Top Ten Wedding Trends You Should Try

Every lady dreams of a magical wedding, perfect to say the least. Most importantly, each bride dreams that her wedding will be one of a kind, in such a way that other would-be-brides will emulate her. There are so many ways that you can make your wedding stand out by going out of what is considered the “norm” and putting more creative input in all areas, including entertainment and music. Here at we believe and strive to make each wedding dream a reality, and we are always looking for new ways to make your wedding unique and amazing.

This is why we have come up with the most modern trends in entertainment to help you inspire this big day. You are free to use these ideas in your wedding as you please.

Go Euro!

You might want to have a sit-down dinner at your reception. When you decide to go down this route, you can opt to wait till all the dining is done before you start dancing (European style). This would be more suitable as compared to dancing in-between courses. This makes the whole dance session more enjoyable for everyone.

Cut Down on the Jazz

For years, wedding music during the cocktail hour has always consisted of classical music or a jazz piece. Do you know that you can request the musician to play something trendy, something combining hip-hop and jazz or another genre? This is the perfect way to set the mood before heading to the reception. So, as the days change and entertainment takes a new turn, don’t fear to request the musician to play something that appeals to you as a couple.

Do It Your Way

Traditionally, the couple’s first dance was a meaningful song that the couple would sway to slowly and gaze dreamily into each other’s eyes. As days go by and entertainment options change, the first dance is also becoming dynamic. You can now opt for a choreographed dance just for the two of you or go all out with your bridal party backing you up. You can go an extra mile and involve the guests in this dance.

Go Back In Time

Couples are heading back to classic weddings, going ahead to embrace everything that is classic right from the theme, the venue, dressing and the music. The musician can play solo classical music pieces or enjoy remixes from the DJ.

To make this more interesting, you can go back to the 70s and relieve the moment, just to feel how everything was done then. Get out the glitter balls, the flares, and the outrageous wigs and leave the funk music to us. Don’t worry; the performer will also try to match the concept, complete with the right fashion, disco music and all vibes that scream of the 70s.

Festival Style Wedding

One of the top themes of the current years is the festival. Many brides and grooms are part of this generation that has embraced festival-style celebrations to the latter. You can opt for a festival-style wedding that will include karaoke acts and rock and roll music.

Surprise Wedding Performances

It is not so easy to come up with the perfect entertainment for all guests at the wedding party. However, it is a well-known fact that many people love surprises. You can have the musician come in from inconspicuous places to jolt the mind of the people. He can also mingle with the guests only to pop up when least expected. This usually has a very brilliant effect at the reception.

A Modern Take on Classical Music

You won’t find any musician who doesn’t have his or her recorded version of popular classic songs, especially as remixed or acoustic versions. To make this work for you, choose a few classic songs and give them to the musician for remixing. You will be amazed at the outcome. These songs are clear crowd-pleasers especially during the reception and ideal during the dinner hour to get your guests dancing.

A Welcoming Song

You can have the musician to stand at the entrance of the wedding reception to usher in your guests in style. You can also have him serenade guests as they move from the cocktail room to the reception to pre-empt the mood.

Musician plus Deejay

If the sound and vibes from a live wedding performance appeal to your taste, and you want your wedding to also have a sense of live music performances, then choose a package that gives you a musician and a deejay. It is upon you and the wedding planner to determine when to dance to live music and when to dance to a deejay performance.

Wind Down With the Last Dance

When you plan on the wedding playlist, you have a host of songs to choose from. You can use the other song you wanted for the first dance at the reception to use for the last dance. As the musician announces this special dance for you, call in all the guests to wind down the day. This is the perfect time to wind down the day and for the guests to wish the newly-wedded couple well.

Stay With The Trend- Always!

Whether you are a traditionalist, trendsetter or you just want to go through the available options, a professional wedding singer has something for you. With hundreds of acts on the books, you are bound to find a couple that will spice up your wedding entertainment and leaves your guests wowed…and asking for more.

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