneath the content title within the search results. It may not be a critical factor in Google rankings yet it’s amongst the factors individuals check prior to opening a site’s result to their question.

6) With the rising popularity in smartphones, voice search now is a vital enough factor to bring into the fold of a search engine optimization strategy. Long tail keywords assist in optimizing a site for voice searches; therefore, be certain to add them.

7) Backlinks and anchor links are amongst the critical factors aiding Google in ranking a site. Understand how to resourcefully use them to gain the desired results.

Local SEO: Is it Right for Your Company?

The world population is going to rise to 9.6 billion in the year 2050 and 10.9 billion by the year 2100, according to the Revision of the official U.N. Population Fund projections and estimates. Check out these stats by Cone Communications, PEW Internet, MarketingSherpa, ComScore Local Search Study:

  • 32 percent of smart phone users bought $100+ worth of purchases
  • 38 percent of tablet users bought a $100+ worth of purchases
  • 61 percent find that local listings are more relevant, and 58 percent find them to be more trustworthy
  • 49 percent of tablet and smart phone users utilize applications for local business searches
  • 72 percent of owners of smart phones bought something from their latest tablet-based local search
  • 61 percent of owners of smart phones made local searches from the device
  • 86 percent of owners of tablets bought something from their latest tablet-based local search
  • 64 percent of owners of tablets make local searches at the minimum of one time per week

In Summary

An efficient and smart business owner ought to know when he or she should leave behind old search engine optimization strategies and when he or she should adapt to the updated, new ones.

Best Instagram Bots for Gaining Followers

Best Instagram Bots for Gaining Followers

Having an active Instagram community profile assists businesses and companies in shaping their brand identity. Whether it is a large company, small start-up, or your personal brand, actions such as liking, posting, following, commenting, adding the proper hashtags, unfollowing, location tags, (all things Instabots are automated to do), aids in the improvement of businesses.

As their following increases, companies become more reputable. In return, brands that have millions of followers receive brand exposure, as well as clients’ trust within the brand or product.

For that reason, there are more than 50 million Instagram business profiles upping their engagement in order to gain and sustain as many followers as they can. Consumers within today’s information era, demand consistent updates in a brief window of time. Thereby, Instagram accounts which are less active, will have less followers.

Having said that, being an active user might be very inefficient and time consuming. The quantity of time it’ll take to unfollow users, research and follow accounts, edit photos, post, hashtag, comment, and like instead could be invested in the development of the company.

What’s the top Instagram bot?

If you do opt to use Instagram bots, below are the best Instabots we suggest.


FollowingLike allows users to run multiple social networking accounts in order to have automated features. What will attract customers most to the Instabot is its capability of simulating human operation. With many automation services now being shut down, individuals utilize this feature in order to avoid getting their account on Instagram suspended.


  • Management of Multiple Accounts – Besides Instagram, individuals obtain automated services for Pinterest, Facebook, Reddit, Tumblr, and much more.
  • Around-the-clock Auto Unfollow, Auto follow, Auto Unlike/Like, Auto Comment, Direct Messages,
  • Share and Post – Pretty much all things a user is able to do, this Instabot has the ability to do.
  • Automated Task Scheduling – Individuals may plan ahead utilizing FollowingLike’s feature by arranging posts to go out into the future.
  • Content Spinning – Individuals may post the exact same content around all social media channles.
  • Proxy Rotate Method – This Instabot will simulate human operation.


  • One Account: One-time purchase of $49
  • Five Accounts – $79
  • An unlimited amount of accounts – $299


  • Individuals have the ability to manage several social media platforms
  • Their proxy method will prevent users accounts from becoming disabled


  • Unlike many Instabot services, this one doesn’t give individuals the choice of testing the software
  • Google + and Twitter have not been integrated yet


Individuals who’ve reviewed the automation software enjoy its user-friendly interface, as well as its accuracy level. Users of Followadder have had the ability to expand their following and produce leads while having complete control over the management software.


  • Bulk Scheduling and Uploading – Individuals may publish photographs throughout the day, and update followers and have them up on their toes for your following move.
  • Develop Customizable Lists with Unfollow and Follow Option – Individuals have the choice to create, export and import fully customizable lists. Inside those lists, it’s possible to unfollow accounts or develop white lists to make sure some accounts never are unfollowed, as well as black lists to never follow certain profiles.
  • Profiles to DM, Comment, or Like, Hashtags, Scrapes Images – Individuals may scrape images, messages and comments previously used or liked, to repeat the exact same actions on similar profiles or posts.


  • $14.99/ month


  • You’ll receive an overview of metrics
  • Fast to set-up
  • It is an “all-in-one” place management software
  • Affordable
  • Highly customizable
  • Easy to use


  • FollowAdder does not recommend what profiles you ought to be following.

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